Hill tries to divert spotlight away from his fiancée

March 3, 2013
Adam Hill

Adam Hill


An Arroyo Grande marketing company that worked on the successful re-election bid of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill has launched a new website attacking those who question Hill and his fiancée’s actions.

“Some friends have begun a new website and a political action committee to push back against the fact-free toxicity coursing through our community from the likes of the Tea Party, COLAB, Congalton, and CalCoastNews,” Hill wrote in a mass email sent out Saturday, introducing the debut issue of SLOSense. “I am interested to see what they do and whether it provides the necessary counterweight to the hateful nonsense being spewed.”

The new site, which uses the same IP address as AdamHill.us, does not identify the names of its writers. The domain is registered to Paul Hughes, who is the owner of PoliARC and a paid political consultant of Hill.

SLOSense fired an opening salvo on its Facebook page against CalCoastNews, calling it “voyeurism” to post the salaries of CAPSLO managers in a recent news story.

“Publishing the salaries of government workers, whether they’re part of a fixed narrative or not, is neither fair nor honorable,” the SLOSense Facebook page says. A sentiment not held by the state legislature, which in light of the city of Bell scandal, has touted the importance of transparency and requires government agencies to disclose salaries.

Hill threatened to destroy CalCoastNews last summer if reporters continued to investigate allegations concerning the treatment of the homeless in San Luis Obispo. He recently became engaged to Dee Torres, Director of Homeless Services for CAPSLO, one of the subjects of an on going CalCoastNews investigation.

More than a dozen current and ex-employees of CAPSLO have voiced their concerns about mistreatment of the homeless under Torres’ management, four of whom were quoted in a recent CalCoastNews story. Hill has countered claiming reporters and sources have an “axe to grind.”

“This is not journalism, this is axe grinding and score settling by four disgruntled ex-employees who were fired,” Hill said on a Facebook post. “Now that they’ve come forward with fallacious allegations, I believe CAPSLO will be able to share their personnel histories. You can’t lie about your ex-employer so as to smear the work they do.”

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Check out: publicpay.ca.gov

Here is where you will find… http://www.sco.ca.gov/noncompliant_reports.html#districts1

Oceano and San Miguel have not filed their reports.

The website sure lets you know how much moolah is spent on salaries in this state. Comparing districts is fun too. Seeing the difference from year to year within agencies is interesting too.

Here is a Board that Hill is active on. Wonder how that org is doing…

I’m wondering if there is an organization that Dee Torres is part of that Adam Hill is not also a part of?

As long as Adam Hill feels he has to be involved with every organization that his floozy, Torres, is, it certainly gives the impression that he is whoring his power as County Nincompoop to provide protection to Torres.

Can’t she make it on her own? Is she really that inept?

TERM LIMITS!!!!!!!!!

It would be interesting to see what boards Hill is on and what money/grants those org received.

Hard to believe four former employees have the wherewithal to conspire and invent their stories re

treatment of the poor and down trodden. Cal Coast News you are to be applauded . after reading

thousands of words now circulating by various sources on CapSlo and Family Ties i have no reason not

to trust your reporting..it seems any ax to grind is based on envy, protecting a girlfriend, and refusal to

read your reportage without preconceived bias. Thanks to you a judge can now make the necessary orders for a complete accounting .

Dee and Adam are innocent, but then again O.J. Simpson was innocent, Scott Peterson was innocent, Hurst Financial Services was a victim of the press and so was Kelly Gearheart. Even after convictions they continue to profess their innocense. Just keep lying to protect yourself and your concubine Adam.

You have to hand it ole Adam, he is consistent. Week after week he is just a corrupt jerk.

QuOTING THE ARTICLE: ” ‘Publishing the salaries of government workers, whether they’re part of a fixed narrative or not, is neither fair nor honorable,’ the SLOSense Facebook page says.”

Wah, wah, wah. It’s part of reporting requirements, so change the requirements. Don’t climb the cross, playing the martyr, because the public and oversight organizations are outraged at the fraud being perped by Perp 1 and Perp 2 (Torres and Liesen).

So nice to see that one of our resident County supervisorial nincompoops, Adam Hill, is (true to form) taking this to FACEBOOK.

And he claims this is alllll because CCN has an axe to grind.

Here’s a clue to County Nincompoop Hill…quit acting like a fracking nincompoop and quit helping your floozy steal money from the poor and downtrodden, and people will stop accusing you of it.

Mr. Hill is a study in opposites. On one hand he clearly has a difficult time controlling his emotions, displays remarkable hubris and makes some of the most boneheaded political gaffes this side of Peg Pinard. On the other hand he seems to do a lot of work for the homeless through various agencies, boards and committees. The homeless are not called disenfranchised for nothing, and it’s very likely that a tiny percentage of them are voters. So he is not doing it for that.

Could it then be pure altruism? Well let me suggest the following: When I was a young ‘un, I dated a very attractive girl who had but a single flaw, she was convinced that saving the whales would change the world for the better. So I joined Greenpeace and attended rallies and went door-to-door with her passing out information and invitations to more rallies. All the while hating myself for being so shallow as I had absolutely no interest in the movement or the organization. I just wanted to impress the young lady (it worked for a while until it became work).

I wonder of Mr. Hill’s oft bizarre behavior is actually a psyche rebellion? Clearly a seemingly intelligent and educated man couldn’t make the decisions he is currently making without something other than rational thought guiding him could it?

Adam Hill abuses his power so his floozy, Dee Torres, has a job and plenty of latitude to defraud the homeless population from goods, services, and SSI money.