Homeless director accused of pocketing donations

March 18, 2013

Dee Torres-Hill



(Editor’s note: This is part of an ongoing series about San Luis Obispo County Homeless Services and the nonprofits managing the program.)

Homeless Services Coordinator Dee Torres routinely took gift cards intended for the needy and homeless for her own use, a number of former homeless service employees and ex-boyfriends say.

Torres kept the gift cards in her purse to use for family outings, gas, restaurants and Christmas presents for her friends, Ralph Almirol, the father of Torres’ middle child, said. Almirol said they especially enjoyed gift cards from Tom’s Toys on Higuera Street.

“We would give them to the kids,” Almirol said. “She used them like they were hers.”

Torres’ Homeless Services program comes under the umbrella of Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo (CAPSLO). Employees of both the Prado Day Center and the Maxine Lewis Shelter say that every Christmas, the homeless are remembered by the public with thousands of dollars in gift cards being donated for gas, groceries, restaurants and retail stores. All such donations are to be given to the homeless.

Almirol asked Torres about the cards and the homeless who were supposed to receive them, he said.

“People would give a lot of gift cards,” Almirol said. “I asked her once if she could get in trouble, she said there was no accounting for what is given, and most of them don’t deserve it.”

Other former boyfriends confirmed the allegations, though they wanted to remain unnamed because they are afraid that Torres or government officials will retaliate. Torres is engaged to San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill. At least one of Torres’ former husbands relied on his marriage to her to obtain legal resident status, CAPSLO staffers and Almirol said.

Friends of Prado President Roy Rawlings and Torres did not respond to comment requests.

Workers at the homeless shelters said that apart from the rare occasion when a client would do chores such as painting an office, the cards were not provided to the homeless.

“We never saw the gift cards given out,” said Kathy Marti, a former three-year employee of CAPSLO. “Once the gift cards came in she would take them.”

Marti said she quit in 2010 after battling for better treatment of the homeless.

“I was so disillusioned because I never saw any progress,” Marti said. “When I first started working there I loved it, I felt I could move heaven and earth.”

More than a dozen former and current employees of CAPSLO said that Torres refused to give donated goods to the homeless unless they would do chores for her.

“There was so much stuff coming in,” said Carina Salazar, a former CAPSLO employee. “There was all kinds of stuff donated. A lot of stuff got tossed. We went over to the (CAPSLO) main office to complain, but no one would listen.”

Almirol said Torres would divvy up the best donations for family and friends.

“We would go through the donations and pick out the best toys for our kids,” Almirol said. “She would give other stuff to her friends.”

Employees and clients also question CAPSLO’s rule that homeless individuals must provide 50 to 70 percent of their income to CAPSLO in order to guarantee a bed at the shelter.

Richard Walker and his family turned to CAPSLO after they became homeless. CAPSLO required the Walkers, who were on welfare, to pay about $500 a month in cash to the family’s case manager, Walker said.

Despite paying CAPSLO approximately $500 a month, the Walkers still struggled to get necessities, such as baby diapers, from Torres, he said.

“We had to fight with them to buy things for our baby like diapers or rash cream,” Walker said. “We told Dee (Torres) we needed diapers. She told us to get diapers through them, but she would only give us three at a time and then she would get angry when we asked for more.”

After spending about a year and a half in the shelter on case management, the family decided to cancel so they would have enough money to purchase diapers and other necessities, Walker said. But Walker said his family did not receive all of the money they had signed over to case management.

“She gave us most of our money back in a check. She kept the $25 a month they charged us for holding on to it,” he said.

By opting out of case management, the family chose to take their chances on getting beds each night at the Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter.

CAPSLO requires clients at the Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter to be waiting outside by 5 p.m. though they may not enter the shelter until 6 p.m. Homeless clients not on case management draw a ticket out of a bucket for a chance to stay the night.

One night, the Walkers drew the right number, but CAPSLO staff told them they still could not stay at the shelter because their eight-month-old had pink eye, Walker said. They asked Torres to provide them a motel voucher. But Torres told the family they could not stay in a motel because they had a car in which to sleep.

“She said ‘no hotel, you have a car,’” Walker said. “Then she gave a hotel room to a man who had just had Lasik surgery.”

Joette Sunshine, a four-year employee of CAPSLO who has left her job, said she was working that night and witnessed the events. Sunshine said she was distressed that a family of four with a sick child was not provided a hotel room, while a man who could afford an expensive eye procedure was.

“Part of the deal not to be able to get a hotel room was if you had a vehicle and a certain income,” Sunshine said. “This man had more than $1,200 a month in income and a van. The motel money was there for people who needed it, yet the Walkers were denied a hotel room.”

Several years ago, the Walkers got into housing on their own, though they said that CAPSLO lists them as one of their housing “success” stories.


Keeping Them Homeless, the series.

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I was surprised and a little disappointed that very few of you showed up for the CAPSLO Board Meeting. I was even more disappointed that Karen and Josh only stayed for 20 minutes of a 3 hour meeting. Karen and Josh missed approximately 45 minutes dedicated to Homeless Services past, current and ongoing investigation, findings, auditing information. I am beginning to question that CCN or commenter’s here are really looking to or open to find out information from all sides. Don Dana and I had a very different perspective coming out of that board meeting Thursday night.

Dear NuVo………….Karen and Josh only stayed for 20 minutes out of a 3 hour meeting? I wonder how many hundreds of hours they have spent uncovering all of this corruption. Do you REALLY think they need to stay for a meeting that has been rehearsed ? We know they are MUCH brighter then that.

Well yes don’t you think that someone that is making the accusations that they are should stay to hear the full details on what is happening. Isn’t this their job? This is called due diligence. They call themselves investigative reporters yet the investigation part seems so half-a** when it comes time to hear from the other side. Don who was the only one courageous enough to show up and have any question for the board had at least stayed for the whole meeting to hear the details. If you listened to Congalton on Friday you would have heard Don state his dissapointment on how all these people DEMANDING answers from capslo not show up as well as Ms Velie leaving after only 20 minutes. So to me I feel this is more opinionated reporting rather than investigative.

How do you know that CCN didn’t have someone there who was taping the meeting for them? Seems to me that Karen and Josh were actually seen at another meeting on Thursday night that they considered more important. Besides, why don’t they (the board) just answer Karen’s questions? Why should she sit through a 3 hour meeting where 90% addresses unrelated items? I’m sure she would be more than willing to meet with them or even post their e-mails but no, they think she should come out and spend 3 hours of HER valuable time and wade through all the drip. You have some nerve.

Because that is what reporters do. Especially those who are willing to use ex-boyfriends as sources w/out bothering to look up their criminal records.

Unless you live in Lalaland you should know that the law leans on the side of the female 95% of the time and last I checked SLO County has a conviction rate in the high 90’s for domestic violence. But I also personally know of cases where the females have actually started the abuse and because the man held her back so she couldn’t hit and slap him, and he was the one convicted! Just. Learning about everything that’s going on and how Ms Torres uses the system to her advantage , I can’t help but wonder what the real story is between Ms Torres and her Ex. Did she manipulate that situation too, from what I heard, her other ex was in law enforcement! That’s what happens when people are exposed as lacking integrity, it’s hard to believe anything they’ve said or done! I have no empathy for someone who claims to be a victim yet has no problem victimizing others!

You happen to call this being exposed yet all there are here is accusations. Nothing has been founded yet and if it where up to many of the posters here they would already be sentencing Ms Torres. Talk about a lynch mob, what ever happened to innocence until proven guilty. I disgusts me that there are many people here that have the opinion of condoning domestic and chid abuse in any form.

Never did I say I condone domestic violence or child abuse, but do I question the credibility of someone who retaliates when challenged, sicks her boyfriend on others in a threatening manner, or as someone posted prior, YELLS at her staff and clients? YOU BETCHA!! Talk to some of the clients yourself, they have no reason to lie and they do have stories to tell!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Lisa Solomon’s supporters and co-conspirators AND Kelly Gearheart’s supporters and co-conspirators said the same thing.

“from what I heard, her other ex was in law enforcement!”

Yup, The same story was given by more than one ex not to mention more than a dozen previous and current employees. Oh yeah, and what about the volunteers who have been speaking out? I suppose they have an axe to grind too?

How do you know “what reporters do”?

HELLO!!! Reporters report… If you are going to report something you have to listen to what people are saying otherwise you are writing an opinion piece. If you are going to report honestly and a whole story you should be listening to the answered that are given.

NuVO…..hahhahahahhahah you must depend on KSBY or The Tribune for your news. Unless of course you are part of it. hmmmmmmmmm

OMG, you do not know what you are talking about.

There is no reason to stay at a board meeting after your topic of info has been discussed, unless you are one of Dee Torres’ clients and have been denied access to the shelter for the night because you farted in line or whatever. Then you would need a place to sleep, so that would warrant spending another 2 hours in a meeting.

Hey, that’s an idea. The next time there is a CAPSLO hearing, all the CAPSLO clients who have been forced out of the shelter because they crossed a driveway or whatever should show up at the meeting, and use their public comment time to report to the board, in great detail, why they were denied access to the shelter for the night, the weather conditions at the time, if they saw Torres wheeling out a cart full of gift cards donated for the use by the homeless, etc.

You mean no one has spoken out? This is all made up by the reporter? Gawd Nuvo get your head out of the sand and read what has been reported by MANY! You really think people sit around and make up like stories just to get at Torres? Haha like she is that important! Why do you find it so easy to believe what’s written isn’t true?? Unless…you are the accused, or her bf!


Ms. Biz Steinberg said it was all lies before Cal Cal Coast News even wrote and posted the story.

The vast majority of these news articles have been posted after Ms. Steinberg’s rant that it was all lies.

Maybe it is Ms. Steinberg who needs to listen to all the witnesses?

Their Chief Financial Officer can only audit books that exist. If books didn’t exist, he couldn’t report discrepancies in accounts that were never recorded. Therefore what he did check may have appeared to be fine.

However there is a big leap between that audit result on books that did exist and a CAPSLO Board member indicating the entirety of the allegations were throughly investigated and disproved. First, no reasonable person would generally say something is disproved. It is very very difficult to prove the negative. It is much easier to find evidence that something did happen as opposed to finding the whole universe of evidence to prove that something did not happen.

None of the witnesses were questioned. If the main source of evidence is with the witnesses and the investigation refused to look at that evidence, then of course the results of the investigation would be skewed.


Yeah, not EVERYBODY can pimp a county supervisor for a job.

Thank you, Lisa Niesen, for lying on your 2010 tax form, falsely claiming Dr. Hanson as Family Ties’ Chief Financial Officer! Finally, CAPSLO’S mistreatment of the homeless since Dee Torres’ direction can be taken to court and dealt with.

Witnesses are emerging left and right about the atrocities that have been occurring since Dee began serving as Director of Homeless Services. Factual cases such as that of Cliff Anderson are emerging as evidence to CAPSLO’s abuse of Case Managed clients who are on or applying for Social Security and were sincerely trusting you to find them housing, unaware their monies would never be returned in due fashion as promised.

It’s a shame that city officials are among the problem, serving on the boards of multiple agencies, shuffling money to one another and covering for each other’s misdeeds. It’s no wonder that complaints are rendered void, from Grand Jury complaints to District Attorney filings. Life goes on as usual and common people are powerless.

CAPSLO has a $60 million budget annually and they fail to treat the homeless with reasonable dignity. Agencies all over town are afraid to stand for up for justice for fear of losing their funding and people’s jobs.

Those who are familiar with Dee knows she’s not intelligent enough on her own to have masterminded the complex web of schemes. With the expertise of Jim Famalette, who served as CEO of Gottschalk’s and current COO of CAPSLO, someone came up with the idea to change EOC to CAPSLO and join the ranks of dirty tyrannical practices of Community Action Partnerships shared nationwide.

So, why was San Luis Obispo declared as The Happiest City in America? Did Jan Marx have something to do with it? The author of National Geographic’s book ‘Thrive’ must have been bribed! Who’s behind this KnowSLO video? http://tinyurl.com/3esnjeo.

And to be fair, where are the happy homeless? Here’s a trailer to their video: http://tinyurl.com/cvc8owg.

Now comes that time of truth. Officials of San Luis Obispo cannot be trusted, so in comes the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General.

CAPSLO, let’s be transparent and let the public know all about your truths, not the lies you project. I know it will be challenging, but perhaps if you come clean, you might be able to resurrect your reputation one day.

For the time being, I encourage the public and all your donors and contributors to refrain from giving your organization any further donations.

Also, I encourage anyone interested to submit a story to Dateline NBC:

Dateline NBC

30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY 10112

Thanks again, Lisa Niesen.

Thank you Cal Coast News; Karen Velie, Dan Blackburn, and Josh Friedman, for your OUTSTANDING investigative reporting.

Thank you KVEC and KIRV for sharing your airtime and encouraging public awareness. Keep up the good work!

Good post freshair. We certainly do need an investigation and it’s quite interesting to read what came out a few years ago in the GJ investigation surrounding the Homeless Services Oversight Council (HSOC) which is so convoluted that they added a Homeless Services Co-Ordinator Council (HSCC). As it turns out, it’s all a “dog and pony show” with a 10 year plan to end homelessness in SLO. They (the BOS, EOC aka CAPSLO and others) started up in 2005 and to date they have not implemented the plan but it came out in the GJ report that this plan was developed not to implement but to garner more HUD and other government grant monies for the coffers.

Likewise, I read their annual enumeration studies on the homeless and the numbers of homeless are grossly exaggerated especially where the children are concerned. It was noted that the schools and even CAPSLO (Head Start) provide the numbers of homeless children and then the schools use the reports to garner more grants for themselves (who is Pedro Garcia – remember that). There are NOT 1300 homeless children in SLO county, not even close. Anyone volunteering in the shelters can tell you that and as for the methodology behind the homeless counts, I could go on but I’ll stop here for now, I’ll save the rest for the next story, this is just too darn irritating at the moment

In the mean time, Dee Torres has been telling the press that the homeless population is up 56% since 2005. According to their own (HSOC) reports, it is up 34% since 2005 (if you do the numbers). In fact since 2009, it has actually dropped by 1.4% .That is according to their own reports but they won’t tell you that..The truth is that there is no huge influx of homeless as they would have you all believe.

By the way, on 1/29/2013 the BOS approved a “Non-Profit Service Provider” seat on the HSOC to Dee Torres.

I am so sick and tired of hearing about the county supervisors carrying Dee Torres around on a sedan chair, and giving her increasing access to harm the homeless of SLO.

Dear Freshair…..THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooo. And maybe the CIA is in on it, too.

Conspiracy theories? Another problem this county has is meth…..

Maybe you’re in on the Torres fraud and theft of monies and other funding meant to be used by CAPSLO’s homeless population.

Yeah, maybe. Perhaps if enough people give you a thumbs up then it will all be true.

“Thumbs up”? Heck, I don’t think half of the board participants even read my posts.

In case you haven’t noticed, I tend to be rather creative and colorful in my posts.

I like em!!

Here’s a thumbs up for you, there now you can feel better!

“If I said, ‘The live-&-let-live people I’ve met are generally warm & generous, although often reserved & respectful, while the control freaks I’ve met are generally cynical, mean & aggressively obnoxious,’ would that seem likely to be true? Of course it does. It IS true & it’s obviously logically consistent & what you’d expect. BUT, if I said, ‘I’ve found the intellectual defenders of private property & laissez-faire capitalism whom I’ve met to be generally warm & generous, while the so-called ‘liberal’ defenders of the welfare state I’ve found to be often cynical, mean & tight-fisted in their personal lives,’ would THAT seem likely to be true? Think about it. Well, it’s also true… it’s a matter of semantics, or word choice. BECAUSE BOTH SENTENCES SAY EXACTLY THE SAME THING.” Rick Gaber

Both statements are not true. Control freaks can be quite pleasant to people AS LONG AS THEY DO WHAT THE CONTROL FREAK WANTS THEM TO DO.

If they don’t do what the control freak wants, then the control freak can become quite vindictive.

Like Adam Hill and Dee Torres, for instance.

In addition, your comments about “intellectual defenders of private property….” (which is clearly meant to mean “conservatives,” and the “so-called liberal defenders of the welfare state” (which is clearly meant to mean “liberals”) are both wrong.

It is the conservatives who are stingy, shallow and a horrible by-product of two issues of the “me-first-who-cares-about-you” generation, all the while eagerly and greedily grabbing at the resources built up in our government by prior liberal policies.

Too bad Mr. Gaber wasn’t brave enough to “call a spade,” and instead had to tip-toe around the unfounded, untrue attack against liberals that he limply launched. Whatever his points were, they were undermined by his own cowardice in naming his target without using Fox-News jingoisms.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that was a quote, I just don’t get what exactly is meant by that remark.. If you have something to say, say it! Why skirt around things?

You really think I am skirting around things? LOL, I’ve been accused of things in the past in relation to my posts, but skirting around things is not one of those things.

If you actually read my post, you would have seen that I acknowledged it was by Mr. Gaber.

Sorry. MaryM,that comment wasn’t directed at you. Sometimes when you reply to poats it jumps or gets out if sequence.

Having been on both sides of the fence, I can assure you that your observation is subjective and in error. I have found great people in every philosophical/political group. What is most important is not WHAT people proclaim, but WHY they proclaim it. Both “sides” have their liars, fakes, selfish, mean people and their honest, sincere, generous and kind people. The evil on both sides capitalizes on the goodwill of those aligned with them that have integrity, and play those people off the same people from teh other group. This is the way they keep people with integrity from being able to work together and from figuring out their game.

I have been reading all these post for several weeks and have chosen not to comment, until now. I am a former client of homeless services and I am now in my own residence and have been for about 4 years now, I give all the credit to ” the popular Ms Nevarez” as referred to in an earlier post. I was a CAPSLO, formally EOC, client of the North County. I came into services from a 2 week stay at Sierra Vista hospital. I have a very serious medical condition that without proper and ongoing medical attention could be fatal. I thank God daily for sending Ronnie Nevarez to meet me and take my case. Unlike San Luis Obispo, I did not have to wait 2 weeks, and in many cases longer, to get help. I was immediately placed in temporary housing for the medically fragile and Ronnie took me to get general assistance and apply for SSI. I had no money, clothes, food, or medical insurance. Within the first week of being released from the hospital I received all of it in temporary form from a variety of programs. Ronnie worked very hard to get everything moving for me. I had no doubts she really cared what happen to me. I saw this in all the case managers she supervised. Because of the severity of my disease I spent a lot of time with all of them. Ronnie, Stacy, Amanda, and David. I saw how they took the time to help everyone who came to them. Sometimes it was just as simple as giving them something to do that would help and asking them to return for follow up, but whenever people left, they left with hope and feeling good. I would see all of them go to the shelter in north county and each one would greet the clients with a smile, hug or pat on the shoulder. They would make their way around to everyone. They all knew clients by name and it was obvious the clients were happy to see them. At any given time people could call and regardless of who was the case manager, all of them were familiar with what was going on with your case. It was so different from the San Luis Shelter, while few employees knew everyone, the atmosphere was totally different. People were hostile, moved in bunches, and angry because case managers never had the time for them. I went to Prado a few times to have lunch after having an appt in San Luis. Dee Torres was the manager of Prado at the time. Corina and Sunshine were out in the yard talking and laughing with clients as they supervised lunch. Ronnie asked for Dee and no one knew if she was in or not. I was shocked that she could be the Prado manager and her staff didn’t know if she was there. But a few minutes later she came out and asked a young man to step into her office. A few minutes later we went inside the day center. I could hear Dee YELLING through a closed door at the young man she called into her office. Ronnie and Corina exchanged an awkward glance and I could tell Ronnie was embarrassed. She asked Corina to clear the day room and then told me we needed to leave. She apologized to me on the way home. I found out later this wasn’t uncommon because I later witnessed Dee scolding a staff member in front of everyone and the staff member was in tears, again Ronnie apologized. I never could quite get how different things were from San Luis to North County, until Dee came in as program director. Things changed so quickly! The North county case managers were told they could no longer help everyone, they had to limit time at the shelter and only go one at a time, and unless someone was already a client receiving services they could no longer help them. Ronnie and her staff looked stressed with so many sudden changes. North county managers worked all over from San Miguel to San Simeon and all along the coast to Los Osos, Shandon to California valley and everything in between. But they could no longer go and do outreach to these people. They stopped having gift cards, food cards, gas cards, clothing, and bus passes to give out. I heard Ronnie ask again and again, ” how do we not help people? How can we expect clients to come to us if we can’t even give them bus passes?” I remember Ronnie talking on the phone saying, “if someone needed to come from San Miguel they would have to leave at 6 am by bus and not return until 6pm, and for what, a 20 minute office visit? That makes no sense! We don’t even have bus passes or meal vouchers to give them and Atascadero has no lunch program!”

I know Ronnie and her staff were fighting for all of us who were homeless, but it was worthless. Within 6 months of Dee taking over as director everything changed. Ronnie was terminated, Amanda let go due to what I heard was budget cuts, David got moved to San Luis, and Stacy was out on medical and fired when she returned. The only thing I can say is if Dee had been the program director when I came into services, I would be dead! When Ronnie was let go she came to me and told me she would work with me until I got my social security and I was housed. I’m so thankful for that because I was left as many others with no one to help. Ronnie helped me to get permanent housing in June of 09 and she took me to court when I was awarded my social security. I found out later I was counted as one of CAPSLO’s success stories!

CAPSLO never notified me I no longer had a case manager. They never told any of Ronnie’s clients and they never offered any new services. Things haven’t been right since Dee Torres took over as Director. I’m not surprised at any of these accusation against Dee Torres, she has no respect for people who are homeless or people in general. I know what I’m talking about, I lived it!

Wow! That’s a story! Thanks for sharing! Right now I’m speechless!

“They stopped having gift cards, food cards, gas cards, clothing, and bus passes to give out.”

There is that gift card thing again. What does Dee do with all those gift cards? I seriously doubt that the CAPSLO board can say that she provided them with a detailed list of all the cards she received from donors and who she gave them to. I am going to contact the Grand Jury and if they can get this started and provide a report of their findings, then that report can be sent straight to the AG.

I use to take donations and give them out at the Women’s Shelter Program of San Luis Obispo and yes they are suppose to track incoming donations and who from and to who given. Strict accounting of such for charitable non-profits.

I did see that, I pointed it out!

The exact same thing happened to me scorp. Same thing. Same place. Same people. Glad to be

back in the relative sanity of L.A.

So another person comes out, please give us more info ironeyman 2000! Tell us your experiences, people need to know!


Please call me on Monday at my law office phone number 805-541-5763.

Do you know when it was that ECHO started outsourcing its case management to CAPSLO?

It sounds like this has been going on quite awhile, and certainly ECHO must have been aware of what sound like very drastic changes.

Again, I know some feel highly of ECHO, but, IMO, they have some ‘splainin’ to do for their inaction and leaving their homeless clients in the shredding maw of the likes of Dee Torres, Biz Steinberg and CAPSLO.

From what I was able to find out CAPSLO has always done the case management for ECHO. I was told that at one time ECHO also had EOC do intake at their shelter. I didn’t find out when this end or why.

At least Dee is cute I guess, not so much Adam.

Well, y’all just dug yourselves in a little deeper, didn’t you?

I refuse to think that Biz doesn’t know. When CAPSLO accountants fudge the numbers and play “shell game”, it indicates a culture that goes beyong Dee Torres allegations. Biz may look the other way and CAPSLO employees may protect her by not equipping her with the details, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know at some level, and doesn’t make her less responsible.

If she wasn’t in the mix, we could have expected more than uninformed denial from her.

Biz is the CEO, she is the boss, she is numero UNO, she is the top of the pyramid, This is her ship to stir and she gets paid the bucks and benefits to do it. This is ALL her responsibility, end of story. Employees have come forward for years with concerns and issues, clients have been coming forwards for years, volunteers have come forward for years, this is no excuse for her to not take the responsibility that comes with the job. Either she is too old to do the job, to senile to k ow what is happening, or just doesn’t give a damn, but this is her horse to ride. Biz might be a nice old lady, but she is NO CEO and needs to go away and go how. Shame on her for the neglect of her duties and responsibility. The buck stops with Biz!

Any info on the CAPSLO board meeting? Did it happen?

why would anyone select the “thumbs down”? it’s a question

That’s because Biz and Dee wanted to add their 2 cents.

DennySLO: Here’s our report on a key part of the meeting, posted today:


Thanks Daniel.

I think Karen Velie (and others?) were on KVEC this evening with a meeting synopsis. I missed the show but plan on listening to the podcast later.

One other thing about the City of Bell corruption…

ALL of Mayor Rizzo’s schemes were signed off by their city counsel ( Edward Lee during the time the corruption occurred).

This makes me wonder…who provides legal services for the Prado Day Center and CAPSLO?