Los Osos man sentenced in mother’s murder

March 20, 2013
Michael Van Heuver

Michael Van Heuver

A judge sentenced a Los Osos man on Tuesday to 15 years to life in prison for murdering his mother.

Lisa Van Heuver, 56, died on May 12 from injuries she suffered at the hands of her son Michael Van Heuver, 23, during an altercation on April 27.

Shortly before her son allegedly strangled and killed her, Lisa Van Heuver sent an email to San Luis Obispo County supervisors detailing problems her son had with drug use and asking the supervisors to support Sunny Acres, Dan De Vaul’s 72-acre ranch and sober living facility.

She had taken her son to San Luis Obispo County Mental Health attempting to get him help, but he was quickly released.

“This is a mothers plea to you, help support Sunny Acres for kids like mine,” Lisa Van Heuver wrote in Feb. 2012.

San Luis Obispo County does not have any in house facilities for dual diagnosed patients suffering from mental health illnesses and drug addiction. And while several facilities of this type exist in neighboring counties, the facilities often include higher costs to out of county patients pricing them out of the reach of families like the Van Heuvers.

As the result of his sentence, Michael Van Heuver will spend 15 years in prison before he is eligible for parole.


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Trillions for the one world gov’t in the form of killing machines for it’scontrol of future oil (and Israel’s “security”) means nothing for a desperate single American mother’s plea for help.

There’s no money in protecting Americans at home, but trillions to support foriegn banksters for their domination of world finance through murder and violence.

Killl your mother and you get only 15 years?

15 to life, we the tax payer get to support this meat sack for the rest of his useless life, he’ll get out in 10 and be right back into drugs again and pull another crime, he should fry for this one,end of problem.

…and 15 years in prison is much cheaper than any facility that could have treated him? Our whole mental health care system is in need of a re-boot (not just dumping money into the pockets of the unionized labor force that “mans” the thing).