Los Osos mobile marijuana dispensary robbed

March 28, 2013

mariSan Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies have three people in custody for an alleged strong-arm robbery of a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Osos. [Tribune]

On Wednesday, two men and a woman allegedly took marijuana and cash from a female victim who operated the dispensary on the 1100 block of 17th street.

After committing the robbery, the suspects fled on foot. Deputies later found the suspects in a vehicle on State Park Road in Morro Bay.

The victim was not injured during the alleged robbery.


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But i guess it was ok for Rodney John and the rest of the task force flunkies to steal the marijuana from the doobie dozen?

I bet they keep the victims product that was stolen for about a year!

Of course! They need to hold it as evidence until the trial is done and that may take a year given the current overburdened courts. (Not that this will be the only reason — just the one they give the public.)

You may thank the state for this with its ridiculous “illegal drug” laws.

More about the federal government letting te DEA tell them how it is going t be……

Last time it was a Sheriff that robbed them while one of their male employees was in route on a medical delivery.

oops, didn’t mean to post yet…..

They should post the names of the perps! Instead they give the address of the victim?? WOW how smart is that?

They should post the names of the perps!

please proofread prior to posting articles

thank you!