Obamacare gaining state foothold

March 21, 2013

nurseCalifornia officials responsible for implementation of the Affordable Care Act are in Sacramento to discuss the state’s entry into the program.

One state lawmaker, Assemblyman Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, was spotlighting a new Health Access California report analyzing how this state is adjusting to the health-care overhaul.

Benefits accruing to California residents are many, according to the report by the statewide health care consumer advocacy group based in Sacramento. It claims “millions” of beneficiaries of so-called Obamacare.

According to the report, entitled “Three Years of the Affordable Care Act: Counting the Benefits, Countdown to Coverage,” the largest impact “has come from expanding coverage — getting people the care they need and providing economic security from financial ruin. The most recent 2013 estimates are that more than one million Californians have been able to get coverage through new options provided under the ACA.”

The report added:

More than 6 million Caifornians enjoy expanded coverage; 21,160 people denied coverage due to health status are now covered; 435,000 young adults have been able to remain in their parents’ health policies through age 25;  and 642,000 people in 53 counties have new coverage.

Also, by introducing rate oversight capabilities, 1.5 million state insured people have saved more than $175 million from rate hikes rolled back, retracted or withdrawn by major health care insurance companies.

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You will certainly know when this new efficient medical plan is up and ready. Your doctor’s first request will be, ” bend over and let me check your pulse”. The plan is two fold, you won’t come back and those who work will pay the entire cost.

Why should health care even be a ‘business’ or industry ?

Make all health care non-profit, and all of the grifters and thieves will dissappear overnight !

REALLY?…All of the Grifters and Thieves will disappear overnight? right along with all of the good doctors and nurses…why is it so difficult to understand that better pay attracts better people? Higher profits bring about better medicine and an increasing number of cures. Take the profit out of medicine and ruin the health industry. Why don’t we ever here about taking the profit out of legal representation?


What fantasy world do you live in anyways. That is one of the most clueless remarks I’ve seen on this site. Do you just think all those employed in the medical field will just operate their business to feel good?

“$Money for nothing and chicks are free”

Now look at them Yo-Yo’s, that’s the way you do it……


Loved to sing along to that song!

Run while you still can! If the previous carastrophes weren’t enough, this surely is. Texas is your Zion, your only hope! Hurry! Don’t be here when the walls collapse!

Where are we going to get doctors for 6 million new people?

Not to mention, when people figure out that they can go to the doctor all willy-nilly, it is going to double the current doctor requirement.

That flushing sound you are hearing is California sending itself to the septic tank.

It is already being circulated that we will not see our doctor, but a nurse or health practitioner. Here in SLO county we already have a serious shortage of doctors and those that are here do not get reimbursed at the same scale as the county to the south or most counties surrounding us…

I would be interested in seeing current med school enrollment numbers compared to the past 2 decades.

Why would anyone enter med school with the current outlook? They will never be able to pay off school loans, so I expect that tuition/loans will be the next thing that taxpayers are asked to subsidize.


In this county we have a shortage of doctors and nurses. I have friends who upon graduation from nursinbg school got snapped up at premium wages (5 figures to start)…

Obamacare’s Regressive and Unfair Subsidies

Quite apart from the perverse economic incentives the subsidies of the Affordable Care Act create, the subsidies are completely arbitrary and unfair. For example, a $31,200-a-year family (about 133 percent of poverty) getting health insurance at work gets less than one-fourth as much help from the government, compared to a family making nearly three times that much income and getting insurance in the exchange.

More @:


And then there is this BS… California is being thrown down the sewer by the politicians and we are going down with it.