Woman raped and robbed at gun point in SLO hotel

March 15, 2013
Gregory Arthur Erwin

Gregory Arthur Erwin

A Santa Maria man allegedly raped and robbed a woman at gunpoint in a San Luis Obispo hotel early Thursday morning.

San Luis Obispo police arrested Gergory Erwin, 49, for rape and armed robbery after responding to a call from the San Luis Inn and Suites on Santa Rosa St. around 1:27 a.m. Thursday.

The female victim told police officers that she had agreed to meet Erwin at her hotel room sometime after midnight. When Erwin arrived, he sexually assaulted the victim, removed cash from her purse and fled in a white Ford Ranger pick-up truck. The victim told officers that Erwin pointed a handgun at her and threatened to kill her while assaulting her.

After Erwin left the hotel room, the victim followed him to the parking lot and took his license plate number, which she provided to police.

Police investigators then drove to Erwin’s Santa Maria residence, where they found him attempting to leave in his vehicle. Officers arrested Erwin and searched his house, where they discovered evidence of the crime.

Erwin is currently in San Luis Obispo County Jail for making a terrorist threat, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon and burglary charges, in addition to the charges of rape and armed robbery.

An investigation of the crime is ongoing. San Luis Obispo police investigators are contacting other law enforcement agencies to determine if Erwin has committed other sexual assaults in the area.


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In the FWIW dept, The guy is a barber from Paso and has priors.

‘God gave man a brain and a penis; but only enough blood to run one at a time’ Robin Williams

Not all humans are created equal. Mental illness, even today in 2013, many forms can not be cured, only contained one way or the other.This soul has a mechanism that malfunctions. Better to incarcerate him now before one of our family members has to deal with his struggle though this life in real time.

According to a legislator in Colorado she should have urinated to protect herself from rape

Allowing a stranger into your hotel room in the middle of the night has the potential of putting one at great risk. Given the number of predators walking out streets, one has to practice due diligence when going about their life. Minimizing one’s risks is part of that diligence.

Sounds like you’re blaming the victim. My question is, even if she let him in, why does that make it okay for him to rape her? If it doesn’t, your comment is irrelevant.

You are wrong. I’m not blaming the victim, I’m simply pointing out the risks associated with letting a stranger into your hotel in the middle of the night.

Let him in? omg

Why did she invite him to her room at midnight,,,,,, and for what? Much more to this story.

You mean it’s not normal for a woman to invite a strange man to her motel room after midnight? Still doesn’t mean he can have his way and take money from her. Even if it turns out she was expecting money from him, this is still not the manly thing to do.

The “why” she invited him in is of no concern to the FACT that she was assaulted; if she changed her mind about whatever she had intended to do with him, that is what this man should have respected. You sound like you are dancing around a “blame the victim” statement; please don’t, assault is wrong – period.

The worlds oldest profession…

Sounds like you’re blaming the victim. My question is, even if she let him in, why does that make it okay for him to rape her? If it doesn’t, your comment is irrelevant.

This guy lived in Paso Robles until sometime in 2012.

I’m curious as too what your point is??? So he lived in Paso, did this make him more app to commit the rape? Not commit the rape? So he lived in Paso, SO WHAT!???

I agree, what does living in Paso have to do with anything?

More importantly is why does a woman invite someone into her home in the middle of the night if it isn’t her boy friend or husband?

The point is that the police (according to the article) are checking into other possible assaults that may have been committed, and since his hometown is given as Santa Maria, people in the North County might not be concerned that some incident they know about might be related to this person.

I’m not sure why you are offended, I live in Paso.