Arroyo Grande couple victims in Grover Beach crash

April 4, 2013

The Grover Beach Police Department identified the two people who died in a single auto accident on Tuesday at about 9:17 p.m. as residents of Arroyo Grande.

Police said Raymond Cano, 49, was driving the pick-up truck that veered off the road, slammed into a tree and flipped onto its side along El Camino Real near Oak Park Boulevard. His wife, Kimberly Cano, 46, also died at the scene.

The Grover Beach Police Department is investigating the crash, but officers do not believe alcohol played a role in the fatal collision.

Kimberly Cano

Kimberly Cano

Raymond Cano

Raymond Cano

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We rely on rain to wash our streets clean. The longer we go without substantial rainfall the more oil, soot and diesel dust gathers on the roadway. When we get just enough rain to wet the road the road becomes very slick. I would bet that in “drought years” the vehicle accident rate is way up on rainy days… We have not had enough rainfall to clean the streets so please be careful when the road is wet. Don’t tailgate! And don’t speed!

Those are the pics from their drivers license! NOT mug shots

My bad, I was being insensitive.

Always embarrassing when they use your mug shot photo to ID you in the news, but I guess it does not matter at this point.

May they both rest in Jesus’ arms.

God Bless their families.

May they both rest in Jesus’ arms.


Please don’t candy coat it to make yourself feel better.

Your Jesus has never done anything–ever— and he didn’t do anything the night they were killed and he’s not going to do anything after the fact.

Any God worth 2 cents would stop the accident so the people could live rather than appoint one of its followers to declare the God had the deceased in his arms.

If life were a movie God would be a producer not a director. If I were you I would lay off the Chocolate because God won’t keep you from getting Diabetes either…

You have no idea what you are talking about. Please….

Since it was not mentioned, one can only assume they were wearing seatbelts? I find it disturbing that “not wearing seatbelts” is usually drummed in these tragic accidents, yet when there’s a tragedy and seatbelts were worn, we don’t hear anything.

Did they have kids? Other family? This is pretty sad for the surviving members of the family, indeed.

Yes – Raymond Cano does have kids. He has 2 daughters, and a teenage son, none of whom were Kimberly ‘Cano’s’ kids. She didn’t have any kids, and both of her previous husbands (prior to Raymond) were deceased. R.I.P. Raymond Cano.