Atascadero man accused of impersonating a doctor

April 12, 2013

ear docState investigators charged an Atascadero man with felony fraud for allegedly pretending to be an audiologist.

Aaron Marquis, 46, is accused of advertising himself as an audiologist with a Ph.D. His wife, Anja Marquis, 39, who worked as his office manager, allegedly billed insurance companies for audiology tests he conducted, according to the state’s Department of Consumer Affairs.

When investigators asked Marquis if he had a medical degree, he allegedly told them he obtained his degrees by correspondence courses from Stamford Hill University in England.

Anja Marquis and Aaron Marquis have pleaded not guilty to fraud charges. They are scheduled to appear for a pre-trial hearing on April 29.


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In September 2009, I filed a complaint with the SLO Better Business Bureau regarding Advanced Hearing which is owned and operated by Aaron Marquis. My complaint stated that Advanced Hearing advertised on KSBY for free hearing evaluations/examinations and due to their advertisement I scheduled an appointment. When I made the appointment I verified that my evaluation/examination would be free and I was told yes, yet my insurance company was billed and paid for the exam.

During my hearing evaluation/examination, Mr. Marquis told me and convinced me that I needed hearing aids; I unfortunately went with his recommendation. During this office visit, Mr. Marquis’ office assistant offered me an expired $1,000 off coupon saying I could use it if I went with the top-of-the-line model, I was also told that she had verified with my insurance company that they would pay $1,000 toward the hearing aids and I didn’t need to pay anything until the end of my free ten day trial period…I returned the hearing aids within three days of leaving Advanced Hearing. Even though I returned the hearing aids and was told the hearing evaluation/examination would be free, my insurance company was billed $1,210.

Advanced Hearing did receive a check from my insurance company in the amount of $1,210 (per my insurance company). Per Mr. Marquis’ response to my BBB complaint was he had returned the $1,210 check to my insurance company. If this is true or not, I do not know as I deferred to my insurance company to follow through since I had also filed a complaint with them regarding Advanced Hearing.

It could have been worse, he could have been charging for pap smears after all.

How many thousand$ did he get from Medicare? Better yet, how come it took the officials so long to discover this crime? Don’t they people have to be vetted before getting a paycode from insurance or Medicare agencies? Can anyone submit a bill for charges and get a payment? Where do I sign up? Lots of questions, where are the answers…..

Seriously, doesn’t he submit his license info to the gubmint? And if he’s pleading NOT GUILTY, then maybe his license is on the up and up. Might have taken a lot of bazooka joe’s, but he still go it, no?