Coastal Commission approves Grover Beach conference center

April 12, 2013

dunesThe California Coastal Commission unanimously approved a plan Thursday to construct an 11,000-square-foot conference center and a lodge in Grover Beach near the entrance to the Oceano Dunes. [Tribune]

The project, which Grover Beach officials have discussed for decades, includes the conference center, a 135 to 150-room lodge, boardwalks, concessions and picnic areas between the beach and Highway 1 on a 13.4-acre lot along Grand Avenue. The conference center would be the largest of its kind between Monterey and Santa Barbara.

Grover Beach and the California Department of Parks and Recreation will work together on the project, which is on state-owned land. The project will return to the Grover Beach City Council within six months for consideration and approval.

Although the Coastal Commission approved the plans for the conference center and lodge, it narrowly rejected a request to build an equestrian facility across the street on the south side of Grand Avenue. The commission voted 5-4 to deny an amendment that would allow the city and state parks to construct beach side parking for horse trailers.

Commission staff argued that the area is environmentally sensitive and should remain open space.

Grover Beach and state parks could still construct the parking area on the main project lot, but it would require horses to dodge cars and off-road vehicles when walking to the beach.


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This has been a dream for thirty years. With the unfortunate demise of redevelopment agencies, the city will need to work with the developer to develop the water/sewer runs. People like kayaknut need to make a choice…be part of the solution or continue to their fact-challenged whining. The county laid the original streets on sand (a la Los Osos), and to rehab them all will take a huge investment, which I hope the city council puts on the ballot. Their simply is not enough general fund dollars to do it. I am grateful for the efforts invested in making this lodge project a reality. The developer sees the value in the Central Coast, having purchased the Inn at Morro Bay and the AG Hampton Inn. This is truly one of the last pieces of coastal dirt on the California coastline. The conference space, the adjacent 3-par course and the beach will be a natural choice for corporate retreats. Well done City of Grover and all who have invested over the years. Kayaknut, suit up, put on your pfd and be part of the plan…

Part of my plan would be stop the “Good-ole guy” network and stop wasting money. Why is that a problem? Often the people that complain about that are part of those benefiting from the status quo. Why is Grover Beach, AG, and Oceano is still using the Wallace Group, John Wallace has cost the tapayers so much money that if this was in the private sector he’d be gone a long time ago. Officials mainly look for ways to increase revenue and fail to consider that cutting expenses is needed and whenever a cut is made it is always followed by the statement “services will be cut or public safety is at risk”, why can’t there be cuts that are just cuts that save money without any strings attached. It is done often in the private sector. RDA’s were another big shell game the cities played with tax money and then cried foul when the state called them on it.

I hear you on the “business as usual” approach, but if you look at the components of the general fund (I have), over 80% is salary and benefits. Being a former corporate guy, that ratio is similar. There is not much in the way of discretionary funds. I agree with the conflict issue at the San District, and hope that resolves itself with an audit. The RDA’s were not a shell game. The state stole property tax from the cities, the RDA’s were an attempt for a local entity to shield itself from further thievery from the hooligans in Sacramento…and they just took that money as well.

I think Grover has been living off of beans for some time now. This lodge is a way to encourage investment, a good thing.

Couldn’t stand to have the “last piece” of coast go unraped, eh? Needs to be a place for the corporate, huh?

Keep surfing, it may eventually getcha back to reality, Wow.

Have you seen the site? It is a barren (previously graded or as you would say “raped”) lot that has a trans-oceanic fiber cable running underneath it, and horse trailers and mobile homes parked on it during the day…it is not in pristine/native condition. Asilomar is an example of a project that doesn’t conflict with the surroundings….surf has been closed out…I will take you up on your suggestion when it cleans up.


Yeah, but a freakin’ hotel complex? Blank beats built to me after 35 yrs. of watching my SoCal beach town go nuts. Encinitas, Leucadia.

Enjoy one of the last funky beach towns, people with their horses and on cheapass RV vacays, that’s good stuff.

You just wanna poach tourist girls on rented boards. ;

Appreciated your response.

WTF is the coastal commish thinkin’???

Hi, we protect the coast from horse facilities by planted bigass bldgs. there.

Well you know, Grover cant sell horse shit to boost its economic base. Sides you really think any of the big wigs in this county are serious about environmental impacts when its economic survival relies on people from Fresno and Bakersfield driving here in 12 MPG trucks and SUV’s.

The project, which Grover Beach officials have discussed for decades


Discussing? I don’t think so. Counsel after counsel has done its best to implement this. It’s been in the actual “works” for at least 5-7 years now. We have been held hostage by the coastal commission for at least a decade now.

And it’s entirely representative of how broken CA government is. Grover beach can’t even afford to repair its streets and yet for some unknown reason, it takes 10 years to get this tax cash cow passed.

This and other projects like it have the ability to make Pismo beach not be able to hold a candle to Grover beach but they won’t let us do them. Pismo brings in millions a year in tax revenue–just imagine what Grover could turn into.

Starting with a blank canvas – cool. Maybe they will come up with a fabulous beach front development; no better place to do it. It could possibly put relevancy into the town called Grover BEACH. Now all they have to do is get rid of that stupid concept of driving cars on the beach.

You’re joking, right?


This is great! Now the Coastal Commission can have regular local public meetings to save our coast line for the next project. I hope we lodge them in the honeymoon suites so they will be happy and make a better world for everyone. Varroommmm….. got to git back to the dunes.

Jorge, you nailed it.

Grover Beach’s own version of the bullet train to nowhere, build it and it will solve all our problems, why not fix the problems first. First it was sell the community garden or we will run out of money, as it has been said before there is not a revenue problem, it is a spending problem, and certainly no money is being spent on the streets, except those if front of businesses or houses own by officials and friends of officials.

KNUT…You are DEAD WRONG about the streets! It will realistically take over $30 million to fix the streets, and even more if union wages are paid. And for your edification NOT ONE residential street has been improved where any elected official lives. And, yes the city is slowly improving the main corridors including Grand Avenue. And what’s so wrong about the Beach Front Lodge. Nobody said it will solve all problems but it will be a positive for Grover. I am sick of people like you that just bitch, moan and complain with an incessant pessimistic view that does not know the facts and contributes nothing but negativity!

You are wrong, try Ritchie lane (sp?) and just check who owns a house on that street, I never said elected, but also did not exclude them.

Did anyone notice any big change when Grover City changed its name from City to Beach ? 11,00 Sq Ft convertion center… Does anyone know small 11k SF is ? This sounds like Atascadero trying to re-invent them selves. Another train to No-where. Sad but true !


Does anyone know how small 11,000 SF is?…..

The convention center at the new Beach Front Lodge will be the LARGEST convention center between Santa Barbara and Monterey making it the largest in all of SLO County! And that’s a fact jack!


It is Ritchie Road and the street improvement was a GRANT money for a program for ‘SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL’ for Grover Heights Elementary School and had nothing to do with who might have lived in the vicinity.

I have been reading you responses for a long time now and they are mostly right on and factual. Why are you diverting from your usual intelligent diatribe? I know you are one of the few non apathetic people that cares about Grover and I would hope that you would address issues that you are concerned with in a manner that promotes a positive ultimate outcome. There is a Grover Beach City Council meeting Monday, April 15 that would be a good forum for you to discuss your concerns during public comment. You can also write or email the council. Either way you will be heard.

And how about the blocks of Saratogo between 13th and 15th, by no means major road but brand new surface and curbs and sidewalks, why because a important person owns house on that street, and yet major roads, such as 13th continue to crumble. I have attended city council meetings and the attituide from the elected officials is more that these are a required event but we have already made up our minds regardless of any public comment

Also remember “Grant” money is not free, it is still from the same source, taxpayers. Many want us to believe “Grant” is free money, not the case, or the term they love to throw around “we have to use it or loose it”, how about in some cases “loose it” and sve the taxpayers some money.

Of whom are you referring to and Ritchie road?

Did you know your city manager Bob Perrault and John Wallace are good friends. You know the John Wallace who engineered the Grand ave upgrades. Funny what a coincidence that is when one considers Wallace is responsible for over $660,000 in legal fees and another $1.200,000 in ACL fines for his part in engineering the Sewer plant you WILL pay for.

Good to see your happy with your leaders performance.