Crash near Santa Margarita kills one

April 12, 2013

carA person died Thursday night after a car crashed through a guard rail on Highway 101 near Santa Margarita. [KSBY]

The crash occurred around 11:35 p.m. Thursday on southbound Highway 101, just north of Highway 58. The California Highway Patrol says the vehicle went over the side of the road after crashing through the guard rail.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash.

CHP is yet to identify the victim and whether anyone else was in the vehicle. The cause of the fatal collision is under investigation.


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Have we always had this many single car accidents? Too many distractions now I guess.

I’m guessing the reporting on it is becoming more prevalent… but I do not know. Maybe more drivers, etc. and mathematically, we’ll get more accidents.

Pretty basic stretch of road (southbound and north of 58) I don’t see a problem with the road. I do see A LOT of new guard rails going up as if Cal-Trans is trying to keep us from going over the edge. What ever happened to personal responsibility?

OK, one more time, this is another reminder that Caltrans is motivated by the number of deaths. This stretch of highway is known to have issues, as is evident, but Caltrans has a termination threshold before the data can justify the fix. I know how precious life is but for some reason people seem to be less concerned about the wrongful deaths on our public highways yet are willing to spend vast somes of tax to keep sickos murderers alive in prizon. Life is life and taxes are taxes, but in this case the squeaky wheel crashes.