Cal Poly student found dead following spring break party

April 7, 2013

Giselle Ayala22Officials with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s department have identified the body of a young women whose fully clothed body was found in the ocean off a Santa Barbara beach as an 18-year-old Cal Poly student.

Giselle Esme Ayala of Santa Rosa went to Deltopia, a Spring Break party in Isla Vista, with a group of friends from Cal Poly. The friends reported they last saw her at approximately 11 p.m. on Friday night. They reported her missing on Saturday at 7 p.m.

At around 8:20 a.m. on Saturday, a jogger discovered Ayala’s body in the ocean west of Campus Point.

Ayala was a first year Sociology major and a resident of Yosemite Hall.

The Santa Barbara Sheriff’s department has not yet determined whether foul play was involved or if the death was accidental.


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I happen to be part of her family and those talking about alcohol..assuming she was just young,drunk,ect. I know what happened and I would appreciate it if the people who don’t know her AT ALL or don’t really know what happened to back off…not all the info is correct so stop’s not ok to have those discussions on a article of MY cousins DEATH! Our family doesn’t appriciate it so please go do that somewhere else!! I LOVE YOU GISELLE! May you rest in piece❤❤

What is sad is to think that adulthood really starts at 18.

With neuroscientists saying that the human brain isn’t finished until 25…. one doesn’t have to wonder too long about how little ‘judgement’ is being exercised at this age. Although I don’t know this young woman, I have to wonder if this was the first time she was out late with friends.

Parents have a lot of influence and control in delaying this sort of behavior…. until they are old enough to understand the true risks.

Influence yes, control NO! She is off in a town (SLO) by herself with her folks miles away. You have the influence of new found freedom on your own and starting to make your own decisions and sometimes a tragic decision is made. What mom and dad are suppose to follow them around till 25? You give your kids the guidence from birth till they are out the door and HOPE that you gave them enough to make the right decisions when you AREN’T there 24/7. And even then a person is an INDIVIDUAL and WILL make their own decisions.

You were young once. Did you follow EVERYTHING that the folks said when you were first out on your own? I didn’t. They did give influence but you still are experiencing life on your own for the first time.

Booze is bigger than ever. At least the 60’s kids got a little insight from weed and such. Booze, as always, brings nothing but hurt to those who inbibe. Make the $hit illegal as it should have stayed before. Mass addiction brought it back, disgusting.

It’s a solvent, for Christ’s sakes, it kills living cells on contact….Yippie! ain’t it fun killing your brain off slowly?!.

Poor little girl.

I always wondered why boozemakers can’t be sued into non-existance…or hung.

REALLY?? Prohibition huh? Yeaaaaa let’s look at that. Did it stop drinking? Well with all the speakeasys and homemade stills I would have to say NO!!!

Oh let’s not forget the damage it did to some desperate types that started drinking the chemicals under the sink to get a buzz. Hey how about all the killings from all the gangs that sprung up because of it? Yea the good ol days.

Here is the REALITY my friend. Most people don’t have a problem with. It stands at 8.5% in U.S. While not great YOU WILL NEVER get 100% non problem legal or illegal. I don’t need to spend my money arresting John Q Public over this. Money would be better spent helping the 8.5 percent.

Well then, Hell..bottom’s up!!!

How quick you are to assume it was alcohol that led to this poor girls death. You clearly are not aware that there is a steep cliff along the beach and people die each year from falling when they try to make their way to the beach. If its night and you are from out of town and not aware of the best route down, you can be completely sober and suffer this fate. Also, the article clearly states that foul play was NOT been ruled out, so anything could have happened. I think you have plainly demonstrated the lack of insight all that weed has given you.

Boy, that’s a stretch.

It’s a giant Booze Bash. Keep drinkin’.

I have nothing but understanding how this can happen to this poor little girl. And since boozing is huge socially with the kids now what was she supposed to do, stay home and study while everybody else splits for THE PARTY?

Make the crap illegal again. It’s friggin’ stupid juice that has done nothing but harm.

Who defends booze? Guess.

Youth, alcohol and the ocean are a dangerous combination. So sad this lovely and apparently talented young woman’s life was cut short.

May this young woman’s death open the eyes of today’s college aged men and women, that they are not immortal, they are not indestructible and life is too easly lost to be lived recklessly.

Blessings on her family and friends.

“Every day she had a smile on her face, she was totally enthusiastic,” said choir director Kira Bombace…it was always a great day when you saw Giselle in class, and I know a lot of people felt that way.”

Very sad. Condolences from the Central Coast to Miss Ayala’s friends and family in Santa Rosa.

It is just so sad when any young person loses their life; my heart goes out to the parents and family of this young woman.

Thank you so much our family has suffered a real loss!! R.I.P Giselle