Cuesta summer sessions bloom again

April 9, 2013

alumni parkCuesta College officials are anticipating full classes for summer sessions, a harbinger of better times ahead in most of the state’s two-year colleges in the wake of new Prop. 30 funding.

It’s the first hint of positive movement for California’s community college system, which has experienced dips in summer programs of as much as 60 percent over the past several years. (San Jose Mercury News)

“We expect a robust summer session,” said Lauren Milbourne, media relations coordinator at Cuesta College.

A boost this year in the number and variety of summer class offerings in community colleges statewide appears to be evidence that the influx of new tax dollars is already helping the nation’s largest school system. That system took a $1.5 billion fiscal hit from 2007-2012.

Bret Clark, a Cuesta College interim dean, said Cuesta’s summer class operation never really had to scale back a lot. Numbers for the past couple of years “were artificially low,” he noted, “due to restricting summer school to only mandated programs and high school enrichment.”

He noted this summer’s planned schedule “is designed to meet the student demand in our area, so that students will be able to successfully complete their educational goals in a reasonable time.”

Summer classes run from June 17-July 25. A catalog and other information available online at or by contacting Cuesta College Marketing and Communications at (805) 546-3153.

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Tough economic times for Cuesta, but they still have a “media relations coordinator” on the payroll? Hrmm… can’t the prez or someone answer a question? Must every government agency have a “media mouthpiece” ? I mean, it begins to look like the forming of a propaganda arm when you have a media relations person. Do we need agencies/colleges/etc. to “relate” to the media? I get press releases, I do, but is that a full-time, year-round position?

I’m just hoping they will not be as top-heavy as every other tax-dollar-squandering outlet seems to be, as the Community College is one of the best tax-payer investments I can think of. Well, CC and the library system.