Grover Beach man accused of assaulting his neighbor

April 22, 2013
Jerry Odom

Jerry Odom

A dispute Sunday afternoon between three Grover Beach neighbors leaves one man in critical condition and another behind bars, police said.

Shortly before 2 p.m., the 69-year-old victim, his 32-year-old son and their neighbor Jerry Odom began arguing. Odom is accused of physically assaulting the father and son and knocking both men to the ground.

During the alleged assault, the 69-year-old went into cardiac arrest and was later transported to a local hospital. He is listed in critical condition.

Officers booked Odom into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon, felony elder abuse and misdemeanor battery. His bond is currently set at $50,000.


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I have to agree that we need a more balanced report to make a judgment of relative responsibility here. Who initiated the conflict? What turned it to violence? Is this just a case of placing the blame on the person who won the fight? When a conflict results in hospitalization, someone has to take the fall and the tendency is to blame the “winner.” (An experience with GB Police makes me skeptical of their competence in even getting the report right.)

I totally agree with you. I have seen many times in my experience just what you describe. Usually it is the macho bully who starts a fight with the wrong person and it doesnt end well for the bully. The other guy does need to know when to stop though.

Most 69 year old men will not attack unless attacked. Cudos to the son for trying to help his old dad. I am just about 69 (next month if anybody wants to send me a present). If this ass hole caused me problems I would hire a body guard to take him out.

All I could do is blow bad breath at him. Probably work in getting this guy to back off. The smell of death is quite convincing to most aggressors. I tried it once. The guy offered to give me the contents in his wallet if I quit breathing in his face.

It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out. I’m sure the other side of the story might help us understand how one man knocks out two….or feels the need to assault two people.

A verbal argument never justifies violence.

MaryMalone – Makes sense but, did I indicate otherwise? I just thought we’d get a better understanding of how an argument went sideways in Grover. Now seeing the guys picture (quick to profile quick to judge, right?) I’m guessing the younger man just did it because he could. Any bets on that?