Judge tentatively approves Atascadero Walmart

April 23, 2013

walmart3A San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge tentatively ruled against a lawsuit alleging that the city of Atascadero did not follow environmental laws in the process of approving the construction of a Walmart. [Tribune]

Save Atascadero, a group opposed to the Walmart project, claimed that the environmental impact report conducted by the city did not sufficiently examine air quality impacts that traffic caused by the Walmart and an adjacent development would create. But, Judge Jac Crawford ruled that Atascadero lawfully approved the Walmart project.

“There is sufficient evidence in the record to support the city’s conclusion in the final (environmental review report) that there are no significant (toxic air contaminate) impacts,” Crawford said. “Conversely, the city did not fail to proceed as required by law.”

Crawford must now affirm or alter his tentative ruling. If the judge affirms his ruling against Save Atascadero, the group could still appeal.

If Crawford’s ruling becomes final, construction can begin. Prior to the lawsuit, Walmart planned to open its Atascadero super store in 2014.

Atascadero Mayor Tom O’Malley and Councilman Bob Kelley each issued statements announcing their satisfaction with Crawford’s tentative ruling.


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Like Wal-Mart or not, we (most of us) should not forget the financial struggles we has as young parents in trying to raise a family and do the right thing, with few resources.

Yes we struggled, and when necessary, we shopped at K-Mart, White Front, Gemco, Montgomery Wards and the rest of the discount houses. They allowed us to have things we could not otherwise afford.

Wal-Mart serves a useful purpose. While not for everyone, there is a place in our culture when a young person or persons have little or no chance of buying a home, Wal-Mart works.

It is good to know that we have all been so well trained as consumers. Whatever chaos or disaster awaits, we’ll all know where the deals are.

I’ve been to a Wal Mart maybe 5 times and have never been too impressed, BUT, people with families need places to go for affordable goods and jobs in their Cities, not to mention what this will provide to the Cities, TAXES!

Get the damn unions off this project and let it move forward, because it is going to happen regardless of Save Atascadero’s Tom and his cronies. The people have voted, move on!!!!

All together now: WE WANT TAXES!

Yes, instead of going to Paso or SLO I want Atascadero to get the business taxes, building fees, other permit fees, sales tax dollars for our police, fire, streets. zoo, etc. payroll for employees, etc. Unfortunately, that is how all our communities survive. Don’t like paying them, but they do pay for communities needs such as public safety, schools, social programs, etc. Do you have a better alternative, please, tell!

Better alternative: You donate.

The Paso W.M. was a dubious debate when it occurred but it’s a done deal and everyone is doing

just fine. The Atascadero location is about a good a one as could be. Who are these people

who have campaigned against it for decades and what is their real motivation? Where does their

funding come from? Durned if I know.

I’ve shopped there. I knew it. It was a friend of mine.

NIMBY but my BY would not be appropriate. Just let it be, kiddies, if it were to go down it would

be no skin off your, uh, teeth.

I would like to see the president call out the national guard to bulldoze every big box store and burn the merchandise in the parking lot. The middle class has disappeared because we have lost all our manufacturing jobs to China and China is waging economic warfare against us. Our federal, state and local politicians are either too stupid or too corrupt to put a stop to this. We used to make cars, electronics, steel, futniture even garments but no more. Now kids with 4 and 5 years of college can’t find work. Those jobs were the reason this country had a strong economy and they are gone and the good times with them. We can’t all be doctors and lawyers or work for the government.

You have to go with what you have. Talk about the past does nothing but make you depressed. Now if you could actually do something positive do it. Why not get a good job working for Walmart? Get in on the ground floor. I plan on becoming the first singing welcoming person. I sing like a bird and you can always expect a smile out of me.

I was around in the old days and found them to be painful also. All the college in the world has not helped me much. But thank God I still carry a good tune. You probably think I’m silly but I don’t care. I will have a great job. I may even start dancing along with my beautiful singing. It’s going to be hard to not be a distraction but what the hell, when you have it flaunt it. Blessings to all. Come and join me at Walmart’s front doors.

So you like more government control and intervention? Has it occurred to you that maybe the government’s tax policies have possibly contributed to everything being made in China? Can you possibly concede to the fact that the government is the most guilty in the situation that poorly prepared people are unable to find even menial jobs?4 or 5 years of college, studying what, French Romantic Literature, Chicano Studies, or now, in the wake of Obama Care, Medicine?

Who said I like government control? But the gov.is to blame for doing away with trade tariffs and structuring tax laws to allow corporations to operate with no regard for the working class. Fat cats control the government and both parties. Walmart is just a symptom of corrupt government. Talk about convenience and tax revenue and bargains and feel good while being another stooge in line at Walmart

“I would like to see the president call out the national guard to bulldoze every big box store and burn the merchandise in the parking lot.” That isn’t government control, saying which type of stores can exist and which can’t? OK then…

Hyperbole here. If Uncle did what I suggest it would actually be a step in the right direction for the economy. The present “New World order” has the American worker competing with Coolie Labor.

not so fast; i just bought a Cabela’s camp shirt that was sewn in JORDAN

Right on, fat cats know average Jordanian makes $4500 year. Even more dirt eating miserable than Chinese. No more garments made here.

I wonder if the Atascadero Wal-Mart will out live the Los Osos sewer saga? I guess some would argue that in each case, the end product remains the same.

So the opposition does not like the fact that fewer miles will be driven to shop in Atascadero rather than driving the greater distance to Paso Robles? The big stores are not my favorite but they do provide access to goods, employment and a smaller replacement carbon footprint. This is what you get when families do not want to work seven days a week at their own business. As in the past, the vacated stores will have new immigrants, those who want to work and are grateful for the opportunity. AMERICA

We have waited long enough.


hooray! they’ve got great boxer shorts, cheap & thin, don’t know how they do it. be advised that they can be tricky about on-line advertised specials; they don’t put them out., they hide them behind the counter.


Don’t like WalMart? Then don’t shop there, pure and simple. I’ll decide for myself, thankyou

actually i do. it’s better than $15 a pair at Jos. A. Bank. and the advice of what is online vs. what hangs on the rack is my personal experience.

semper ubi sububi

spot on! my mom always told me to never be in accident without clean ones. Wal*Mart makes this affordable

semper ubi sub ubi