Rape bill seeks to remedy loophole

April 23, 2013

crime scene tapeA loophole in the state’s rape law would be plugged by a proposal from a Democratic legislator which passed the Senate Monday on a 37-0 vote. (Sacramento Bee)

The bill by Sen. Doreen Evans of Santa Rosa is similar to one introduced in the lower house by Assemblyman Katcho  Achadjian (R-San Luis Obispo). Achadjian’s bill last year failed to clear committee tests, and his more recent version still resides in the Assembly.

Current efforts are aimed at correcting “historical anomalies in the law” that notoriously caused a Southern California rape conviction to be reversed.

“Justice should not be conditioned on a person’s marital status or sexual orientation,” Evans said in introducing the bill on the floor.

Evans’ bill now heads for the Assembly, where it will require a two-thirds vote for approval.