Marijuana farmers’ market buds in Northern California

April 19, 2013

mariA farmers’ market for marijuana has sprouted in Northern California’s Sonoma County. [Modern Farmer]

The Organicann Harvest Market takes place every third Saturday of the month in a purple warehouse in unincorporated Sonoma County. The Organicann dispensary operates the farmers’ market and only allows its own patients to attend.

Marijuana farmers’ markets have previously appeared in Washington and Arizona.

Sarah Lawrence College public policy analyst Dominic Corva said sporadic marijuana farmers’ markets have appeared previously in California, but the Organicann market is the first to become a regularly held event.

“The passage of medical marijuana initiatives in combination with increasing public acceptance and careful coordination with local municipal authorities has led to an environment where cannabis, as an agricultural resource, is permitted to circulate the way other agricultural commodities are,” Corva said.

In 2010, California voters rejected a ballot measure that would have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Marijuana advocacy groups are currently working on constructing legalization measures that may appear on the ballot in 2014 or 2016.


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The Drug War

Sat 04-20

In the first half, John B. Wells will be joined by Judge Jim Gray for a discussion on how the United States has built large numbers of prisons, but they are overflowing with non-violent drug offenders, and how huge profits made from drug sales are corrupting people and institutions here and abroad.

In the latter half, author Doug Fine will talk about how the legal medicinal cannabis economy already generates $200 million annually in taxable proceeds from a mere two hundred thousand registered medical users in just fourteen states.

Yea!!!!!! Let’s put one down here. Not in SLO, too many drinkers abd violent people.