NORCAST equipment failure impacting local businesses

April 11, 2013

norcastPhone services downed because of an equipment failure at NORCAST Telecom Networks are slate to be corrected Thursday afternoon, a spokesperson said.

Early Wednesday morning, multiple businesses found that their phone services were intermittently breaking down. Many were not able to run credit cards, receive phone calls or send faxes.

Listeners of Dave Congalton’s talk show on KVEC were unable to call in or their calls were dropped which led the producer to call the final hour “the last dropped call.”

On its website, NORCAST says its engineers believe they have pinpointed the current issue down to a single piece of equipment and the failure of its redundancy system. Their CEO chartered a plane to Northern California to pick up the part and is en route to San Luis Obispo.


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This is ample evidence for local businesses as to why they should be using dual WAN border gateways with 1 copper based connection and 1 cable based connection.

If your business relies upon it’s telephones and internet connections, having redundant paths to the internet is absolutely critical. The few extra $$ each month for the second connection is a small price to pay for the insurance.

When you’ve always been provided perfect service, you don’t expect any issues. As a business owner and a customer I understand that issues really do arise, and yet I know they will be dealt in this instance with as quickly as possible. I’m still sticking with the local guys!!! I know they will provide the service, I know they provide the assistance, and I know they’ll deal with the problem.

Yeah, but it is the way they are dealing with the problem, and the kind of problem that they had.

What kind of system did they construct when the system AND the redundancy system both failed?

Local is best…unless the local fails to have a real redundancy system. Then that particular local sucks.

But as often said it not how you provide service when everything is working it is how you provide service when it fails, and as a customer of Norcast they failed big time with this issue. Not just because of the failure but how they informed and keep customers updated on the issue. I placed several calls to the company always asking for a call for update and information and never received a callback, the only time I got any info was when I called and actually got a person to talk to and the added problem was the person who I spoke with had little benefical information. So in my opinion they failed over and over and I have been told by management to begin looking for other options for our phone service.

Chartered a plane to go get the part? Ever hear of Next Day Air? I’m sure it’s much cheaper.

The way the article reads, sounds like a government response (rent an entire plane to go get something vs. shipping it).

I love how the issue is blamed on a “single piece of equipment” AND “failure of its redundancy system” oh, just this one little thing… and all of THIS…

Until now they’ve done fine!

You mean, until their system AND their redundancy system both failed?

That means they really, in practice, they really don’t have a redundancy system.

Call me “The Professor of the Bleeding Obvious,” but I don’t think NORCAST is such a good provider of such important services.

Just sayin’.

Better than AT&T – the crappiest network in existence.

Sure, there is coverage, but when the network is moving at 50 baud or less, does it really matter about coverage? Sure works great in the AT&T store, though… >.> (lousy repeater…mumble…mumble…)