Oceano postpones announcement on employee discipline

April 16, 2013
Tom Geaslen

Tom Geaslen

The Oceano Community Services District Board of Directors met in closed session Monday to discuss disciplining a public employee, but did not take any action and rescheduled its discussion on the matter for 4 p.m. Tuesday.

As with Monday’s meeting, the board is scheduled to discuss the discipline, dismissal or release of a public employee during its closed session Tuesday. The board did not disclose the name of the employee, but it only has the ability to fire its general manager, Tom Geaslen.

Geaslen paced around the OCSD building several times during Monday’s closed session, which lasted about two hours.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies are currently investigating allegations that Geaslen committed perjury when he claimed to be an IRS-approved enrolled agent on his Form 700 statement of economic interest. The IRS terminated Geaslen’s enrolled agent status in 2009, yet he has continued to submit bills to local governments that claim he is an enrolled agent.

OCSD directors have previously supported Geaslen amid issues such as failing to file required reports to the state on time and operating a corporation after the California Franchise Tax Board had suspended it.

One director is expected to participate in Tuesday’s board meeting remotely from a care facility.


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If you come on this site and summarily dismiss CCN or Karen Velie ever again?

I will automatically dismiss you.

Facts are facts.


It took an inordinate amount of time to finally shake Mr. Wallace.

What was so egregious to shake Mr. Geaslen in a matter of hours?!?

Good Grief, What’s all the racket about.

Oceano Board Members: FACT

Mary Lucey was incarcerated in prison (not jail, prison) for a few years for drugs, she has HIV and currently sells pot.

Lori Angello has been severely ill for sometime and often manifests acute bouts of jaundice (poor thing).

Karen White is about 80 and is currently in an aged care facility and is participating through teleconference.

Rick Searcy stepped down from the board a few years back for prostitution procurement but the board re-elected him and then he got a nasty DUI and rolled his truck.

Do you really think they’re going to let Geaslen go? Heck he’s healthy, has connections and hasn’t been to prison yet.

That’s a great slogan for OCSD:

“OCSD: None of our current board members have been to prison yet.”

Mary Lucey’s term isn’t up until 2016, so it will be a long time before they could actually use the new slogan.

Mary Lucey annoys me when I watch the OCSD she is loud , over talks people, and Ive personally given

her the name “misses big mouth”!!!!! Angello is always coughing, sniveling, kleenex in hand yuck!!!!!! stay home if your sick!

Question: can anyone tell me what those t shirts said that the audience wore one night to the meeting

supporting Tom Geaslin?

Is Guererro clean? meaning what’s his story?

If Geaslin is run out who would take his place?????

Agree with your assessment of Lucey and Angello.

The T-Shirts said, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Totally immature.

If they let Geaslen go, as they should, they should have a transparent process to replace him, of course that’s really hard for OCSD. The Geaslen hiring process was described a bit in the last opinion piece written by Lynn Hill. Sounds pretty shaky and actionable if one of the other candidates who competed for the job wanted to litigate, they probably could win their case. I heard they are being contacted to see if they will file a class action against the district for their unfair hiring and firing practices.

Don’t know much about Guerrero, just that he is the Chair at the San Dist., too.

He may have been healthy on the outside, but something sure is rotten on the inside.

I think what will hurt Paul Teixeira next term IS the realtionship he has with Tom and Debbie…..

Paul is a GREAT guy but I never agreed with his choice as an assistant –

“Paul is a GREAT guy?” Apparently you are one of the good ol’ boys or girls or just not informed. If you are just one of his constituents you wouldn’t be saying that. He chose his assistant based on the fact that Deb AND Tom were his campaign managers. They are ALL alike…NOT GREAT! Birds of a feather freak together!

Good Morning,

A few observations about this story (and yesterdays too.)

1. A copy of tonight’s posted OCSD agenda would be helpful to readers.

It is available at the OCSD website.

2. The first paragraph of the story says that the County Sheriff is investigating perjury charges against Mr. Geaslen regarding Form 700 statements.

Is this a fact, or a speculation? Without verification from the Sheriff that such an investigation is actually occurring, how may a reader validate the CCN comment as true?

3. Tonight’s posted agenda does not state the name(s) of individual(s) or organization(s) being discussed in closed session.

Under Gov. Code Section 54957, the OCSD BOD has the right to review ALL district employees; and organizations that provide essential services to the CSD (just as John Wallace and Associates, the CDF, etc.). While Mr. Gleaslen has not been named, CCN has speculated that Mr. Geaslen is the topic of discussion when in fact it could be others.

4. Tonight’s posted agenda does not include the reason for the meeting, yet CCN has speculated that the meeting is regarding the allegations of perjury by Mr. Geaslen when in fact it could be for a number of other reasons.

Let us assume that tonight’s meeting is exactly about what CCN speculates.

The CCN headline reads ‘Oceano discussing terminating employee’, when in fact the Section 54957 offers other actions that the OCSD BOD may take regarding Mr. Geaslen.

IMO, the headline factually should have read ‘Oceano to discuss employee performance’ as CCN does not know if ‘employee termination’ is actually being discussed at all.

Did you really read the agenda MrM? It says “Complaint of Charge against Public Employee/Discipline/Dismissal/Release Complaints or charges reviewed followed by Board deliberation.”

You and/I are welcome to call the Sheriff and get a case number. Are you suggesting Velie pulled his being an EA or not out of her back side? The Form 700 ‘s are also easily accessible at the County Clerks’ office or the OCSD office.

So, any of these “Discipline/Dismissal/Release” things can be acted upon, or nothing. Their choice.

You are obviously out of touch, Wallace and CDF do not work for OCSD. In fact they are currently without an engineer and the Five Cities Fire Authority has it’s own Board to answer too.

Are you splitting hairs on the definition of Dismissal and Release verses using the work “Terminate”.

If the agenda had read “Performance Review” if that was indeed what they were doing.

“3. Tonight’s posted agenda does not state the name(s) of individual(s) or organization(s) being discussed in closed session.

Under Gov. Code Section 54957, the OCSD BOD has the right to review ALL district employees;…


An OCSD BOD does not reprimand, supervise, or terminate employment of employee STAFF. Firing of regular employees (not managering) is done up the chain of command, from direct supervisor on up to GM. The BOD does make hiring, reprimanding, demoting and firing decisions about the GM.

There is a kind of “wall” between the employees (except for GM) and the BOD. This accomplishes a number of things, including:

1. Preventing individual board members from subverting employee staff time for their own use;

2. An employee getting one direction from one board member, another direction from another board member, and other directions from supervisors;

3. Provides liability protection for the BOD when an employee is wrongfully terminated.

Hi Cher..,

Yes, I read the agenda.

No, I am not suggesting that Ms. Velie is incorrect about Mr. Geaslen’s EA status.

How could I make such a suggestion as I have never expressed an opinion on that matter.

No, I am not ‘out of touch’; but I am touched that you care so much ;-).

I know that JWA and the CDF do not supply services to the OCSD…I just used them as examples of organizations that can be contracted to supply public services).

‘Splitting hairs’ over the ‘work’ “Terminate”?


We will just have to wait to see what tonight’s agenda reveals out of closed session; and whom it is about too.

MrM says: “No, I am not suggesting that Ms. Velie is incorrect”

Yes you are, but you are coaching your words to not seem as much of a troll.

“Is this a fact, or a speculation? Without verification from the Sheriff that such an investigation is actually occurring, how may a reader validate the CCN comment as true?”

Call the SO or shut up and wait for the results with the rest of us.

Look you did it again MrM says: “Let us assume that tonight’s meeting is exactly about what CCN speculates.”

For everyone replying to mrm: It doesn’t matter what you explain, he will find “questions and observations” as that is how trolling works.

Now that the sewer is a done deal, he got bored and is anonymous troll.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see recent phone records and see how many calls there have been between Mr Geaslen and Mr Teixeira?, of course even more interesting would be the actual conversations.

It would also be interesting to see what has been discussed by OCSD email between Gleasen, Teixeira and Mrs. Geaslen.

Public Record request can provide emails and phone call log records.

That’s our Danika–always efficient, always a problem solver! =)

Wouldn’t that be only for county phones or those paid for by the taxpayers but not for private phones?

Of course. Those would be the only ones I would be interested in.

P.S. Since Gleasen was reimbursed by OCSD for his cel phone use, those records would be part of the public record, as well.

I’m guessing your are assumming that Mr Geasen is not smart enough to have any damaging phone conversations on lines not paid for by the taxpayers.

Smart, experienced, whatever.

I don’t think Bruce Gibson is “not smart enough” to do most anything. AND he is experienced in government, too. However, he broke county regulations by using company resources to conduct his affair with his…whatever.

There some people for whom power goes to their head, and they begin to think that things they do that might cause other people problems will never cause themselves problems.

I think this happened with Gibson, and may have happened with Geaslen, as well. What GM in their right mind would make a public comment to the effect that he is where he is now because of his links to powerful people? What kind of leader would emphasize his own inability to get where he is by his own hard work and merits? and would admit he needed the help of cronies who have more power than the leader has?

I can hear it now.

Paul: Hey there old friend, former campaign manager, husband of my Leg Aid, what in the world is going on down there in Oceano?

Tom: Ah man, it’s nothing. I got it handled. You know, same ‘ol thing. “Slings and Arrows of Tacker/Edwards.”

Paul: But you’re an EA right?

Tom: Sure I am, its another EA named Tom Geaslen who lives in Nipomo CA that got his license terminated, not me. It’s just that Tacker/Edwards keep making phone calls to verify what I say. But, hey, look at all we’ve done here. We’ve closed the books. We’ve got our audits. We’re a model utility.

Paul: So cool Tom. How much money do I need to pony up for your Farmers’ Market?

Tom: Just as soon as we find some farmers, I’ll let you know. Hey wait, you know farmer’s, right? Can you hook me up? Tacker/Edwards have turned them all off from doing business in Oceano. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Paul: So Titan Lending is back in business?

Tom: Sure, it was another Tom Geaslen who lives in Nipomo who got suspended by the State, I’m in good standing.

Paul: Let’s get some surf and turf.

Tom: Sure, I’ll buy. No wait, I’ll cook it because I’m a cheapskate.

Paul: Sounds good.

Tom: Let me do your taxes for you.

Paul: Ut um, Nah, I’m good. Thanks anyway.