Oceano’s general manager terminated for cause

April 17, 2013
Tom Geaslen

Tom Geaslen

The Oceano Community Services District Board voted Tuesday afternoon to terminate its general manager for cause.

In closed session, the board voted 4-1 to terminate Geaslen’s employment, with board member Karen White dissenting from her room at a local care facility.

As part of a settlement agreement, former General Manager Tom Geaslen must pay the district back $36,962 by April 24. The board and Geaslen also agreed to not discuss the nature of the dispute or make disparaging comments about the other party.

Geaslen first started working for the district in June 2011, a month after his predecessor Raffaele Montemurro was terminated without cause. Geaslen’s base salary was set at $126,000 a year.

His termination comes amid a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department investigation into allegations that Geaslen committed perjury when he claimed he was an IRS-approved enrolled agent on his Form 700 statement of economic interest, which was signed under the penalty of perjury.

In the past, the OCSD Board of Directors has been supportive Geaslen amid issues such as failing to file required reports to the state on time, and operating a corporation after it had been suspended by the California Franchise Tax Board. The IRS terminated Geaslen’s enrolled agent status in 2009.

In addition, Geaslen’s consulting invoices with the district, in which he lists himself as an EA, are for several thousand dollars more than what is listed on his 1099’s for 2011 and 2012.

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what is the latest? Has the D A got ton involved yet? Is the investigation including his wife and SUPE Texieria’s campaign finances?

I think it is relevant to this story that there are so many non-Oceano residents/outside agitators who are apparently trying to elevate conflict in Oceano in order to advance their own selfish interests that some consider to be at odds with the best interests of the Oceano community as a whole. We see and hear them at local community meetings and read their comments in these forums.

In fact I don’t know of ANY other community service district in SLO County that routinely has so many non-residents commenting at their community meetings. In fact, I would say it is unprecedented. Why is this? This alone is worth covering in a news story.

The CCN moderator has politely asked that those who comment here don’t focus our discussion on the individual who post on this forum, so I will not name names. But I do think these are legitimate points to consider when evaluating Oceano situations covered by CalCoastNews.

Maybe those who live in Oceano are too close to the forest to see the trees. Geaslen is obviously bad news for the district. Outsiders saw this, shined the light so the “Indoctrinated” board could see through the fast talking con-artist’s lies.

WiserGuy, are you blaming outsiders for Geaslen’s bad deeds?

Do you really watch government meetings close enough to know who lives where when they participate/ I’m sure you realize the Brown Act doesn’t require anyone to state their place of residence. Residency is irrelevant to the issues.

Just like OCSD Board President Matthew Guerrero, I support the termination of Mr. Geaslen and I am certainly NOT blaming outsiders for Geaslen’s “deeds”.

And it was certainly not only non-Oceano residents who were critical of Geaslen.

But I am curious to hear YOUR thoughts on why so many non-Oceano residents are so eager and vocal about trying to determine how Oceano is governed. I think that is a legitimate question.

With all due respect, although I don’t deny the right of outsiders to participate in OCSD meetings, I most certainly disagree with you when you claim that “Residency is irrelevant to the issues.” I think most residents of Oceano would agree that it is Oceano residents who should have the greatest say in the management and future of their community. To claim otherwise is a huge insult to Oceano residents.

I don’t wish to make this personal, Cherie, but I am curious and do think it is relevant as to whether you are a resident of Oceano. Because, as I’ve pointed out, the number of non-residents trying to influence the management of Oceano’s community service district is a highly curious phenomena and seems to be unprecedented among community service districts in SLO County. Is that a question you are willing to answer (truthfully)?

“I think most residents of Oceano would agree that it is Oceano residents who should have the greatest say in the management and future of their community. To claim otherwise is a huge insult to Oceano residents.”

No insults intended.

But the real question is, “Where are the Oceano residents?” They do not participate, and when they do they do so as a cheer-leading section. Like lemmings, they followed this guy off a cliff. He was bad news from the start. If they don’t care for outside input, then they don’t have to take it to heart, but they do have to listen to it. If they really gave a damn, they would be at the meetings, speaking, writing, something…the silence is deafening. In the meantime the Board spends your money like its water.

Wearing T-shirts in support of Gealsen’s “Mad as Hell” rant, was very unprofessional. But, handing in letters of support when thewriting was on the wall, was just stupid.

You keep beating the drum of demonification of public activists who work to out corruption in government offices, and it seems to be centered on OCSD.

It really doesn’t matter whether commentators or residents or not. When there is corruption in one community, it has a bad impact on surrounding communities. This is because resources that should be used for serving the community are, instead, used to enrich the government officials. This leads to the degradation of the community, and that degradation soon spreads to other communities.

Corruption is an expensive drain on government resources. The sooner it is addressed, the better, because corruption only breeds more corruption, and it sucks the monetary lifeblood of the taxpayers.

I can’t think of any reason for a poster to attempt to do what the OCSD BOD and its GM did…attempting to demonify Tacker and Edwards, except that they knew there was corruption and didn’t want it addressed, or were part of the corruption itself, and wanted to avoid investigation and criminal prosecution.

I believe the OCSD BOD has no choice now but to do their jobs and run regular audits as part of the oversight of their new GM. They will almost certainly vet the next GM a little better than “His wife is the assistant to a county supervisor,” and perhaps they will even VERIFY THE CLAIMS of the next GM candidates, and not just accept the word of any dimestore huckster who wanders in for an interview.

Tacker and Edwards saved the OCSD ratepayers from worsening corruption, and even more degradation of their community.

AND I still say that OCSD needs to make Geaslen pay for the attorneys’ costs for this mess of his own making. The OCSD ratepayers should not have to pay for it. They have already paid for a BOD which was supposed to adequately vet their GM candidates before contracting. The rate-payers shouldn’t have to also pay the attorneys when the OCSD did NOT do their job.

How many CSDs are you familiar with?

We think Supervisor Texieria and EX GM Geaslen are not only desperate and greedy, but not so smart. This has now been proven by Geaslen. Just waiting for the Supervisor to show his true colors. Both these men and their wives were stone broke before they landed these high paying government positions. Mrs. Geaslen should be the next one to look at her expense receipts? and Supervisor Texi

I hope for his sake his house doesn’t go back into foreclosure –

OCSD Board of Directors, July 11, 2012

Audio here: http://www.slo-span.org/media.php?slo=3#OCSD

Report of OCSD Operations

GENERAL MANAGER TOM GEASLEN: OK um, today is July 11th and on or about this time I, uh aside from when I first said I would do this on June 24th of 2011, uh we held our first board meeting and I’d kinda like to remind everybody um how this all came about.

Um, I grew up in Nipomo, I knew of Oceano, I played in the dunes I’ve done everything that was there.

If you remember, um when I ran Supervisor Teixeira’s campaign, along with a committee and we spent time in Oceano and during that time in Oceano uh we were uh approached during the campaign and you were notifying us that there was some problems here and that there was a whole bunch of questionable activities going on in the district itself. And uh both Paul and I said we can’t help you now because were in the middle of the campaign, but once the campaign settles down, you know contact us, and we’ll see what we can do. Right. So we won, Paul won, and he became our Supervisor. And your Directors came to him and said “we need help, this thing isn’t working, we’re not getting any answers” and Paul said “OK, I will talk to a few people,” and so he came to me and said “Hey, do you have time? Oceano is in trouble. You know, we, really want to prop them up,” So I came in on at the bequest of your Directors and on a couple of Saturdays and I analyzed what I could at the time. And then I presented a plan, which hangs on my office wall, which you guys all got. And you brought me in, along with I believe 6 other people, and you interviewed ‘em all and at the end of the meeting you selected me. Based on my past business knowledge, you got a list of fairly, I think an impressive resume list and they all basically said, “Yeah he can do this and do it quite well.” And I jumped in and I started executing that plan.

Some people say that it was a political favor, it wasn’t a political favor as a matter of fact after what I’ve spent here in a year, it’s probably some punishment for some past act I did that I can’t remember. But somebody’s making it happen. Um, during that time in that first meeting I tried to give you where we were financially. Um I discovered that at that time everybody was hot about the Tyler system but the bigger problem was the AS400 and I identified that you hadn’t books closed in three years and I identified that previous boards, with Mary Lucey abstaining, had passed budgets that didn’t have numbers in them and we basically said we‘re not going to worry about the past, we’re gonna go forward. And I started executing that plan and the first thing I did was I got the finances taken care of. I got the water bills paid, which you were getting letters from everybody else.

I made a management decision that I wasn’t gonna let, I was gonna work with the employees that were here and I discussed that with the Board because I felt that the previous management team um had oppressed them and they weren’t allowed to do their jobs and we took uh job descriptions and came forward. And I had one-on-one’s with every employee and basically said we’re gonna turn this around, “we”, and this is the chance for you to write your legacy because the other management’s not here. You know how to do your job better than everybody else, we’re gonna improve customer service, we’re gonna get our hands around the financials, we’re gonna get our operation so it becomes a model utility and that was the goal from day one. And the majority of the employees accepted that. And we jumped in with both feet and not being able to touch bottom and kept knocking things off.

And I sat through several Board meetings where I gave you a list of the accomplishments that we did, and I was gonna give you a list tonight, but I’m not, because that’s over and we need to go forward but, I believe the community of Oceano knows what we’re doing because when I’m grocery shopping, or whatever, I will get people walking up to me and say “keep doing what you’re doing, don’t let you ‘em beat you down. Just keep going.” So, but I will tell you, we did get two of the three audits done, we did get a budget and we worked to it and we came in the black. I did save the FEMA money, with the help of staff, that is bringing us money back so we can do capital improvements.

We rewrote the Policies and Procedures Manual. All that stuff was very concentrated strong work effort and most of you know that I start here before 7:30, I’m usually the last one out the door, except for Tuesdays.

Um, tonight we’re gonna go probably to 11 o’clock at night. I attend other meetings, on behalf of the district. I go and I fight for this district and I fight for the people of Oceano. And in a perfect world it would be a wonderful year, but unfortunately I’ve had to suffer the slings and arrows of people. That I’m still questioning “Why?” because it would be one thing if I was just going through enrichment and padding my pocket, and playing golf every day and going to every meeting that served a lunch. That’s not in the best interest of the district. And it has caused a considerable amount of strain on me and the staff and it’s caused a considerable amount of strain on you guys too, because you see me getting distracted or beat down or whatever. But I promise you I’m going to continue. And I’m gonna continue because I care about the people in Oceano. I care about this Board and I don’t want our hard work to ever be destroyed.

I’ve gone out when I see wrongs, like the Air Pollution Control District and the fugitive dust rule. I’ve gone out and spoken. I’ve seen wrongs about the over the road fees, where the money wasn’t distributed for 4 years and gave the county the opportunity to step to the table and get that corrected and I’ve been working on that with Chief Aranes. I’ve worked very hard for the JPA to find other revenue sources for ‘em by get’n a, using all the scraps that we can to get our hands on and building them and adequate training center which they can get revenue, to get other revenue.

And I’m looking and working with the citizens of Oceano and this Board to get other revenue sources for Oceano as well. Some of them we’ve talked about some of them are on the back burner because Rome wasn’t built in a day and we need the time to make the connections that we need.

This past month we’ve all had to deal with some very unsavory things that I never dreamed I would have to dream, because, or dream that I’d have to deal with, but I acted quickly, I acted efficiently and in conjunction with our counsel I put the district out of harm’s way on these issues. We hired, not we, but Counsel hired a retired FBI agent with 30 years, of which the night that we had the Eagle Scout presentation, that young man’s father is an FBI agent and I ran it by him who we had and he said “Tom he’s one of the best in the business.” And to put it in perspective, you all remember the Yosemite killings where the mother and daughter were on vacation and they got taken from this earth and this was the guy that got Cary Stayner to confess to those crimes when the law enforcement had arrested somebody else. And he’s worked on significant high profile cases and we didn’t just interview the employees we interviewed every board member as well. And I’m not at liberty to talk about the interviews and the formal report has not come out but I will tell you we did everything we possibly could to protect everybody that was involved and there are things that have come out that I just shake my head and go …


GENERAL MANAGER GEASLEN: “Yeah, really.” So we issued a press release. And I want to read that to you tonight because all the media agencies just has picked it up, but nobody took it in its entirety but that’s their job they gotta get two sides.

But I want it read for the record and I’m going to read it as follows.

For Immediate Release: Oceano.

A terminated Oceano Community Services District Employee claims that he was forced to watch pornographic material while at work and has launched an immediate investigation according to the report from the district. Stephen A. Langstaff, 52, of Oceano received a dismissal notice on December 13, for 2011; on June 7, 2012 he filed a formal harassment and wrongful termination claim against the district, General Manager Tom Geaslen and Field Utility Supervisor Dan Silveira. So he filed it against the district, myself, and his immediate supervisor.

The claim alleges in part that during working hours Silveira would call Mr. Langstaff and other male employees over to his desk to review pornography he was displaying on his computer at the district water yard. The claim also charges Silveira continued after Langstaff objected and also made sexually related comments to the Girl Scouts. Now that has not been proven but it’s alleged in the claim. Unaware of pornographic allegations until the receipt of the claim Geaslen said he immediately secured the computers believed to be involved and conducted an initial investigation of all employees to determine if sexual harassment allegations were true. Geaslen also retained a professional investigator to conduct a full investigation. So in this press release here, the, I did grab the computers but I immediately turned them over to district counsel and it was district counsel that got the uh investigator to uh come on board and look at it. But our District Counsel, prior to that did review everybody on the situation and got their side. And when we found out that there was actually traction to the claim we immediately responded. Geaslen placed Silveira on paid administrative leave on June 8, 2012 pending the final outcome of the investigation. The Langstaff claim alleges that Geaslen is responsible for preventing all sexual hostile workplace and even under the circumstances that there are no female employees, female employees of the district work in the main office, not the water yard. Langstaff claim alleges wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment based on disability and age, violation of due process for tenured employees, violation of California labor law and intention to inflict emotional distress. He is represented by David L. Hagen of Grover Beach. Langstaff is seeking lost present and future wages, medical costs from the loss of insurance, general damages, attorney fees and costs. We also immediately engaged our insurance agency, which we’re supposed to do we have a $5,000 deductible and we’re guaranteed coverage up to $5M on these cases. And that protects me, protects the Board, protects the employees that are here. I don’t know any other way that we could have handled it without being any more expedition or any more care or concern for the district to prevent them from suffering any financial harm. This did happen on a previous watch and it happened on my watch. I had no clue that this was going on and I was completely caught, as a matter of fact, when we got the claim I immediately read it to District Counsel and Matt Guerrero because of his abilities as an attorney and when we first read it we thought it was just saber rattling by the uh, in the claim, because that’s the hot ticket now, um but then, immediately that morning I sat down two individuals down individually got them to confirm and that’s when we sprung into action. I don’t know how I could have done it any quicker. The, I can tell you that Mr. Silveira resigned and the Langstaff case is going forward and it’s being handled by the insurance company. We have not got the report back on the scans of the computers. Somebody went to the Board of Director’s yesterday; I mean the Board of Supervisors, and demanded I be investigated. Um, I don’t know what else I could have done. I don’t know what else we could have done to protect the district. The Personnel Committee representatives were notified, legal counsel was notified, law enforcement was notified, I don’t know what else, what else, we could have done. But I can guarantee you that it won’t happen again on my watch and I am constantly working a vigil to clean this up.

We also, last Friday had every OCSD employee attended a sexual harassment seminar which was put on by San Luis Obispo County Probation Officer, Gary Jerolman he presented a 2 hour 72 page slide um sexual harassment deal, and the funny thing was, that after the staff attended it, they came forward and wanted to know what it would take to file sexual, to file a harassment suit about certain individuals that come into the district and cause them grief. Which we will have that discussion with legal counsel when we get back. So that’s where we are with that, you, the, uh, water report went out as we talked…

VICE PRESIDENT MARY LUCEY: Tom can I just add two things to your report on that.


VICE PRESIDENT MARY LUCEY: One is that I want people to know that the investigator that was hired, he interviewed you the same as he would any of the Board of Directors or any other staff.


VICE PRESIDENT MARY LUCEY: You too were investigated and, and, uh and interviewed.


VICE PRESIDENT MARY LUCEY: That needs to be put out there. Every HR document I’ve ever read and I’ve gone back and read, we did it by the book, protocol right. And in fact we moved much faster than others were able and also too is that this has been going on, this has been going on through 6 GM’s so, it wasn’t like this behavior started when you started, right. Before computers, they were using VHS’s in here. You know so this is systemic behavior throughout the system and now it’s ending, that’s the difference. Is that Oceano is notorious, small cities; towns are notorious for this behavior right? And now it’s ending in Oceano so I want to applaud you for weeding it out and eliminating that kind of behavior quickly, you know, I think that was um, I can’t think of any other way that you, nobody could have moved faster. I mean from the time the mail came in, the letter was read, the equipment was confiscated, you know, and the investigator was brought on, was faster than anybody could, you know, bat an eye at, you know. So when I heard who’s you know investigating Mr. Geaslen yesterday on TV, which was totally inappropriate that it was even being heard in that arena right? Well I want to say is that the investigator investigated you, you know, along with everybody else. So you know, I was just disgusted.

GENERAL MANAGER TOM GEASLEN: Back to the, these are bullets, the water report is done…

Very revealing!

MR GEASLEN and his wife (PAUL T’s AIDE) should be investigated and he probably should be charged ffor fraud and embezzlement. MISUSE of PUBLIC FUNDS cannot be paid back… It must be investigated.

LET’S GO A LITTLE further now… Since Supervisor TEXIERIA had absolutely no Monet before he ran and won, and MR and MRS GEASLEN got him ELECTED! One wonders how much lying did they do on SUPE TEX. election papers. PAUL T had to get those jobs for the GEASLENS.

These three people were desperate when PAUL T won his $90,000 job .

PLEASE do not think this is over.

The next headline will read Gleason files for wrongful termination and defamation of character.

Of course, anything can happen, but I think it is not very likely because:

1. One of the conditions of the agreement is that neither side speak badly about the other. If Geaslen files a lawsuit, then the original agreement is over.

2. Since the last GM was let go on a “terminated without cause” and a nice, fat payout, I think what Geaslen did must have been pretty danged bad for the OCSD to suck it up and terminate him without cause.

3. A Geaslen lawsuit would open up himself to the discovery process. This could cause considerable damage to Gleasen’s wife (Texieria’s aid) and Supervisor Texieria himself.

4. I think the absolute silence from Mrs. Gleasen and Supervisor Texieria over the termination with cause says a lot about their relationship with Gleasen. It appears they are going to leave him twisting in the wind, while they are busily constructing a bunker from which they can defend themselves.

Mary, with all due respect, and I ask this seriously, if you’re so wise and act like you know all the answers and can’t stand the leaders in Oceano, why don’t YOU join the Board where you can spout off where it might possibly do some good if your ideas are really as fine as you think they are?

Wouldn’t that be more productive than standing on the sidelines and hurling insults while not even knowing all the relevant details? Really, why don’t you try stepping up and find out definitively if your ideas and attitude can produce anything productive under real world conditions, beyond your seat behind your keyboard? You might teach others something valuable or you might learns some things about yourself and the world.

WiserGuy, with all due respect, why don’t YOU stick to discussing the topic of this discussion and, if you disagree with them, my opinions?

Your ad hominem attacks are getting old. Defend OCSD if you can. You should be very busy in the future, because this will not be the first problem OCSD BOD will have to deal with because of their lack of oversight of the GM THEY were supposed to vet and, without proper vetting, THEY hired.

WiserGuy –

I will respond to your completely relevant question, since Mary Malone only went back to her typical MO…When confronted, pull the Ad Hominem card.

I’ll tell you why Mary doesn’t run for the Board:

1. “She” doesn’t even LIVE in Oceano;

2. Even if “she” did live here, she wouldn’t run for the Board, since it’s much easier to stand on the side of the ditch and point fingers regarding the way the digging is going, rather than grab a shovel and HELP!; and

3. Even if “she” ran for the Board, she would never win…The people of Oceano do not agree with what these people, under the guise of “public interest” are doing to our town. They have ulterior motives, and it’s got nothing to do with making Oceano a better place.

It appears that Geaslen did something wrong (not sure the extent of it) and for that he should be removed. However, this should in no way be construed that Velie, Tacker, Edwards, et. al. are doing anything to help Oceano and the removal of Geaslen, while providing a pelt for their collective walls, will not help Oceano either.

I guaranteed you, unless it’s one of their cabal, they will not rest until the next GM is bounced too. The more they gum up the works, the more they are inspired by their own relevance. One thing Geaslen did that I agree with is to attempt to get the people of Oceano to stand up to these outsiders, interlopers, carpetbaggers who do not give a tinker’s dam about our town.

I urge all who read this and agree with me to STAND UP against them!

Way to go. You used an ad hominem attack on me to launch your own ad hominem.


Your attempts to pull the attack mode against those who criticize OCSD’s BOD for its lack of oversight and vetting of the GM it hired sounds very much like…why, like OCSD BOD and Geaslen’s attacks on Tacker and Edwards, calling them “detractors” when, in fact, it was T&E who were absolutely correct and OCSD’s BOD, Geaslen and their simpering sycophants who were proven to be WRONG.

OCSD’s BOD, Geaslen and their sycophants, such as you, owe T&E an apology.

Indeed, you should be on your knees thanking those who did the OCSD’s work for them. How many more illegal activities would Geaslen been allowed by OCSD’s blind BOD to pull, and how much more of OCSD’s funds would Geaslen have been allowed to “misappropriate” from OCSD?

And what do you think providing the oversight for OCSD’s GM–which its own BOD could not, or would not, provide–is? It is doing their work for them. THAT is political activism, and it is not easy work.

Everyone, less about each other.

More about the article at hand.

! ? moderator@calcoastnews.com

Thank you Veritas for your enlightening comments that seem firmly aimed at supporting the best interests of the Oceano community.

To allow corruption to go unchecked, to allow open-meeting regulations to be used as toilet paper so that the public is purposely kept uninformed about what is really going on at OCSD…that is NEVER in the best interests of any community.

The OCSD community does not exist in a vacuum. The impact of corruption is that public services go undone and/or rate-payers have to pay more for their services. Especially, when public services go undone, it can impact the environment at large, including corrupting the groundwater basin.

I’ve seen Jeff Edwards working in Oceano. One such case was clean up day…heavy, dirty, lifting, to benefit others along side Guerrero.

The arrival OCSD Board President Matthew Guerrero is the best thing that has happened to the OCSD in decades. He is worthy of the support of the community.

Some people don’t seem to appreciate all the time, effort and stress it takes to be an effective OCSD board member.

Over the years in SLO County many public employees have been terminated, but rarely has one been compelled to PAY BACK money to the taxpayers. More often weak or unethical politicians authorize huge payouts to terminated top-level employees as part of their termination.

I have to assume Mr. Guerreros experience as an attorney is a great asset to Oceano and is already paying dividends.

That’s a heck of a leap. What’s Guerrero got to do with getting any money back? There were two other “hired” attorneys in that board meeting, not just Guerrero. Perhaps Guerrero is part of the problem – didn’t he go along with the suspicious hire, the outlandish salaries, and with trying to silence the public by limiting public comment to one minute? No one on that board has been doing the job of “serving the public” properly for years, perhaps decades – it’s all been one personal agenda after another, one attempt to cover-up incompetence and bad decisions after another. The ignorance and apathy of the residents is why the residents of Oceano keep getting screwed as they’re the ones paying for all these people’s nonsense over the years – they’re easy prey for those arrogant enough to think public coffers are for themselves. It took an outsider to bring much to light. Shame on the residents of Oceano – and the OCSD Board that’s supposed to be DIRECTING what goes on. I hear Director Lucey told one Oceano resident, when approached with concerns about Geaslen, that he was doing great, not to worry, blah, blah, blah, pretending that her decision to hire the fraud was somehow a great idea and everyone should be happy and not question anything. So you see, even self-acclaimed “community activists” like Lucey can have corruptible egos that will deny, deny, deny the obvious, and treat those that question her decisions/actions as if they’re idiots, when in reality, it’s her own arrogant ego that’s made her the idiot for refusing to look at the facts presented, nor answer the hard questions asked – that neither she nor Guerrero has the brains to ask, nor did they want to answer …. until an outsider FORCED THE TRUTH TO COME FORWARD VIA OTHER AGENCIES that won’t look the other way. Thank you, Tacker, for not listening to the arrogant, idiotic board that wanted you to shut up.

QUOTING WILLOW: “The ignorance and apathy of the residents is why the residents of Oceano keep getting screwed as they’re the ones paying for all these people’s nonsense over the years – they’re easy prey for those arrogant enough to think public coffers are for themselves.”

Exactly the same thing happened in the City of Bell….until a few activists started speaking out, and that ultimately brought the City of Bell to the LATimes’ attention. From there, it was only a matter of time before the State simply HAD to step in.

There are none more despicable than those who take advantage of people who, for whatever reason, cannot protect themselves. We see it in CAPSLO, et al., and we see it in Oceano.

While it is great that the OCSD BOD is demanding $36,000 as part of the termination deal, who is going to pay for the $$$ for the legal fees involved in getting rid of Geaslen? It will be the Oceano rate-payers, that is who.

The OCSD BOD needs to start serving the people of Oceano. They must also recover from Geaslen the legal costs of getting rid of him. Otherwise, the BOD is still first serving Geaslen, and the rate-payers of Oceano are getting shafted.

Willow, consider reading my reply to Mary above. It might as well apply to you as well. I’m curious about how you might answer this legitimate question.

WiserGuy, consider reading my response to you.

Defend OCSD and its BOD if you can. If you can’t, it is not acceptable for you to resort to ad hominem attacks against the poster whose opinion you are too weak to debate.

Mr. Guerrero’s experience as an attorney did zip to protect OCSD rate-payers from fleecing by Gleasen and others, did it?

Mr. Guerrero is a very well-spoken man. However, in his duty has the president of the OCSD BOD, he failed in oversight of the GM he, and the rest of the board, agreed to hire.

It was the oversight of two activists, Tacker and Edwards, that led to the fraud against OCSD and the IRS by GM Geaslen to end. If it wasn’t for Tacker and Edwards, it is very likely Geaslen would have gone on to defraud OCSD rate payers from even more money.

The BOD, first and foremost, is supposed to provide oversight for the GM, and, in doing so, protect the best interests of the people who they are supposed to be serving.

Why didn’t the BOD check the EA status of Geaslen? Why didn’t the BOD discover the discrepancy between what Geaslen submitted to the OCSD as invoices and what Geaslen submitted to the IRS as earnings?

Karen Velie is on KVEC right now, only from 3 to 3:30. She’s talked about Geaslen. She’s now talking about CAPSLO, Family Ties, etc.

It seems Karen is going to be on the air for another 30 minutes.