Predator Karsai at home in Santa Barbara County

April 16, 2013
Tibor Karsai

Tibor Karsai

A sexually violent predator has been released from a state hospital and will live in northern Santa Barbara County. (Santa Maria Times)

Tibor Karsai, 60, had been incarcerated at Coalinga State Hospital and now will live in a motor home in several isolated locations, tethered to authorities by a GPS monitoring device he will wear.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s officials said he would be monitored 24 hours a day by private guards.

Karsai was convicted of two separate rapes, one in 1975, another in 1980 he committed after being paroled for the earlier offense. The more recent attack earned him a 26-year sentence.

Despite lengthy efforts by Santa Barbara County officials to sidetrack the release, the California Supreme Court determined Karsai’s eventual domicile.

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He should have been neutered before ever being released.