This package would have been a blast

April 23, 2013

potThere was no smoking gun in a “suspicious” package received by a Nipomo business Monday, and the subsequently suspected bomb  turned out to be weed.

Employees of the T. Simons Company noted the package contained the company’s return address but had not been sent by any of them, and contacted sheriff’s deputies.

The bomb squad responded, the employees were evacuated, and a robot was deployed to study the package up close. It was determined the package contained no bomb components.

When it was finally opened, investigators discovered a small amount of marijuana — less than a quarter ounce — and confiscated the contraband. It will be destroyed, officials said.

The incident required four hours of deputies’ time.

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T. Simons is a respected contractor and unfortunately all kinds of kooks these days take matters into their own hands when they feel they’ve been slighted. The package turned out to be nothing. Had it been a bomb, there would be kudos to the employees who called law enforcement and to all involved in preventing an explosion. T. Simons did the right thing. So what if it took four hours of police time, they were on the clock anyway. Isn’t this what we pay police for?

Since 1995 there have been 4 deaths, and 21 injuries from “letter” bombs. To put that into perspective… in the same time period there have been over 540,000 people killed in automobile accidents. 8,244 people have died from liver failure as a result of acetominophen. So, no, I don’t feel that this is what we’re paying police for, or at least not what we should be paying them for. You’re saying they were on the clock anyway… are you sure that none of them went into overtime? What about the much greater possibility of an accident occurring at the same time because of reduced police presence on the streets? How much do you think that that robot cost to purchase and operate?

And there is another point here about details. The police claim the package was a standards USPS box of dimensions 4″x8″. There are no USPS boxes sold in those dimensions. Now, I realize it’s obvious they were probably just approximating but if you spend ALL that money and go through all that trouble of following specific protocols and using expensive technology…. don’t you think it’s just good sense that they would be able to answer such simple questions with the correct and exact detail without hesitation?

Ok all of that aside… even if I thought the situation warranted actually calling the police (which I probably wouldn’t given that the contents of the package was .25 ounces), given the low probability of it being an explosive and the fact that it was already casually handled by the post office, why can’t they just run the damn package through an X-Ray machine and call it a night?

If we continue to use this kind of sensational, paranoid logic, (which is often fueled by people who have a vested interest in things like.. more funding), in order to allot limited resources, we are not going to do a very good job accomplishing the real goal which is to save lives.

No!!, Where is the Bong?

A lot of buzz about this story. It’s the bomb! The mail delivery guy probably said “high,” not “hi.”