San Luis Obispo laundry thief arrested

April 6, 2013
Autumn Ferguson

Autumn Ferguson

San Luis Obispo police arrested a woman they say stole laundry from at least 11 other people at the Madonna Road Apartments. [KCOY]

After the shirts, socks, pants and underclothing were cleaned and dried, Autumn Ferguson, 40, allegedly absconded with her neighbor’s laundry.

One of her neighbors confronted Ferguson after she caught her attempting to steal some clothes, and Ferguson allegedly assaulted her. When police arrived at Ferguson’s apartment they found multiple baskets of stolen laundry.

“Autumn had a warrant for her arrest, they arrested her for the warrant and during a search of her apartment they found at least 17 baskets and bags filled with laundry,” said Lieutenant John Bledsoe to KCOY.

Police arrested Ferguson for multiple burglary charges, battery, receiving stolen property and theft of personal property. She is being held in the San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $225,000.


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It’s good to see the clothing industry come back to this country. Stolen in USA, instead of stolen from USA may be her defense. I like the Cathrine Bates look.

Savages, can’t you see this woman’s sacrifice? She’s on the forefront of the imposed recycling effort. Driven by her desire to “save the planet” she’s insuring these garments are properly utilized by more than one person. It’s a “collective” effort that benefits the entire community. The redistribution of wealth is at the leading edge of the Obama mandate, and she’s just doing her part for the betterment of all. I’m disappointed how many fail to see her commitment. Her organization, Fluff and Flee, is anticipating recognition from AOCO, the association of community organizers.

She must have friends with Cuddy, didn’t want to see any dirty laundry only clean.

Stealing laundry? What, was she “three sheets to the wind” or something? Maybe she’ll end up taking it in the shorts …. perhaps she was trying to sock away for the future …

And how about that bail amount; $225,000. Good thing she wasn’t selling drugs as an undercover officer.

Growing up we didn’t have a washer/dryer for a few years and once our family’s week worth of laundry got stolen from a laundromat. It was truly a financial burden for my folks to replace our school clothes, their work outfits, etc.

This thief had 17 baskets full of other’s clothes; that adds up to a lot of $$. I despise thieves.

When I was a newly-wed I did our laundry at a laundromat.. Someone stole all my husband’s workshirts. It was a costly loss and I felt like an idiot.

Maybe she was selling these clothes at the swap meet ? If so, not only is she trafficking in stolen goods but she is also violating the rules of public housing for income purposes if she doesn’t declare this income. If convicted, will she be evicted? O wait, then she’ll be homeless and we can build a $9 million homeless shelter for her ilk!

If you are going to be a lowlife this is the happiest place on earth to be one!

Great attempt at humor! Glad they socked it to her.

You beat me to the Cory Pierce bail comparison! Good job!