Thanks from Hopes Village of San Luis Obispo

April 1, 2013


While we move forward in developing Hope’s Village of SLO, a sustainable community for local un-housed adults, we’d like to extend our thanks to those who are helping us realize our dream.

RV’s for Veterans project donated four motorhomes and two travel trailers for the homeless; the Salvation Army has welcomed us into their sanctuary for our meetings over the past year; San Luis Auto Parts contributes parts to our homeless veterans; J. Carroll donated over 100 shirts; Oak Country Lumber and Quaglino Roofing provided building materials for our first cabin; Warnes Paints and Kelly Moore contributed paint; to my son Ryan, who worked so hard tearing the travel trailer off the chassis that will be the foundation of our very first cabin; to Saint Benedict’s Church (and three anonymous donors) have generously contributed to our start-up fund; a South County family gave us a piano for our common house; SLO Blues Society provide complimentary tickets to people who are un-housed; Idler’s in Paso Robles gave a previously homeless veteran a new bed; our three attorneys give freely of their time.

We also thank the SLO Board of Supervisors — all of whom have met with us — for their diligence in working to solve SLO’s housing crisis, and for their support of our village concept; to the Homeless Services Oversight Council for their support; to Sheriff Parkinson for supporting us from the very beginning and working with us to ensure our villagers come to us with no outstanding issues.

And to Common Ground Worldwide whose “Earth Angels” knit hats to keep people living on the streets warm at night; to Kris Cindrich, our accountant; to Morris & Garritano, our insurance company; to Cal Poly and Cuesta College students who have volunteered their assistance and to everyone who has come forth offering help.

Were it not Sandra Lakeman and her son Mark, this project could have been a lot longer in coming. Architect Mark Lakeman has presented for HV three times about Dignity Village in Portland, which he co-founded, and why a similar village will work here. This brilliant young architect is sought after to give presentations nationwide, and presents for us non gratis. We are thankful for him.

During this new year, may we count our blessings that we live in one of the most pristine places in the world. And may we all continue to work diligently to ensure that more people who are un-housed and landless may one day also enjoy a home.

Becky Jorgeson is the founder of HOPE’S VILLAGE OF SLO, P.O. Box 100, Santa Margarita, CA 93453, 805/234-5478,


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I’ve said it before and am going to say it again, Duval had it up and running already and the board of sups wiped him out., I don’t see how they would help some one else start another homeless camp.

Two possibilities….

Don’t establish their community within eye shot of Ms Mulholland, and two, get invovled romanticlly with a elected official. Those seem to be two ways to improve your chances of getting tax payer money to spend as you please.

What a fantastic effort to Help the Vets! Kudos to Becky and ALL who helped bring this Village into fruition.

This is the first I have heard of this group and since I am no longer donating to CAPSLO until they resolve their major issues of operation could CCN or Becky write sometime about this project. Where is it, who oversees it, who can go there, what services are offered, etc.

I am thankful there is an alternative to CAPSLO but will be vetting my donations more carefully from now on. I want to make sure the people in need are getting my donation and not the employees.

Please share more of your story. Thank you for what you do and all your donors as there are lots of sincere honest people in need!

You do realize..that Becky and Karen have done this before…making claims against CAPSLO (while CCN paid the so called homeless vet that made fake claims) with some guy who claimed he was a vet with the purple heart and so on…when in reality the guy was a liar. Becky has a vendetta against CAPSLO..and Karen has one against Adam Hill.In the mean time hearsay and stories from third parties end up as some Noble Prize journalism..and not only does CCN solicit now have the full circle of Becky Jorgenson asking for a handout as well. Wow…didn’t see that one coming..oh wait…yes I did I just knew it was only a matter of time before Becky showed up on the scene claiming all goodness and light…….still can’t get anyone to fund you huh Becky…….sad. THat all of you use the homeless to make a buck..even the dirtbags Rizzo and Jenkins. Shame on all of you.


“hearsay and stories from third parties ” is what your comment is made of.

You appear to not only have a vendetta yourself, but you appear to be vile personal against Becky whatever. Where are your facts and what have you done lately to help the homeless other than to continue to support CAPSLO and their ill behavior methods. What is the matter with all you people. Shame on you!

Beach bum,

I do respect your right to post your opinion however I would question your point. As far as I can tell you are attacking Karen and Becky over issues not directly related to this story. If you want to talk about CAPSLO and their position regarding the homeless, why have you not posted your opinion in the areas related to that topic……there has been many reports regarding CAPSLO.

I would also like to add that Mr. Jenkins is an upstanding individual who goes above and beyond to help those who deserve the help…

There’s nothing wrong with a good honest debate, let’s just not call folks names, it takes away from your opinion

I know the story that you’re trying to spin. It was the story about the homeless man who was barred from the shelter because Dee set a rule that the clients couldn’t use Prado road at certain times of day and his bicycle was seen on Prado during those forbidden hours, which was a complete violation of his rights as a citizen. The homeless man was washing up in the creek because he had just got a job and was going to work or was going to the interview, I don’t recall which but he did get the job although he lost his access to all shelter services in the process.

This homeless man told Karen that he was a vet and Karen printed it. The story wasn’t about vets or about his time as a vet, it was about a “homeless man” barred from services by Dee for exercising the same everyday rights that the rest of us are afforded i.e.: riding a bicycle on Prado Road. It didn’t matter if he was a vet or not.

This is an example of the “Adam Hill spin machine” claiming that Karen makes up stories. As a result, the Tribune turned the story into the fact that the man wasn’t a vet. Anything to avoid the real issues, huh beachbum…………..

Adam, Adam, Adam….take a chill pill and check yourself in for some rehab.

What is with CAPSLO SO jealous over any others trying to help the homeless? I am amazed what lengths they have gone to trying to KEEP control over every homeless person to ever step foot in this county. First it was with DUVaul, Convincing the BOS to go after him, because he was obviously a HUGE threat! I mean my gosh can you imagine the nerve? DuVaul helping the homeless?? OMGosh what a crime! Now Hope’Village? Are U kidding? Why is anyone else helping homeless such a threat? It’s gotta be all about the $$! ?? Nothing else makes sense! After all of this hoopla, I sware I am done! I can no longer donate one penny to CAPSLO either. If I want to give, I will just have to sit down there on the street handing out giftcards and razors to the homeless myself! I will never trust CAPSLO with donations again. Any CASH will be gladly given to Hope Village and DuVaul instead.

You know what localbeachbum, Shame on YOU! You don’t see Becky or Karen pilfering $$ and goods that were intended for the homeless!

If you want to talk smack, have the cajones to use your real name. So what if Becky and Karen solicit donations. They provide a service that people want to pay for, voluntarily.

Becky has been helping the homeless for years. Hope’s Village is a work in progress. Look at their website (the url is in the article). I’m sure that any support that you can provide would be appreciated.

Thank you, I missed that (hard day at the office). Boy, this project is impressive. Wonderful to see an alternative to a “institutional shelter” that offers the homeless a place of pride. I will be forwarding my donation. Great job, Becky and the board members.

Santa Maria would be a great place to live. Hint hint

Would someone please forward this to Dee Torres and the rest of the people who want to spend $7-$9 million for a homeless shelter in SLO? Maybe they could learn something from these people!