$4 million in marijuana found on Central Coast beach

May 2, 2013

Panga stash sbSanta Barbara County Sheriff’s Narcotics Detectives, responding to a report of a Panga boat Thursday morning, found 2,000 pounds of marijuana under a cliff next to the boat.

Employees at the Cojo Ranch, near the Point Conception Lighthouse discovered the Panga boat near the secluded cove and called law enforcement. Deputies arrived to find the 30-foot Panga boat and nearby marijuana, estimated to be worth approximately $4 million dollars.

On Monday, deputies arrested Jesus Garcia-Guzman, 19, from Mexico, on burglary charges for allegedly entering Hollister Ranch structures. Further investigation linked him to the marijuana discovered on Thursday.

Deputies re-booked Garcia-Guzman into the Santa Barbara County Jail on drug trafficking charges. He is being held on $100,000 bail.

Sheriff’s detectives are working with Homeland Security on the smuggling investigation.


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This whole thing stinks. It looks like PR for the black ops guys.

Look at the great job we are doing fighting the “Drug War,” Mr. John Q. Public!

Meanwhile, behind the wizard’s curtain, it’s business as usual.

>The banksters keep on laundering trillions in drug money.

>The black ops (CIA) keep right on rollin’, smuggling, killing off their enemies, smuggling weapons to their buddies in Mexico.

>NORAD see all in the airspace over the US, but does not report anything unusual, in spite of the fact that 90% of the dope comes in via airplane. We spend BILLIONS on NORAD, but get NOTHING in return for our “investment.”

>Corruption is a way of life in this topsy-turvy, warfare/welfare/police state we live in.

>Dope is the modern currency of choice for blacks ops, aggressive war, and other dirty, backroom, illegal, unconstitutional business which cannot stand the light of day, public attention, or Congressional accounting (read: meddling).

>Anybody who speaks up about this is a “conspiracy theorist” (read: nut case), or a “terrorist,” or both.

This is most probably a hoax, a publicity stunt, an inside job. These operations are carried out periodically by black ops as PR for the gullible, stupid general public in order to prop up public support for the “Drug War.”

Well that old dog don’t hunt anymore! People are catching on and getting fed up. They KNOW.

Amen! Surprising on how many people still give the benefit of the doubt to government organizations which have been caught again and again in shady activities. It’s like they are putting their hands over their ears and shouting “I can’t hear you! Conspiracy Theorist! Can’t hear you.no no no no”

Yep. When public support begins to wane for one of their “black ops,” they come out with one of PR hoaxes to pump it up again.

You are spot on. Many folks are manifesting a psychological block. This is caused by a constant diet of propaganda.

It’s not easy to undo all of this brainwashing. It takes time and some different forms of reasoning that most folks are not used to and not familiar with.

It also takes the study of alternative history and economics, and almost the only game in town in this area is Libertarian thought. In the past, that kind of thinking was hard to find out about, and that was by design. It is no accident that Libertarians have been branded as “kooks” by the rich and powerful.

Fear is a big factor as well. Nobody wants to be told that the world he or she has always known is a hoax, or that the history that they have been taught is a fraud. That is profoundly disturbing and, therefore, likely to be rejected by many as so much nonsense.

Although I don’t claim to know for certain the origin of this dope, I can say that the whole thing looks pretty suspicious.

In any case, people can no longer afford to take press statements about this at face value.

I’m dying here my “conspiracy theory” posters! Are you guys serious? But then I’m reminded that excessive use does tend to bring about mass paranoia and unemployment so then we have these huge conspiracy teams.


As many people have claimed (erroneously), pot is harmless… I mean, what could go wrong, right?

That’s about $125.00 an ounce. Okay you got me. I’ll take a pounds worth please. Bag it up!

God Bless

I know, you will want the dime for the plastic bag. Thanks a bunch.

HAHA! That made me chuckle!

OK, Stems and Seeds to Spirit Filled! Buds to ….

Now that teenagers can buy The Day After Pill, maybe everyone should have equal access to the Day After Joint. I see the potential for another vicious circle of employment, The Stupidity Industry.

Einstein was a pot smoker along with 18 of the Presidents. Pick out a hero guys and know they were pot smokers or eaters. I may be wrong about this but so was James Brown, Snoop and a few others that don’t seem stupid.


You had me until you mentioned, James Brown and Snoop are not the sharpest tools in the shed!!

Smart enough to become multi,,,multi millionaires. Must have been the people around them.

Tell you the truth I don’t know why I put James Brown in there. I liked his music but that’s about it. Now snoop is smart and probably could have been the head of his class.You usually aren’t stupid when you can rap. If I put three sentences togther and have them make sence I give myself a standing ovation. Or if I tell a story and remember the ending I expect people to get up and applaud, Standing O fits.

These standing o’s happen less and less often now. And I am just as happy as before I got old. Being old is not for sissy’s though.

One of the best parts of getting old is the loss of memory. You act grouchy or are a pain in someones A they can mention it later to you expecting an apology but they are out of luck. We don’t remember what happened. Plus we have used up all the I’m sorry’s.

God Bless

Boy, someone is going to need a s**t load of rolling papers!!


90% of the dope coming into the country comes via air.

I’m sorry I’m going to have to call B.S. on this one. For starters, who is buying this weed anymore? That is like telling me that there is a huge market for people who prefer water shipped in from Tijuana than they do water from California, and are willing to pay the same price for this. This sort of product would probably fetch $400 a pound on the market, if you could find a buyer. No one is going to go to this kind of trouble to bring it up here anymore. Second, maybe Panga boats are more seaworthy than we think, but not 4000 lbs more seaworthy. That’s just ridiculous.

I like to go with the “more likely” of scenarios, because I’m a rational person. What is MORE likely is that they are staging this to get increased funding. I consider it insulting that they expect the public to buy this story. But, then again, I supposed most people do. *shrug*

Seems a lot of people here think that my suggestion is somehow more ludicrous than the official law enforcement story. I guess common sense really isn’t that common anymore.

Anybody in the pot industry knows Mexican weed is of the lowest quality. But law enforcement puts American weed value on the Mexican weed to try and “justify” the cost of enforcement and show big $$ numbers being confiscated.

Don’t let it get you down, mkaney. Many folks just cannot process the idea that they live in a police state ruled by a shadow government.

Public opinion is still very divided on this as your thumbs clearly show.

I agree with pretty much all of what you said. I don’t smoke the weed but know plenty who do, and have friends in LE and I can assure you that it is impossible, or as close to impossible, to get Mexican weed. You just can’t simply because it is garbage and there is so much decent to excellent bud out there. I don’t see how tens of thousands of pounds of this crap weed can be distributed and sold. Anyone who can grow tomatoes can grow weed. Hell, you can grow it literally anywhere in the world with the right environment, artificial lighting, water, nutrients, structure, etc. Grow it in Antarctica or Arkansas, no problem. Kind of suspicious that they always have problems, break down, must run ashore in remote locations where it is hard to verify the authenticity of these stories. Sure, they’re not going to pull into SB harbor or Huntington beach, but if your boat is sinking or you have engine trouble your options are limited as to where you can run aground. Something’s stinky about this Mexi weed.

You hit the nail on the head with regard to location. What a great place, where virtually NO ONE from the public ever passes and LE could bring the dope in for the picture without arousing suspicion. Seems that they have been winding up in this one area. Yet, what cartel leader is going to continue to attempt drops of $4,000,000 of product in an area that is clearly heavily watched (military) and they routinely lose the shipment.

so what ship is dropping off the panga?

Many of the panga boats are more seaworthy than you might think. It could have come all the way up from Tijuana or nearby without using a “mothership”.

This is a very isolated stretch of coast between the exclusive ranch subdivision of Hollister Ranch (W. of Gaviota) and Jalama Beach. It is at least 5 miles of coastline with only the Cojo Ranch and its few employees having normal access. Anyone takiong Amtrak to Sta. Barbara or beyond has seen it. It would be a great place to smuggle stuff in if you knew how to get the stuff safely through the ranch to Jalama Rd. for a pickup.

We had a panga arrive in DelMar (on the beach) in SanDiego today with 17 illegals from Mexico. They were all taken into custody, and will be taken back to Mexico, (good riddance). Two of them women, and they were taken to a local hospital. Now guess who pays the bill for that? You get one guess…

We pay for that, because we are decent people even if it costs us a little money, and we have to forego judging someone. Well, at least most of us are…

How about the hospital send the bill to the Mexican embassy?

How about Mexico send us a bill for fighting a useless drug war?

Send it to the people in my neighborhood. We like everyone. Even the ones that require medical aid or food. God Bless those in need.

By the way if you’re concerned about welfare cases, you should be pissed off that people at the Department of Homeland Security are perpetrating this kind of nonsense so they can suck down more of your tax dollars.

thanks. now i gotta do the math for how much fuel to carry for the load. that’s a run of, say, 200+ miles with 2,200 lbs using 2 outboards averaging 20 mph using x gal per hr at…..aw shucks, the conspiracy theory works better

That is exactly whats happening, if you have ever been in a ocean boat off the coast of Cali you know this voyage is not possible from Mexico in a Panga. I have charted many Pangas in Cabo where the water is usually flat compared to our coast, and let me tell you, you wouldn’t ever want to try coming up the coastline with all that weight in rough seas.

yep. have done San Diego to San Francisco a few times. but dropped a converted seiner? think CG would catch that one

Been in a 36′ Scarab with twin 225 hp outboard screws, and I was not sure we were going to make it coming back from Catailina Island to Ventura.

Panga, not for me and 4000 pounds of anything.

me, 42′ ketch, 6 knots, still alot of work. south-north you’re going up hill

I made it in a smalll Boston Whaler. Scary but doable. From Catalina to Ventura.

I use to be Asst. Harbor Master on Catalina years and years ago. Couple of guys and I witnessed a 14′ skiff with a 25 horsepower motor on it make it from San Pedro to Avalon. He was a hell of a lot braver than I was. He told me it was completely safe since he had stayed close to the Big White Steamer all the way from the mainland.


I worked at Camp Fox ’63 to ’71 1st trip to Avalon was on seaplane. I know we’re not on point here…..but

I graduated from HS there in 1962. Worked for the harbor 62-64. Great time in my life. God Bless

We are probably friends and don’t even know it. By chance are you a turtle?

Boat was similar to this one – http://www.powerboatlistings.com/view/20155

But with outboards.

Not to worry. Their CIA handlers have thought of everything.