Alleged assailant hides in Oceano lagoon

May 4, 2013

stabbing1An Oceano man allegedly stabbed another man and then fled into the lagoon near Airpark Drive in an attempt to flee San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies on Friday shortly after 8 p.m.

Chance MacAire, 23, and the victim, a resident of Oceano, were fighting on the 2300 block of Ocean Street when MacAire allegedly stabbed his opponent in the lower extremities, officials said. Emergency medical personnel transported the victim to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Deputies along with Sheriff’s K9 arrived and searched the area, but were unable to locate MacAire.

Several hours later, deputies found MacAire on the 300 block of Pier Avenue. He fled on foot, ran into the lagoon and refused to come out of the water.

MacAire brandished a knife at deputies and then threatened to harm himself. State Parks Rangers, Grover Beach police, Arroyo Grande police and County Mental Health personnel responded to assist.

After negotiating with law enforcement and mental health professionals for approximately an hour, MacAire came out of the water and was taken into custody. Deputies transported him to the hospital for treatment and subsequently to San Luis Obispo County Jail where he was booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.


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Such a senseless and avoidable tragedy. If only we would finally:

1) Ban Assault Knives

2) Require registration of all knives

3) Ban knife sheaths with a capacity of more than 10.

Then our society would be safer. Where is the outrage? We can not let the National Knife Association continue to buy the votes of our legislators.


Additionally, you forgot that those knives should have a universal background check as well! Albeit, that if this loon named Chance MacAire had a background check, he wouldn’t have been able to purchase the knife he had in hand!

No Ted, that was intentional. Registering Whackos & Criminals would be the single most effective thing that could be done. No way our legislators would do that.

This can’t even keep track of known terrorist, how they going to keep track of all the wackos? Just ban everything and we can become zombies, eat, drink, and vote just like they want us to!

Most people already “vote just like they want us to” by voting for the candidate hand-picked by rich party-leadership politicians.

It’s good to see the SLO sheriffs using Mental Health professionals rather than the more typical

thug tactics they have used in the past with mentally ill people.

Why not SHOOT him as Santa Maria police did in the same situation in January of this year.

The ONLY negotiating should have been to leave Chance MacAire in the water until he decided to come out, and have one officer on shifts 24/7 until he did. Enough of this namby pamby coddling of the criminalelement, let them work for their own future conclusion.