Brown divorce papers reveal discrepancies

May 29, 2013

Paul Brown

Paul Brown


EDITOR’S NOTE: See two declarations by Edward Ingles, Jayne Brown’s ex-boyfriend, at the bottom of this story.  CalCoastNews is not endorsing any of the three candidates for San Luis Obispo City Council.

Six years after Paul Brown filed for divorce, a statement from his former wife Jayne Brown recounting allegations of abuse was emailed to hundreds of voters, media members and prominent leaders in San Luis Obispo County the Tuesday after a three-day weekend.

While Jayne Brown says she penned the letter, many in the community wonder who provided the extensive email list just weeks before a special election in which her ex-husband vies for a seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council.

A six-year-old divorce is generally not news; however, following Jayne Brown’s reintroduction of the abuse allegations, CalCoastNews revisited the couple’s divorce records.

In addition, court documents reveal statements by Jayne Brown’s ex-boyfriend, Edward Ingles, in which he claims she became physically violent and destroyed property several times during their four-year relationship.

“On another occasion, while in our place of residence, an argument ensued resulting in Jayne throwing several objects at me,” Ingles says in a declaration. “The objects included a bicycle helmet, a portable phone and a small home fan. The helmet broke a window. It became necessary to physically restrain Jayne at this point as to avoid any further damage to our residence, to myself or to Jayne.”

A week later, Ingels retracted two of his original claims, but stood by the other four.

The Browns separated in Sept. 2007. Shortly afterwards, Jayne Brown filed for a restraining order in which she claimed several incidences of spousal abuse. According to Jayne Brown’s allegations, one of the altercations resulted in her receiving treatment at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center for a back injury.

“He put his hands around my throat and then took my left hand, and with a significant amount of force, caused my left hand to strike myself in the face, directly above my lip,” Jayne Brown alleged in court documents.

Paul Brown gave a different account of the couples’ altercations. In his descriptions, Jayne Brown is the aggressor, often breaking furniture or striking him, which would prompt him to restrain her.

During their breakup, both of the Browns sought help from the San Luis Obispo police, but said in court documents their requests were denied.

Prior to Jayne Brown’s filing of the restraining order, Paul Brown said he reported to police that his wife had taken $6,000 from his corporate bank account.

“The bank suggested I notify the police, but the police said it was a civil matter,” Paul Brown noted in court documents.

Jayne Brown said she reported the alleged spousal abuse to then Police Chief Deb Linden, but was referred to the San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s office because of a conflict of interest.

Jayne Brown said she canceled her appointment with a district attorney investigator after Paul Brown said he would get counseling.

Paul Brown claimed the district attorney’s office did conduct an investigation which determined his estranged wife’s allegations were without merit.

In 2007, the court granted Jayne Brown a restraining order.

In 2009, a judge removed the restraining order, a year and a half before it was slated to expire.

Numerous members of the community, including radio talk show host Dave Congalton, said the timing and content of this kind of personal hit piece smacks of dirty politics.

Brown vs. Brown Declaration by CalCoastNews

Second Document

Brown vs. Brown Declaration by CalCoastNews


I have a sincere CONFESSION to make:

After long, careful thought and prayer I have concluded that I AGREE WITH DAVE CONGALTON on the following point:

Jayne Brown’s post-Memorial Day e-mail to voters which, I am told, resurrects a “he said/she said” domestic dispute and accusations of questionable merit, does very much fall into the category of DIRTY POLITICS.

Furthermore, encouraging Jayne Brown to distribute that letter in that manner was a mistake that sullies all concerned and does no favor to Jayne Brown on a personal level.

I have no reason to believe Paul Brown’s opponent instigated that e-mailing and I hope she agrees with what I’ve written here.


Karen really Dave Congalton? I didn’t realize he was still on the radio.


Yeah, it is rather ridiculous for CalCoastNews to infer that Congalton is some sort of expert on “dirty politics.”

CalCoastNews failed to mention that many, if not a vast majority of members of the community, think it is only natural and prudent during an election campaign to scrutinize a candidate’s history of having a restraining order placed upon him, losing loaded firearms while in the employment of a police department and being accused of spousal abuse by an ex-wife.

Prudent scrutiny by voters is not the same as claiming the candidate is guilty of all of the accusations–or that they should automatically exclude him from election to public office–but it seems only natural that voters would and should want to hear the candidate’s response to and/or explanation of the mishaps and accusations.

Why CalCoastNews chose Dave Congalton to serve as a self-appointed, unilateral judge and jury to declare what is and is not “dirty politics” is a good question.

Congalton has no degree in political science, has never run for public office, doesn’t seem to be officially involved as a consultant for any political campaign and in general has no particular expertise in the subject. CalCoastNews might just as well have taken testimony from a school nurse or tow truck driver.

It is also astoundingly ironic that the primary media outlet that published the critical and accusatory opinion piece written by Brown’s ex-wife is CALCOASTNEWS!


You’re trying too hard. It’s becoming painfully obvious…

Ted Slanders


The only entity that is painfully obvious, is the fact that WiserGuys logical observations are making you, and your like, embarrassingly void of any rational refutation other than to attack the messenger in a childlike manner.

Conversely, what has become even more painfully obvious is the fact of your continuation of trying to smear Christiansen’s past by her association with Planned Parenthood. Within the threads pertaining to this topic, how many posts of yours relate to this? Too many “painfully obvious” posts, that’s how many.

Seriously, do you have any worthy content to add to this discussion other than your school boy playground rant? You do realize that this is an adult forum, don’t you?




Maybe CalCoastNews, unless you, is not bias and allows people their point of view and opinions without being critical, demeaning, or nasty, Life lessons most of us were taught in our early development years.



Here’s a clue: it is not a discussion board if there is no critical discussion.

If you want to post your opinions without others lending a critical eye to it, you might be better suited to having your own blog and not allowing others to post on it.


‘scuse but, um, what’s a congo tan? Can you get one from a plastic bottle? It won’t make you

turn orange will it?


Never mind the he-said-she-said domestic abuse controversy. Brown’s candidacy was pretty much sunk when Kevin P. Rice announced he was endorsing him.

Brown’s subsequent effort to appear to distance himself from Rice, whether sincere or not, was too little, too late.

Seemingly sensing this, Rice has kept a much lower public profile this past week or so, apparently relying more than usual on his various pseudonyms he uses to try to bolster the notion that his views are widely shared by others.

The best thing Brown could do for his campaign at this point is come out strong in public and forcefully denounce Rice and Roger Freberg and make it clear that he does not in anyway share their attitudes or support the kind of attacks they have launched against his ex-wife and his opponent and liberal views in general.


WiserGuy–Don’t you think you have the ethical obligation to reveal that you’ve been dating an arch enemy of Kevin Rice for a long time and that, in large part, flames your dislike of the guy? And do those of us who read and depend upon CCN really need to endure 10-11-12 comments from you per story? I mean, seriously, don’t you ever get tired of hearing yourself type? You and Galaxy Traveler should get a room.


Answers to your questions, Dave:

No, Yes and No.

My postings are very popular and bring a lot of clicks and return readership to CalCoastNews. Would you rather I contribute to The Rock?

I really don’t appreciate your bullying sexual innuendos.


What is it about any of my comments, specifically, that you object to?

Ted Slanders


Don’t let your frustration about some of the facts regarding the topic at hand outweigh your ability to act in a professional manner that behooves a local radio show host. Your neener-neener petty comments to wiserguy are revealing in the context that you don’t have anything to contribute logically and factually, other than attacking the messenger.

Does it really matter about wiserguy’s source for his comments? If they have merit, they are what they are irregardless of his dating scene, the planets being in a certain alignment, or your talk show ratings.

As far as your endurance to the number of comments being made by anyone, you have the right not to read them if so desired. Conversely, can you imagine you following this perceived notion on your radio show by only being able to make a select number of comments about a certain topic? Get it?

Subjectively, be professional Dave, everyone is watching.


Entertainers like Dave Congalton and Rush Limbaugh come off much better on radio compared to using the written word where one’s statements bear more scrutiny and weaknesses in logic, as well as character of the writer, are much more apparent.

Further contributing to their problem and habitual weakness in using the written word is that, unlike what they routinely practice in radio broadcasting, in written exchanges they have no comparable means to turn off people’s microphones, close the phone lines or “go to break” when a challenger commences to expose their illogic, pettiness, bullying or general ignorance or wrong-headedness concerning any particular subject. This perpetuates a flabbiness of intellect and the type of precise logic and graciousness that is a hallmark of fine writing.

Radio, as practiced by Rush Limbaugh and his sycophants, has most certainly dumbed down political and social discourse in this nation and promoted a bullying, anti-intellectual attitude that is widespread as well as local, as we see here even among prominent personalities.


Dave Congalton,

For all of your, ‘aw shucks., aren’t I a great guy with my quaint little radio show’,

you sure cone across as a petty little panty-waist with postings. You are a boor.


So much anger and so little substance…


1. No one has the “ethical” obligation to reveal their connections to anyone in the story. This is a public message board. It is not a court trial.

2. Whether a poster likes or dislikes a person being discussed has zip to do with their opinion being sound and logical. If YOU believe it does and want to make that claim, then you need to present supporting information to prove your claim.

3. There is nothing wrong with the number of posts any one poster makes on a message board. This is especially true given the anonymous nature of the venue and the practice of some posters of posting under multiple screen names. I would suggest, if you personally want to limit your exposure to the number of posts you read, that YOU put on your big-boy pants and simply use the power you have as a competent adult to SKIP THEIR POSTS. Grown-ups do this all the time.


Oh… the “inconvenient truth” does come out…

“In addition, court documents reveal statements by Jayne Brown’s ex-boyfriend, Edward Ingles, in which he claims she became physically violent and destroyed property several times during their four-year relationship.”

Paul Brown is a moderate politician which is why he has support from all but the most wacky on the left. His list of supporters runs the spectrum… while his main opponent is extremely well placed on the left. I don’t expect that Paul will do more than being a lone voice of moderation… but the city needs that voice.

Good luck, Paul.


Nice try at spinning the truth.. Brown a “moderate”? Christianson on the “wacky left”. LOL That makes about 70% of SLO residents wacky. Brown would be better off running in North County.

Spirit Filled

No thanks

As the world turns

Brown would fit in nicely in Bakersfield, Fresno or Ridgecrest.


If he ran in North County, then he could have Lisa Solomon as his campaign manager.


Well, they DID both lose their department-issued firearms, in a very short time period.


If anyone still needs to know where Roger Freberg is coming from, all they need to know is that Roger, by his own public admission, is an unabashed fan of the repugnant, bigoted, violence promoting right wing extremist Ann Coulter. Talk about WACKY!

I’ve never known Roger Freberg to endorse ANY candidate who is truly “moderate.” And why does he know feel so compelled to issue multiple public statements attacking Brown’s ex-wife?

What is is about Paul Brown that excites so much support from people like that?

Spirit Filled

Yea, Ann Coulter



Give it up.

Paul Brown is a doofus. Paul Brown is such a doofus he has all that it takes to be on the County Board of Supervisors, sitting right next to its resident-doofus, Adam Hill.

For heaven’s sake, he left two police-department-issued firearms in his unlocked vehicle from which they were stolen (ending up losing his job), and on his prior city council stint abusing his power as a board member to verbally abuse a member of the public speaking durring the “public comment” period of the meeting.

Paul Brown is more suited for a time-out than he is for prime-time.

Niles Q

Sounds like Jayne has a bit of Tarzan in her.

I would think that Paul Brown, since he was already on the council before, would automatically have an uphill climb to turn back the clock and get back on the council. He has is loyal supporters, I’m sure but he needs to win over some new voters to win.

This smear campaign is indeed ugly, unfair and sneaky but there is a reason people do it — it works probably 75% or more of the time.

Not that Christiansen is behind this, but whomever is at fault clearly knows what he or she (they) are doing. This is a political smear campaign run by knowledgeable people who have the techniques down pat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Brown loses by a country mile.


Cory Black?

Ted Slanders

As the past has shown, Paul Brown at times lacked any esprit de corps while he was on the city council the last time. Paul didn’t have the sense to feel embarrassed for his sporadic verbal abuse and belittling of the taxpayer that disagreed with him, but had the right to stand before him nonetheless in a respectful manner to voice their opinion.

Past history certainly does matter if it is allowed to repeat itself.


What a mixed up world we live in. With all the talk about a “Democratic Conspiracy”, It looks to me that it is a coalition of RIGHT WING EXTREMISTS who are trying to secure a council seat for Paul Brown by any means necessary, unconcerned as to whether Paul Brown has any vital character flaws.

Again, I’m not saying I know who is to blame in the Brown domestic situation, and I think it is best for all concerned to move on from that, but what I do object to is that it is somehow unfair if a coalition of Democratic voters support Brown’s opponent, while at the same time some people here are ignoring the obvious fact that right wing ideologues are relentlessly attacking Brown’s opponent and doing everything they can to deflect criticism against Brown, even to the point they are ganging up to relentlessly attack the character of Brown’s ex-wife.

As I’ve said before, regardless of Brown’s suitability for the council seat, I find it repugnant to elect him for the simple reason that it will reward and further encourage the despicable behavior of some of his most ardent supporters. It seems that a vote for Brown will be a vote for extremists such as Kevin P. Rice, Roger Freberg and the mean-spirited, divisive characters who stink up the local forums under such names as SamLouis, SloShank, rOy, isoslo, and others. Do we really want THOSE kind of people steering the direction of SLO and the council meetings?

What is it about Paul Brown that attracts that kind of “support”?


Oh jeez, what did I do now that I must be punished with this “awaiting moderation” crapola?

some words in your comment are in the moderator’s “queue” nothing personal about you.

please use email for ???? or !!!! about moderation



Good work comrade, Alinsky would be proud. Now instead of driveling about an “extreme” agenda, please cite precisely what that agenda involves. Remember my apparatchik friend documented facts.


I don’t know about the “coalition of right-wing supporters.”

Maybe a “coalition of doofus supporters.”


I honestly don’t see what this guy has to offer as a council member other than a conservative viewpoint. He ran a tavern badly, had to resign from one police department, and ended up at Guadalupe PD which refuses to release his records. Given his history of anger problems…well documented and frequently on display when he sat on the council before…his whole candidacy makes no sense. Those who want a right leaning ideologue, I guess this is the only choice you get. Sorry about that.

Also, wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for a cop to be on the council that negotiates the police and FD contracts? So he’ll have to recuse himself on a lot of key issues.


Seriously, you don’t think his experience being on the Council prior to this election carries some experience. This position is for about 18 months of which it will take a new free thinking council person at least six months and city expenses to prepare for the position. Mr. Brown comes to the Council with said experience, community and business support, has had successful business experience, has contributed to the community at large, as has Christianson, and some values that some of the voter base appreciate for their community like fiscal restraint, leaner government, business friendly reform, not afraid to challenge the common core supporters, pension reform, etc. that some members of this community are concerned about.

As for a conflict of interest. Guadalupe is in Santa Barbara County, Guadalupe is not in the City limits of San Luis Obispo, and there is absolutely no conflict of interest as the Council of San Luis Obispo has absolutely nothing to do or say about public safety contracts in Guadalupe if they even come up during the next 18 months. You should do a little research about how local government operate and their individual responsibilities of independence.


Well, he’s a police officer. It’s often said they are a band of brothers. The SLO CC negotiates the police contracts. So I think there’s some conflict there.

Mainly, I recall Mr. Brown as a conservative ideologue. I attended many meetings when he was a council member, and that’s what I observed. That’s not what I prefer, so I’m going with Christianson, who also has a lot of experience. Being on the LUCE task force is also a real positive for her, because that’s the big issue coming before the council. Brown apparently doesn’t know nearly as much about the current land use issues, according to the Trib.

All the scandal stuff is old news. Most voters already know about Brown’s history. He did have an anger problem. I heard he worked on that. Hope so.


I totally respect your right to vote for the person of your choice, as I would hope you totally would respect mine because we live in the United States of America, the land of the free, all though that is getting slimmer by the day. I vote and support candidates on integrity, issues and concerns that we have in common or at least some sense of common ground. My issues in all of this is what was stated by John Spatafore when he withdrew, a man of character imo, when he mentioned a clean and honesty campaign. This campaign has turned into desperation and this character assassination is disgusting and solves nothing and distracts from the real issues of the campaign which I understand is the goal. I want facts, issues, positions, solutions on the table, not all this craziness.


Agreed. Vote for your choice for whatever reason. I believe the real problem is the LACK of voting. If only 50% vote, that means only 25% decide who wins. Lower and lower turnout is the main threat to our freedom and democracy.


And some feel the lack of quality candidates is the main threat to our freedom and democracy


I disagree with those who don’t vote.

A voter don’t have to walk in lock-step unison with the two major political parties in our country.

The importance if voting. A voter can write in a candidate of their choice if you don’t like the ones offered.


But isn’t it interesting that the SLOPD is mum on their support of one of their “brothers”? They are letting him twist in the wind. Nor are they backing him in this election – at all.

As far as the $6K that Jayne used to ‘clear out’ their bank account – when a person in a domestic violence situation leaves the abusive partner (esp one that they rely on for employment/housing, all basic necessities), they are encouraged by shelters, lawyers, and others in position of support to take a dollar amount that will get them by for 3-4 months. Which is what was done here. She isn’t living high on the hog, people. She lives in the same studio that she intially rented ( and continues to do so), and she drives a Saturn coupe that she had before she met Paul. Hardly the trappings of a “gold digger”.


So then maybe he should run for the BOS?


Good idea. Brown and Adam Hill could get matching high-chairs.


Could it be you just don’t agree with his viewpoint? As for his tavern, did it stay in business until he sold it? Often those that comment about the release of records are only for it when they feel it will support their position but against it and like to stand by the familiar statement “No records will be released, it’s a personal matter” One person may see anger, another sees a strong support of their side. As for your thought of a conflict of interest, Isn’t voting to give an agency several million tax dollars while your fiancé, is in management of that agency a conflict? if you feel not then it would seem no conflict here either.


I heard Congalton promo-ing his show that the issue will be on KVEC this afternoon at 500.