Brown divorce papers reveal discrepancies

May 29, 2013

Paul Brown

Paul Brown


EDITOR’S NOTE: See two declarations by Edward Ingles, Jayne Brown’s ex-boyfriend, at the bottom of this story.  CalCoastNews is not endorsing any of the three candidates for San Luis Obispo City Council.

Six years after Paul Brown filed for divorce, a statement from his former wife Jayne Brown recounting allegations of abuse was emailed to hundreds of voters, media members and prominent leaders in San Luis Obispo County the Tuesday after a three-day weekend.

While Jayne Brown says she penned the letter, many in the community wonder who provided the extensive email list just weeks before a special election in which her ex-husband vies for a seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council.

A six-year-old divorce is generally not news; however, following Jayne Brown’s reintroduction of the abuse allegations, CalCoastNews revisited the couple’s divorce records.

In addition, court documents reveal statements by Jayne Brown’s ex-boyfriend, Edward Ingles, in which he claims she became physically violent and destroyed property several times during their four-year relationship.

“On another occasion, while in our place of residence, an argument ensued resulting in Jayne throwing several objects at me,” Ingles says in a declaration. “The objects included a bicycle helmet, a portable phone and a small home fan. The helmet broke a window. It became necessary to physically restrain Jayne at this point as to avoid any further damage to our residence, to myself or to Jayne.”

A week later, Ingels retracted two of his original claims, but stood by the other four.

The Browns separated in Sept. 2007. Shortly afterwards, Jayne Brown filed for a restraining order in which she claimed several incidences of spousal abuse. According to Jayne Brown’s allegations, one of the altercations resulted in her receiving treatment at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center for a back injury.

“He put his hands around my throat and then took my left hand, and with a significant amount of force, caused my left hand to strike myself in the face, directly above my lip,” Jayne Brown alleged in court documents.

Paul Brown gave a different account of the couples’ altercations. In his descriptions, Jayne Brown is the aggressor, often breaking furniture or striking him, which would prompt him to restrain her.

During their breakup, both of the Browns sought help from the San Luis Obispo police, but said in court documents their requests were denied.

Prior to Jayne Brown’s filing of the restraining order, Paul Brown said he reported to police that his wife had taken $6,000 from his corporate bank account.

“The bank suggested I notify the police, but the police said it was a civil matter,” Paul Brown noted in court documents.

Jayne Brown said she reported the alleged spousal abuse to then Police Chief Deb Linden, but was referred to the San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s office because of a conflict of interest.

Jayne Brown said she canceled her appointment with a district attorney investigator after Paul Brown said he would get counseling.

Paul Brown claimed the district attorney’s office did conduct an investigation which determined his estranged wife’s allegations were without merit.

In 2007, the court granted Jayne Brown a restraining order.

In 2009, a judge removed the restraining order, a year and a half before it was slated to expire.

Numerous members of the community, including radio talk show host Dave Congalton, said the timing and content of this kind of personal hit piece smacks of dirty politics.

Brown vs. Brown Declaration by CalCoastNews

Second Document

Brown vs. Brown Declaration by CalCoastNews


I, Edward Ingles, declare under penalty of perjury that I lied in my last sworn statement.



Cute… Thank you for clearing this all up! lol


Obviously Mr. Brown is the right choice. To go to such extremes to deface him, makes me think there is a strong agenda that requires someone who is in the pocket of the crooks! The whole think stinks of corruption!


Or a former wife who got the crap beat out of her? Really, the fact that everyone thinks that 2 grown-ass women couldn’t collect a hudred email addresses, by themselves, and distribute it, by themselves, is frankly insulting to our combined intelligence. Remember who hunted down Obama bin Laden? A pissed off woman. Keep searching those computers, though, because you will find that they did indeed come from Jayne Brown. Who was beaten by Paul Brown.


Some people still believe that women can only wash dishes and clothes, clean house and cook meals.

As the world turns

Those “some people” are well represented on Cal Coast News and appear to love Brown.


Well, I have sat back and analyzed this whole messy thing bet as I can…

Let’s just recap a little information as we know it. Andrew Carter resigned as SLO Councilman to take a fulltime employment position out of town. Five (5) candidates stepped up to run for the vacant sit on the SLO City Council: Paul Brown, Carlyn Christianson, Dan Hedrick, Kevin Rice, and John Spatafore.

On May 6 John Spatafore withdraw from the race siting three important factors: 1) “My concern was over how the election was playing out and how it was perceived,” said Spatafore, who said he felt he stood on similar ground on issues with candidates Carlyn Christianson and Paul Brown, 2) “Those who remain have to sell themselves as a positive voice for the city,” Spatafore said. “There are a lot of issues that are uncomfortable to talk about when you look at how things are functioning now in city government.”, and 3) “I challenge the remaining candidates to commit to solutions that are reasonable and that represent the best decision for the entire city,” said Spatafore.

The second week of May (14th) we had Kevin Rice withdraw from SLO Council race stating in The Tribune article “saying he did not want to splinter the vote.”

On May 25 we have an Opinion piece submitted to CCN by a strong Democratic Central supporter supporting Ms. Christianson with some questionable comments and facts or lack thereof, followed on May 28 by an Opinion piece submitted to CCN by Mr. Brown’s ex-spouse(divorced over 6 years ago) berating Mr. Brown, followed on May 28 by a rebuttal Opinion piece submitted to CCN by Mr. Brown.

I think we probably lost the best candidate in John Spatafore and if you read his statements very carefully I would see why we would not want to stay in this race and better yet, he has not endorsed Mr. Brown or Ms. Christianson. I know John personally for many years. He is a true gentleman in the full meaning of the word, he has contributed many years of service to the school system, arts, downtown, sports, etc. and has a stellar reputation.

I suggest voters Vote on the basis of what each candidate represents and what you want for your community, i.e.: Conservative or progressive direction, fiscal restraint or more taxes and spending, more business development or controlled growth and regulation. Check out the endorsements for each candidate which tell the stories of the candidates focus, be it Downtown Business Association, Democratic Party, Planned Parenthood, employee unions, etc. These are all telling stories. Just research the candidates before voting and use your vote wisely for your community as a whole.

• Disclaimer: John Spatafore does not know who I am under this blog site. I am not endorsing a candidate or party. I just want people to be fair, clean and research their choices before casting their vote.


Your recap should include that Carter endorsed Brown as his replacement.


Plenty of poor judgement to spread around.

Perhaps we should spend more time watching the New York City mayoral race.

Hot dogs anyone?


How do you get so specific about an alleged incident and retract it two weeks later? Sounds like Edward Ingles is a tool, but the other parties involved are not much better


Here is my take on this whole sordid situation:

A hit job during an election based on a 7 year old divorce is just wrong.

(My apologies for the 5 second glitch near the beginning.)


I think the best we can do is send our best wishes and/or prayers to both Paul and Jayne and hope they will both be able to heal and forgive all that should be healed and forgiven. As a community the best we can do is help those two find peace and allow them to detach from the old negative vibrations and move on, having learned and grown and becoming better people through this trial by fire.


In my opinion, other than how it impacts voters’ choice, whether the Browns work out their problems or not is irrelevant.

I’m not one to carry a grudge…I just can’t see the profit in it. But in the case of the Browns and what has transpired between them, it doesn’t seem that there could be any trust left upon which to build healing and forgiving.


I’m curious: Does anyone here actually believe this type of article and discussion HELPS Paul Brown? Wil this article get Carlyn Christianson supporters to vote for Brown?

One thing for sure, it gets people to come to the CalCoastNews website, but at whose expense?

Domestic disputes like this are notoriously difficult to untangle and despite great efforts, rarely do people change their minds about who is most to blame, etc.

I myself don’t claim to know who is more at fault in Brown vs. Brown. I think most others are in the same boat and even if there were weeks of articles and discussions like this I don’t think that would change very much. But I do think more bad than good will come of this for all concerned if people continue to wallow in this as they have been doing.

There are plenty of other things to examine if one is trying to determine which of the two candidates they feel is more worthy of being elected.


Do you feel the same way about the local fish wrap. Media sites are staffed with people, people have their personal views, beliefs. do their own spills on topics, and if the public just relies on some reporter, editor, citizen or commentator writing an article and takes it as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, well, what can one say… People can no longer trust our government, our media, any politician or party because corruption, bribery and deceitfulness has never been more relevant than it is today. I always want to know all the facts and search out the best I can the facts, opponents and proponents, and issues at hand.


Do I think shedding light on crappy political tactics will cause any Christianson supporters to waver?

Well, probably not. The Dems are so wound up in winning that they couldn’t care less the means their operatives use to get there. (The Repubs are no better.)

Paul Brown could have spent his life helping little old ladies across the street, and the Dems aren’t going to sway from their agenda.

So, no, this ink is not helping Brown win an election.


“The ends justify the means” (consequentialism) has been the progressive mantra since their hideous inception with the Fabian socialists. Not much has changed for such an ineptly-named group.


There are plenty of things upon which to make a voting choice, period. For me, Paul Brown’s past–all of it, good and bad–would play a very large role in deciding if I wanted him making power decisions for my city in the future.


After reading the above, I am not even sure of the domestic violence now, and that is really sad, because it is a problem in our society and I strongly oppose abuse to anyone, spouse, child, animal or personal goods. This whole incident stinks. I can see why Mr. Ingles would change some of his statements, certainly having this type of woman around his children could certainly lead to other issues and problems for him. Smart to recall some of those statements, true or not. What a dirty mess!


I believe there was domestic violence.

But there are other issues about Brown which makes him unsuitable to be on the city council. The stolen firearms deal and his verbal abuse of people making public comments at city council meetings are two biggies for me.

Paul Brown simply does not have enough self-control and ability to act appropriately when dealing with others.

I tell you one thing…he had better not ever treat me inappropriately during a public comment period or I will verbally grind him into the dust.

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