CalCoastNews wins media award

May 22, 2013

CalCoastNews won an award for Media Advocate of the Year from the Area Agency on Aging, following a series of stories regarding the treatment of the homeless in San Luis Obispo County.

The award, recognizing the news site’s coverage of issues impacting seniors, was presented to reporter and CalCoastNews co-founder Karen Velie during the agency’s Celebration Tea at the Embassy Suites in San Luis Obispo on Thursday.

Congresswoman Lois Capps provided a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition, citing CalCoastNews’ “outstanding and invaluable service to the community.” Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian provided CalCoastNews with a signed Certificate of Recognition from the California Legislature.

In making the award, Area Agency on Aging officials noted that CalCoastNews “recently wrote eight articles about the homeless situation of seniors and others in San Luis Obispo County. Each article was written with caring compassion and included heartbreaking scenarios of those who live under our bridges and on our streets.”

“It’s particularly gratifying to us that this is an award from our own community,” said Velie. “It’s a real honor.”

The series, “Keeping Them Homeless,” was reported and written by Velie, Dan Blackburn and Josh Friedman with editing by Bill Loving.



It’s just the beginning for Cal Coast News. I was just on the KSBY site to take a look at their homelessness expose and it was sad. I hope they and the Tribune and New Times continue to duck stories like CAPSLO because as far as I am concerned, Cal Coast News is the only credible news source in the county at this point. Congratulations on your award, and on being the best and most trustworthy news source in the area.



First, congrat’s. Next

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Great job CCN! I sure would like to be a fly on the wall over at the Tribune when the press release for the award came out, especially since both Congresswoman Capps and Assemblyman Achadjian both put the weight of their respective offices behind the award …


The best award they got from me is my monthly donation (subscription). I know it’s probably not enough (maybe a cheap lunch or two per month), but if enough people who appreciate real journalism and investigative news donate, then we can help ensure that CCN only grows and continues their outstanding reporting.

Reality Check

Well deserved recognition for a job well done! Congratulations, Karen, Dan and Josh, you all worked hard to get the facts and report on this important issue, even under tremendous opposition and pressure. Thank you for your diligence and Thank you for keeping us informed!


CCN: comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable Thank you for everything you do for everyone.


Great Job! What no award for the Tribune?


What is this “Tribune” I keep hearing about?

Kevin Rice

A publication for the out of touch establishment echelon.


The Trib? It’s just a low information rag…hell if you want to cover a book or line the floor of the birdcage it takes the papers of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to get it done.


roy….The Tribune is what we use to start fires in our wood stove!


Congrats from me too! You do deserve it! The ONE place where we can read what’s happening without the deception controlled by the “Crony” associated entities. We appreciate your candid honest reporting! I am hoping more people in this county will now read your Homeless series.


And from me too. The articles were well researched and factual, and it is clear that people in high places think so too. Cal Coast News is definitely the major news source for people who want to find out the real truth about what goes on in SLO County.

Although it is more of a monthly magazine than a news source, there are also some good, hard-hitting articles in the SLO Coast Journal, but Cal Coast News is the only source that we can turn to every day for the latest information on the shenanigans of our local bad guys.


By the way, I wonder what this does to Dee Torres’ suit against Mike Brennler :)


Congratulations to Karen, Dan, and Josh in what will hopefully be the first of many awards to come. I am especially impressed by the recognition from Congresswoman Capps. Good job.