Panga landing at Montana de Oro leads to 14 arrests

May 30, 2013

PangaMDOSan Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 14 people Wednesday in connection with a panga boat that beached at Montana de Oro State Park.

Just after midnight Wednesday, deputies spotted suspicious vehicles traveling into Montan de Oro, where they dropped off some people. The Sheriff’s Special Operations Unit helped the deputies place the vehicles under surveillance at the location of the drop off.

Around 6:30 a.m., investigators noticed people getting into the vehicles and loading packages. After the vehicles took off, the investigators stopped them on Los Osos Valley Road and found what they believed to be a large quantity of marijuana.

The deputies arrested 14 people and booked them in San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges including transporting marijuana for sale and possession of marijuana for sale and conspiracy. The majority of those arrested are Mexican nationals.

Officials later discovered an approximately 35-foot panga boat on a secluded beach at Montana de Oro. The beached boat marked the fifth time a panga landed in San Luis Obispo County in the past year.

Approximately six months ago, the Sheriff’s Office received a federal grant for deploying coastal patrols in search of panga boats smuggling drugs.

The Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the California Highway Patrol and state parks rangers are assisting the Sheriff’s Office in the case.


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there might be a few IRS agents who could potrol the shores looking for keywords like “panga”. seriously, where’s all our high-tech devices-taxed to death-gotta haves?

To Citizen, I would guess that ICE takes control of the arrestees and prosecution by the Justice Department, providing they are illegals. If so, then they would likely be tried (plead guilty) spend some time in jail and then deported, only to come back in a year or two piloting another Panga boat.

Too bad they destroy the boats just lke they destroy the weed. Those boats are pretty awesome, very sea-worthy and pretty valuable (costing retail about $30,000 or more depending on how they are outfitted).

Why couldn’t they sell them the way they resell confiscated property and cars, etc… Shoot, some agencies re-sell confiscated guns!

Sell the boats to law-abiding citizens who might love to have a nice fishing boat for legally enjoying the ocean, lakes and such. Also might help to fund these law enforcement efforts.

Plus, if one has a nice boat there are taxes attached to them through the DMV and county assessor. Destroying perfectly good property because of how the POS’s who built it used it is a waste.

Great premise but only applies if one is a legal citizen. Those caught sneaking into our country will be given a wrist slap and sent back into society. The abandoned panga might be auctioned but the happy smoke will just get incinerated…

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf ?

The big bad wolf

The big bad wolf

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf ?


I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf

The big bad wolf

The big bad wolf

I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf


Chief Copsey loses $$$ pocketing from this. So does DA Shea..

WTF does Copsey have to do with this?

Fellow commenters, have you lost your minds?? How can we possibly entertain legalizing these drugs? Think of all the poor law enforcement personnel who will become unemployed if this grand, fear-based pork barrel is abolished. Why, the overwhelming majority of them couldn’t GET another job, they are so hopelessly overqualified.

What do you mean what does Copsey have to do with it. He does nothing. I’ve done EVERYTHING short of shooting up the house or burning it down! I have owned 4 homes in Grover Beach and walking down a street with my dog is unsafe. I’ve cleaned up needles on my property while trying to take my dog for a walk. I have called every number provided to me numerous times only to be told “We’ll check it out”. Finally this time I was told “we don’t have the manpower” I’m at a loss! I own my home and this WAS supposed to be a great area Uli Tories nondisclosure. ! Instead its depressing! We feel like prisoners in our own home. Afraid of looking at someone the wrong way, afraid that someone might actually hurt us .I have witnessed Nothing from Grover Beach Chief Copsey. After many many calls on of drug addicts. Nothing is ever done. I have met other home owners who cannot sell thier home due to sharing vidios’s pictures of drug dealing to Chicf Copsey and not even an incident report was made.Proposition 215 is the most ridiculous law ever enacted…it’s nothing more than legalized dope dealing. the criminals are winning in this city.

Have a timeout (gimlet)

???? or !!!!

email please.

I would like to know what actually happens to the people arrested? We never hear anything. Are they prosecuted or deported or just welcomed as new illegals to California?


You’re not supposed to ask those kinds of questions when you are playing charades!

You’ll spoil the game!

“The beached boat marked the fifth time a panga landed in San Luis Obispo County in the past year.”

And who says we don’t have a border problem? Just lucky all they were sneaking in was happy smoke and not a nuke…

Probably make some pretty good fudge or brownies. Damn, nobody called me!

God Bless all who share even happy butter.