School bus collides with Mercedes on Nipomo Mesa

May 15, 2013

school busA school bus collided with a Mercedes Wednesday morning on the Nipomo Mesa. [Tribune]

Around 6:50 a.m., the bus and Mercedes collided on the mesa near Highway 1 and Calle Bendita. The crash blocked the southbound lane of Highway, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Following the crash, an ambulance arrived at the scene but did not transport anyone to the hospital. The extent of any injuries is currently unknown.

The bus was transporting two children.

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What was the make of the ambulance? Or the bus, for that matter? Was it a Gillig?

Really, who cares what the make of the automobile was?

Obviously it mattered so much you commented.

Most don’t give it a second thought.

I guess I shouldn’t fault you for trying to find the bright side in this.

Seems like a Mercedes is a good vehicle to get in an accident with, as the driver is likely it have good insurance. OTOH, the driver is likely to have good legal representation as well. So it’s a mixed bag.

Glad no one needed a ride in the ambulance.

That’s a very dubious assumption, considering one can buy a used Mercedes Benz for a few thousand dollars or less any day of the week.

You also seem to assume the driver in the Mercedes was at fault. Do you know something about the accident that was not reported in the article?

But I have to agree with you about being glad there didn’t seem to be any need for an ambulance to take someone to the hospital (however, that doesn’t necessarily mean victims were not taken to the hospital in other vehicles, as happens sometimes.)

Seems like a school bus, likewise, is a good candidate to get in an accident with, as the driver is likely very well insured. OTOH, the driver is also likely to have access to good legal representation.

Taken thusly, I’d say this accident — and we’re assuming it was an accident, Wiserguy — was probably pretty good for everyone.

Particularly if no one had to ride in an ambulance.