Atascadero woman leads police on high-speed chase

May 15, 2013
Tatum Stewart

Tatum Stewart

For the second time in less than three years, an Atascadero woman has attempted to flee law enforcement officers by leading then on a high-speed pursuit.

On Tuesday, officers with the Atascadero Police Department and San Luis Obispo County Probation Department attempted to pull over a white BMW driven by Tatum Stewart, 25, for violating the terms of her probation.

Stewart fled in her BMW, reaching speeds of about 65 MPH on surface streets in Atascadero.

Officers arrested Stewart for felony evading an officer and for having fraudulent registration tabs on her vehicle.

In 2010, Stewart was driving with a suspended license and false registration tabs when Atascadero police tried to pull her over for an electrical violation. She fled the police and led them on a chase through Atascadero to Los Osos.



Needs a little powder on her forehead.


Her first name says it all….


Read: “Atascadero woman leads police on a high on speed chase!”


Took me a minute.

“Atascadero woman leads police on a high-on-speed chase.”

Good work!


Let’s hope she’s not a breeder.


She’s 25 and from Atascadero. She’s probably already a Grandmother.


Guess she didn’t learn the first time! Ya don’t put fake reg stickers on your car and ya don’t try to out run the police!! What a dip! Too funny actually….just glad she didn’t hit anyone.


Why was she not in jail or in ASH for starters?


This woman sounds a little mentally challenged. None of her behavior makes any sense.


Yes really, who drives on a suspended license without making certain that they’re car is properly registered and all their electrical works properly. Talk about driving with a hit me stick hanging out your window. Then when the red lights flash, you run and speed and it’s all recorded on the cops dash cam, so now you have 3 violations instead of one.

Not much happens in Atascadero and so the cops notice dumb people! LOL


They notice A LOT, I bet… ;-)