Spatafore drops out of SLO council race

May 7, 2013
John Spatafore

John Spatafore

Attorney John Spatafore withdrew from the race for the open San Luis Obispo City Council seat Monday, shortly after the Tribune endorsed one of his opponents, Carlyn Christianson. [KSBY]

Spatafore said he ended his candidacy because he believed he might splinter the vote.

With Spatafore no longer in the race to fill the seat vacated by Andrew Carter, Christianson is the only liberal leaning candidate remaining. Christianson, who currently serves as the county planning commissioner for Supervisor Adam Hill, also has the endorsements of the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party, Mayor Jan Marx and Councilman John Ashbaugh.

Three other candidates remain in the race.

Former councilman and current Guadalupe police officer, Paul Brown, has described himself as “a conservative voice” needed to restore balance on the council.

Los Angeles County firefighter Kevin Rice says he demands accountability for the use of revenue from Measure Y, the city’s half-cent sales tax, which will be up for renewal in 2014.

Local welder Donald Hedrick opposes the city’s “mean-spirited” approach to the homeless and its membership in the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives and says that he wants to challenge Marx to “an arm wrestling match” for the seat on the county Air Pollution Control District board.

The city will hold a vote-by-mail special election for the open seat on the council with a term that ends in 2014. The city clerk will begin mailing ballots on May 20, and voters must return them by June 18.


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It’s time for new blood…

The last thing we need is another dilettante.

I’m voting for Rice.

I saw Donald Hedrick at Farmers Market the other night with a hat on his head the shape of a boot, cruising around on his handmade electric chariot. Totally kooky, but warm and friendly. A few months ago I was at bike night talking to him and he, completely out of the blue, handed me a Milky Way bar.

Part of me is thinking “slow, he would be an unmitigated disaster for the city, disrupt planning, make everyone a laughingstock and make city business unmanageable.” But it’s only a 18 month term… he’s been consistently involved in SLO city politics for years. He knows how things work.

I say give him a shot. I’ll take a kook any day over dullards and cranks. Donald Hedrick and his Milky Way bars!

Spatafore is a quitter. Quit SLCUSD mid term, quits SLO City race mid-run.

Don’t bother throwing your fedora in the ring again.

well, there are always a lot of possibilities when someone drops out at absolutely the last minute. One can only wonder what kind of revelations might be coming out… but no matter, he’s history.

The real concern is whether or not we want a city council that all things alike, walks alike and squats together?

After getting a notification from the city that we are getting some serious “fee” (read tax) increases on water and sewer in the next few months … I can’t help but think we need someone who can bring some common sense to the table….

This is an important election… don’t throw your vote away.

Oh hum. Just another day in SLO Town politics! So what else is new and who do ya think the Mayor and the Demo Central Committee is supporting in this dog race anyway. Conflicts of interest appear to be ramped in the local elections. Remember the local electorate gets what they gets, more of the same!!

When I heard the announcement this morning on King Harris’ news, I first thought, “uh-oh, who found some bad dirt on this guy…” I was waiting for the “I am dropping out to spend more time with my family” line that busted politicos usually offer up.

Let’s see, Spatafore drops out, what’s new. A Los Angeles County firefighter Kevin Rice says he demands accountability. What does being a firefighter from Los Angeles have to do with being a Council member. Didn’t Paul Brown get flushed out of Morro Bay over losing his gun? Another great choice. And so you are left with a Liberal and a Welder. I would vote for the welder. Let’s see someone else other than the status quo.

Paul Brown didn’t get “flushed out” of Morro Bay over his gun being stolen. He admitted fault immediately and voluntarily resigned his position. Compare that to ex-Paso Police Chief Lisa Solmon whose unregistered gun was stolen, and instead of admitting to it, she tried to cover it up. I don’t know about you, but I think it is refreshing to find a politician who is immediately open and honest when he makes a mistake and takes full responsibility for it. Everyone makes mistakes during their life – it is how you deal with those mistakes that matters. Paul Brown has shown himself to be a man of integrity and I would not hesitate to give him my vote.

Smart decision. Although Carlyn was probably a shoe-in anyway. This lady has the experience and fiscal smarts the city needs. She will offer the same voice as Carter on budget matters.

Don’t hold your breath on that “fiscal smarts” bit- she thinks since the money is available., damn the residents’ concerns ,full speed ahead with the$9 million homeless shelter; she is endorsed by John Ashbaugh and Jan Marx and the Democrat Central Committee, hardly paragons of fiscal responsibility; she will be another tax and spend and regulate voice at a time when we desperately need to get a grip on the city’s financial mess. And don’t forget the Trib endorsed her. Enough said. What a disaster. If you like the current city council priorities and high paid staff by all means vote for her.

And Galaxy supported her and we all know he is for CAPSLO, full speed ahead with the shelter. It is Torres we don’t want running a nazi camp…

You lost me at “endorsed by John Ashbaugh and Jan Marx”…

Of course, Carlyn never had a chance at my vote. I just do not like insiders.

Hedricks is getting my vote. While not a pedigreed candidate, maybe it’s time we through out the whole notion of pedigreed politicians, as they are the ones who have gotten us where we are.

The democrats want to make sure one of their own is elected, and since three were running, one had to drop to not divide the votes. Actually, of the three, John was probably the better of them. Certainly the smartest and most fair.

Smart and fair? You sure he was a democrat?

As a liberal who usually votes Demo I am furious with the local Dems, they should keep out of this local non partisan election. I don’t know if the Repos have taken a stand but the Dem party should keep OUT of these things.

The Democratic Central Committee’s antics make me want to vomit…

The Republican Central Committee does not get involved in these races like the Democrat Central Committee does. There is always informal networking, but nothing like the Democrats with questionnaires and formal endorsements.