Fresno man jailed for park shooting

May 7, 2013
Santa Rosa Park

Santa Rosa Park

A 19-year-old Fresno man has been arrested in connection with a Nov. 7, 2012 shooting in San Luis Obispo’s Santa Rosa Park that left a man partially paralyzed.

Benjamin Adam Ma was taken into custody April 19 by Fresno police officers after he was spotted sitting in front of a liquor store. Ma was wanted in connection with the shooting of the unidentified victim, said Lt. John Bledsoe of the San Luis Obispo Police Department. Ma has been transported back to this county and remains in jail on $500,000 bail.

Police continue to seek Mitchell Soundara as a suspect in the same case, and five others have been arrested on “various charges” related to the park incident.

According to investigators, the victim had gone to the park to make what was described as a “large purchase” of marijuana. When the suspects tried to rob him, said Bledsoe in a release, the victim fled, and was shot in the back with a small-caliber pistol.

He remains paralyzed in one leg, said Bledsoe.

Ma is charged with attempted murder, robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, sale of marijuana, and a variety of firearms violations with enhancements.

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Well, at least they had their marijuana medical cards!

I wonder if this would have happened at a marijuana store, where safety (guarded) is much better.

Or have we regressed in our thinking, i.e. Stopping legal abortion to go back to the 1950s using coat hangers.

Just another example of how vulnerable the central coast is and how these perps, bangers and miscreants misbehave openly knowing little will be done to prevent them from acting out…

And let me guess, I bet this fine young Fresno youth is a banger to boot!!!!

Last names Ma and Soundara. Sounds like an Asian gang ?