Armed robbery at Paso Robles bank

June 19, 2013

paso 33Paso Robles police are looking for a man who held up the Wells Fargo Bank on Spring Street at gunpoint on Tuesday.

At about 9:20 a.m., the robber wearing a dark blue bandanna covering his face and carrying a semi-automatic handgun entered the Bank and demanded cash.

The suspect fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash in an older model Ford Explorer, maroon or burgundy in color, with a slight lift and oversize off-road style tires. The vehicle also had a factory luggage rack on the roof and a tinted rear window. A partial license plate was of 4JXS or 4JX5 was noted.

Police describe the robber as a white man, 6 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing about 220 pounds.



Here’s what we didn’t read in the story….From a reputable source..

The perp walked into the bank looking just like the picture. Seeing this, the teller’s immediately pushed their alarm buttons. It took the perp approximately 90 seconds from the time he walked in to brandish his weapon, yell out “Shut up and put the money up in front of you!”, take the money, and exit the bank.

It took the Paso PD almost 8 minutes to get to the bank. The station is just about 3 blocks away.


Maybe something the new Chief can clarify for us?

Glad that no one at the bank was hurt.


I do not know what took them so long, but I would not expect that officers responding were sitting in their station waiting… do police depts have “standby” officers? I usually see them cruising, or trying to collect the driver’s tax…

Truth Hurts

Drivers tax. Hahaha. And what if there was no enforcement of traffic laws. You might follow the rules but others will not..there are irresponsible people out there. Accidents would go through the roof so would insurance rates. If you have a better idea please share. Sorry the only way to get people to follow laws is to fine them maybe cops should people in a penalty box like in hockey. Speeding 30 min in the box!!!


Judging from Paso PD’s slow response time and the absence of a strong, kick-a$$ kind of police chief, I’m surprised there aren’t more armed robberies in Paso.

The previous police chief was busy singing and promoting the wine festival. The new police chief was at her side during those years. Why would we think he’ll be any different? Paso needs a tough-on-crime, no-nonsense kind of chief who will act as a deterrent to prospective criminals. Burton’s NOT that kind of leader.

If I were a thug, casing prospective towns for criminal activities, I’d probably come to Paso because its P D has been understaffed and poorly managed for so long.

Truth Hurts

A few things about your comment…first the alarm button does not go directly to dispatch… It goes to an

Alarm company that then has to call dispatch…sometimes the delay can be lengthy….then dispatch has to get the call and start dispatching units again that can take 30 seconds or longer…then it depends on where the officers are at…..even with lights and siren it can still take several mins. Or they could be on another call and have to drop everything to respond. When you respond to an alarm call at a bank as long as there are not shots being fired officers will set up outside the bank. The first officer on scene is not going to run in the bank with his gun out he/she is setting up and reporting what is going on from their position to the incoming units. After additional units get there they can call the manager out or go in and clear the bank… I have no doubt that the people in the bank didn’t see an officer for 8 mins but that was more than likely the not the actual response time.

Jorge Estrada

Semi-automatic hand gun, now that’s making a point. Don’t forget his fully-automatic fingers and deadly stance. What happend to the term “armed robber” ? I find it very obvious that media takes every opportunity to place labels for sake of word smithing another agenda. While they are at it, how would Negro Bank Robber or Mexican Theives work in the today’s news?


“What happend to the term “armed robber”” Armed robbery at Paso Robles bank.

Did you even read the article or did the rush to pro gun defence distract someone.

Speaking of agenda…..


Well now, that’s one of the more inane comments I’ve read in quite a while.


Hope Paul Brown has an alibi.


Union lackeys are out in force today, it seems.


Wackeys are out in force today, it seems.