Grand Jury report calls Templeton board dysfunctional

June 19, 2013

templeton22By KAREN VELIE

At least one of Templeton’s elected officials is rude to the public and as a group they have failed to comply with laws set in place to provide transparency and to allow for public participation, according to a San Luis Obispo County Grand Jury report released last week.

“The 2012 Board of Director of the Templeton Community Services District has behaved as a dysfunctional group to the detriment of the community,” the report says.

Specifically, the Grand Jury found that the board did not provide sufficient time for public comment, canceled too many regular meetings it replaced with special meetings, did not properly disclose actions taken in closed session and did not hold their general manager accountable.

Amid the Grand Jury investigation, former general manager Jeff Hodge resigned in January. The districts new manager, Jeff Briltz, took over today.

The Grand Jury also found “that one board member had contributed to the general unrest within TCSD.”

“There was ample testimony that the board member in question has been rude to the public, has verbally attacked the staff, including the general manager, and has alienated other board members,” the report says.

Board President Judith Dietch said she was not at liberty to disclose the name of the board member who is accused of being rude to the citizenship.

“I do not want to dwell on what one board member did,” Dietch said. “My goal as board president is to bring the board together to attend to district business and not to play political games.”

The interim manager Dave Andres said district officials have already addressed many of the issues raised by the Grand Jury including implementing new policies and sponsoring a Brown Act workshop.


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Same tactics used by the California Valley CSD and their joke of an attorney. The board attorney’s job?

Protect the board members, not the actual public they are supposed to serve.

So much for a change in how things will be run at TCSD – the scandals and incompetence will continue

“It was on Friday when Lemoore Councilmember Willard Rodarmel confirmed with The Leader that council members decided at a special meeting on Thursday, March 28, to authorize Mayor Billy Siegel to seek Briltz’s resignation”

There are many, many more articles on the new GM and the scandals that plagued his tenure at Lemoore. Great JOB TCSD Board and Staff!!!

Is there a CSD that isn’t dysfunctional…anywhere?

Take out Templeton CSD and replace it with SLO City or County BoS, and it could easily work the same. Why has there been no GJ for SLO? Or even Oceano? I think the real challenge is finding a government body that is NOT inept, corrupt, and dysfunctional.

That’d be an interesting twist for the media (especially CCN): find us a government body that actually WORKS. Now THERE’s your headline!

To the sociopathic anarchists masquerading as libertarian conservatives there can be no acceptable governmental body.

r0y IS NOT saying (as you indicate) “there can be no acceptable governmental body.”

He IS saying it would be a challenge to find governmental bodies who are not inept, corrupt and dysfunctional.

There is a big difference between those two statements, and I believe you are being dishonest in your implications of the meaning of r0y’s statement.

There are a huge number of government agencies and I think it would be difficult to say that, across America, there are very few non-corrupted government agencies.

However, IMO, there are certainly enough of them about which we know (and some of them so incredibly powerful that their corruption and control/influence of other government agencies would ensure corruption is widely spread over their domain of subordinate government agencies) that I believe there is a good chance r0y is close to correct.

No, I’m not being dishonest in my interpretation of r0y’s statement. He doesn’t have anything nice to say about government. Cynicism is the little black dress of politics: it goes with everything. It was once the intellectual fashion among liberals. Now it’s fashionable among conservatives.

I think that bureaucracies evolve to protect themselves rather than to fulfill their original mission, but I’m not willing to dismiss all government out of hand.

Great metaphor regarding cynicism and LBD.

When I read the GJ report on the Templeton CSD, I was shocked at how many problems that needed addressing were some of the same problems OCSD has.

SO easy and cheap to say. Perhaps rOy should run and show us all how it should be done.

Public employees and servants tend to be of a similar mindset, all others are generally excluded. This is why many communities (and universities… and newspapers… etc.) are where they are. If you cannot recognize this, then what can we say.

rOy is not a “we”. It is presumptuous, to say the least, to pretend to know or understand

the mindset of members of any political body. Maybe he’s a psychic? Or a psychologist?

Certainly not much of a rational thinking person. Just a lonely goofball tapping out

drivel on a website.

We? No roy.

And continued indirect insults don’t help.

Not stealing money from utility rate-payers would be a good start.

““There was ample testimony that the board member in question has been rude to the public …..”

Is Paul Brown midnighting as a Templeton board member too?

According to KSBY Carlyn Christianson received 48% of the vote in an election for which 34% of the electorate turned out. Surely the mandate of the people could not be more clear. Happy now?

Not quite sure how this turned to SLO, but you can’t be serious in calling 16% of the population voting for a candidate a mandate.

I’m sorry. That was meant as a tongue-in-cheek response to a comment on SLO’s politics, which of course has nothing to do with Templeton.

Maybe you have Mr. Brown confused with Mr. Hill?