Building in Atascadero explodes

June 8, 2013

fire fire fireAs firefighters were rushing to a fire at a fiberglass repair shop in Atascadero on Friday evening, the building exploded. [KCOY]

At about 6 p.m., a fire was reported at the building located off Sycamore and Curbaril roads. Firefighters are investigating the cause of the explosion.

Chemicals in the building were of a concern to firefighters who were accompanied by a hazmat team. A total of 20 engines responded to the fire.

No one was in the building at the time and no one was injured. The building appears to be a total loss.



Remember this when comparing firefighters with other public servants. The job is dangerous at best and no one was every in harms way working behind a desk…


Maybe there should be a bonus system in place, then? I mean if 95% of your “work” is not much, but that 5% can potentially be an exploding building, then have a hazard bonus, but bring the rest of the salary in-line with reason? Maybe fire is still a sacred cow (like police used to be, and teachers were). Who knows.


No-you don’t compare firefighters with other public servants. You compare them with other firefighters across the country, most likely in much more dangerous places than this county.


The recent fire in Paso at 6th and Olive had at least 4 explosions:

This fire almost burned the neighborhood down, even though the Paso fire department responded quickly. It was no ordinary house fire.