First he confessed, now he says he is not guilty

June 16, 2013
Steven Daniel Celaya

Steven Daniel Celaya

A San Luis Obispo man, who recently turned himself in to San Luis Obispo police claiming he robbed a bank in Atascadero, now claims he is innocent. [KCOY]

On Friday, Steven Celaya pled not guilty to two charges of bank robbery.

Three days earlier, Celaya went to the police department and said he had robbed the Bank of America in Atascadero on June 7.

After a day-long interview with investigators, Celaya also said he robbed the Chase Bank in San Luis Obispo on May 25. Police then searched Celaya’s house and found some evidence he had committed the robberies.

Celaya is slated to be back in court for a pre-preliminary hearing on June 20th.


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It’s a good think I don’t run things…

If this guy was just looking for “three hots and a cot”, he’d have plead guilty. Pleading not guilty leaves open the chance that he might be found not guilty due to some reason and sent back to the street.

Now really, how would the hundreds of Lawyers in our county make any money at all if everyone, or even anyone, told the truth….Why there would be no expensive trials, and retrials and appeals and maybe some of the convicts on death row would die for their crimes and not from old age waiting execution

No big deal. Anybody who has hired a lawyer for anything, civil or criminal, knows the process of gathering evidence, or discovery as its called, takes some time. And while that is going on, there’s no sense in entering a guilty or no contest plea at this time. Both sides have probably not reviewed all available discovery yet, including the bank surveillance tape(s) that were mentioned in the Trib. At the very least, the lawyers would be derelict in their duty not to review all issues present, including possible substance abuse or mental health issues of this person. If there are drugs involved, it would make sense to have drug rehab be part of the solution (he pays for it himself, not the taxpayers). I said part of the solution, not all. Jail time may be necessary too.

Currently ………….He now has a place to stay sleep and eat at no expense to

him………… just us……………. the taxpayers.


Is there another justice system you prefer?

Are you certain that this man of this man’s guilt? People have and do confess to crimes that they are unconnected with. It crazy but the police and DAs do have to deal with that.

Though I agree that this man is most likely trying to get 3 hots and a cot, the evidence against him must still be presented (including his confession).

The sad truth is, it is much easier to use the penal system (for lodging) than navigate the mental health systems or other programs designed to help those in need. Either way it shows up on your record when your background gets checked. So if no one you know cares enough (or is able) to help why not choose the easiest path. Isn’t self interest the guiding principle our country decided on in the ’80s?

Regardless in the interest of justice both Celaya and the people need their day in court so that the facts as known at the time of trial may be laid out and (with luck?) a just and fair verdict may be reached.

(yeah, fairly sure that’s uncommon but we gotta have goals to strive for)

Yeah, um, that would make sense if the article hadn’t stated that he had a house.. but no sense in letting details get in the way of making your point.

Lawyered up.