Los Osos battle over McDonalds turns ugly

June 17, 2013

mcdonaldsDuring a land use advisory committee meeting on June 13 set to discuss a proposed McDonalds to be built in Los Osos, people cursed and yelled at those with differing opinions.

About 100 attendees rallied against the proposed 24 hour a day fast food restaurant. Opponents voiced concerns over water usage, architecture, noise, lighting and food quality.

Representatives of the applicant, Mel Cruz McDonalds LLC, spoke of the jobs the restaurant would provide and about vegetarian options that would be included on the menu.

If approved, the McDonalds will be located on Los Osos Valley Road in a building previously leased by Bank of America. The building, which sits in the Vons Shopping Center parking lot, has been vacant for about seven years.

During the meeting, the applicant said that if they receive their permits by August, the restaurant could be opened in late October.

Several residents responded by cursing and yelling at the applicants during the meeting.

On June 27, the Los Osos Community Advisory Council will revisit the application before making its recommendation to the SLO Planning Department.


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more protectionism talk, no McDs because our restaurants need your money, that makes no sense as they aren’t the same customers, drive thrus are good for the disabled, seniors who can’t get in and out of their cars easily, young families with lots of little children, not easy to get them all in and out, etc. there is a need for a 24 hour restaurant. Who is protesting?

I wonder if the reaction from these folks would be the same if it were an In and Out instead of McDonald’s

What we have out here is a vocal group of whiners that will never be happy with anything new or different. I don’t have a problem with a business filling a space that is empty and available. Good for them. The market, including those same whiners, will dictate how successful McDonald’s will be. McDonald’s is not coming into Los Osos for the view. They study the market and respond with investment. Then, not long after this store opens Burger King will be right across the street. That is BK’s market pattern.

To the :Los Osos whiners – Act like adults, just for a change, if you can. If not, try this “Sit, Stay”.

I simply don’t understand. Adam Hill, our es-steamed County Supervisor, told everyone how to be CIVIL by not associating with COLAB, the Tea Party, or political activist Kevin P. Rice.

Did these angry people in Los Osos have any contact with COLAB, the Tea Party, or Kevin P. Rice? Then, what the heck happened?