Man attempts to kidnap See Canyon teen

June 28, 2013
Brett Edgell

Brett Edgell

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man they said tried to kidnap a 17 year-old Thursday on Pippin Lane in See Canyon.

Brett Allen Edgell, 26, of Minneapolis was driving a stolen SUV when he allegedly began ramming a car driven by the teenage victim. He then approached the teen and told her several times to get into his SUV.

The teen escaped and locked herself in her home.

Responding to a call from the victim’s father, deputies located Edgell who led them on a short pursuit that ended with Edgell attempting to ram a sheriff vehicle.

However, Edgell’s vehicle became stuck. Before being arrested, Edgell struggled with a deputy who sustained minor injuries.

Deputies booked Edgell into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. Edgell is facing charges of attempted kidnapping, false imprisonment, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, felony auto theft, attempting to evade a peace officer in a reckless manner, and resisting arrest. He is being held without bail.


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This piece of trash and the one that stole the car and raped the lady in Paso should both be hung as a possible deterent to others for these crimes.

Glad the young lady got home and wasn’t hurt, and her dad called the law,although See Canyon the buzzards would have had a snack for a day or two.

Great, now you and I and other tax payers can pay for housing, meals, and medical for this scum for the next 15 years. What a deal!

…illiterate trash and his stacking felonies isn’t making this tax payer happy…

tell me this doesn’t warrant public corporal punishment.

Brett Allen Edgell Jr. has a long history of crime, with public records going back to age 18. Setting cars on fire? Check. Domestic assault? Check. Interfering with 911 calls? Check. Theft of a vehicle and obstructing the legal process? Check. Shaming his father’s name with a life of crime? Check.

If I were a cop, I would be looking to see where this guy has been and if there are any missing girls. I would guess this isn’t the first time he has tried this. Dude looks like a serial killer….

Is it just me, or does the mug shot make it seem like this guy is a total “punk”? Once he is finally sentenced at sent off to wherever, I’m sure that he will make some other inmate a nice girlfriend, getting some justice, in the end.

As for the young lady who was attacked, kudos for doing such a good job of protecting yourself, fighting back instead of submitting and not being just a victim. I do hope she gets some counseling though to help her with the aftermath (possible ptsd?) , and maybe her or her family might consider helping her cope by taking some self defense training. Good job though.

The mug shot is one of defiance and hatred, shear arrogance even though he is in custody. And yes it was a good thing she got away or the girl might be dead. Rex Krebs had this same look on his face in his mug shot…

Edgel is a tough guy poser, Krebs has demons

justice in the end .

rape has nothing to do with justice.

I am disappointed in you.

Yes, my comment was juvenile; while it is horrible that many men in prison are raped for no other reason then that the rapist can do the crime, I still feel that a person who has committed rape or has tried to might just experience karma if they themselves become a victim. I realize I am not putting forth an adult conversation when I suggest someone like Brett Allan Edgell should suffer the same type of attack that he might have been planning to carry out, but as much as I try to put forth an attitude of tolerance and understanding, I have no patience with a person attempting an act of violence like this person did. I will attempt to put forth a more adult perspective in the future.

Its summer, and all of the out of town predators are here….great…have fun in Wasco, chump.

Before being arrested, Edgell struggled with a deputy who sustained minor injuries.


what the? is it me or is this stuff happening more often? I’ll say it again, first leg of justice in these instances should take place on the street where the perp resists arrest if you know what I mean. Edgell should then be arraigned in a hospital with moderate to severe injuries including several broken bones the idea to get the arthritis and crippling started right now.

Stick time or an attitude adjustment. Well they’re a bit nervous now a days due to dash cams I suppose. Back in the day , he would have been quite anxious to get to the relative safety of the jail.

While I would love to see this guy thrown in a crocodile nest, I wouldn’t want our deputies to suffer the long term psychological effects of intentionally violently hurting someone. Restraint on their part is better for them and the general public. Hopefully his court sentence will include punishment for hurting the deputy.