Murder suspect nabbed after high-speed chase

June 24, 2013
Joseph Munoz

Joseph Munoz

An Oceano murder suspect led San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies on a high speed chase that ended in Guadalupe on Sunday.

Sheriff investigators discovered Joseph Munoz, 35, traveling in a car driven by Cassandra Deleon, 24, of Santa Maria and attempted to pull over the vehicle, but Deleon sped off reaching speeds of 70 miles an hour.

Santa Maria police assisted in the pursuit that lasted more than 20 minutes and stretched over 27 miles.

Deputies had been searching for Munoz, a person of interest in an altercation that turned deadly on Friday night. Joseph Padilla, 25, of Nipomo died from injuries he sustained during a fight in Oceano on the 1300 block of 19th Street.

Deputies arrested Deleon on probation violations and booked her into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. She is being held without bail. Deleon also faces a felony evading arrest charge in Santa Barbara County.

Munoz is being held in San Luis Obispo County Jail on flash incarceration. Under realignment reform, people can be placed on post release community supervision rather than traditional probation. The penalty for violating the terms of post release is flash incarceration which amounts to no more than 10 days in jail.

Investigators have not yet charged Munoz with murder.

Another passenger in the car, Stacy Araujo, 42, of Santa Maria was detained and released, sheriff officials said in a press release.


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“Community Supervision”-FAIL 

Looks really innocent of all crimes to me!

Professor Math would like to know if the chase lasted 27 miles and 20 minutes, how fast was that car going again? I believe that 27 miles in 20 minutes works out to 81 mph… I suppose they may factor in initial reaction delays, and possibly end-of-chase time, etc.

Flash what? Post what? Am I reading here that Brown released a Prisoner from prison and he went out and killed someone? Really????

And this won’t be the last one…

“Am I reading here that Brown released a Prisoner from prison and he went out and killed someone?”

What balderdash !

It was the California Penal System that released this offender, under the realities of years of underfunding by various administrations and legislatures … mostly Republican.

NOT Governor Brown.

Nice try at a strawman.

Yeah, ALL of California’s woes are due to REPUBLICANS, for they have run this state into the ground the last 20 years they’ve been in power! Oh wait…

Whaaa ha ha ha, California is under republican control??? Whaaa ha ha ha Break out the ass-hats Rudy, the ship of fools is back in port.

What are we going to do with these people who are so tatted up with gang symbols that no one will hire them? This applies to white supremacy gangs as well as Hispanic gangs. Do we really have to support these worthless people on government programs while they deal drugs and return to gang activity? Any suggestions?

Yawnnn……… anyone old enough to remember Edmond G “Pat” Brown……………. The greatest liberal, left wing, politician in California history. Look at the wonderful Son Jerry did in the City of Oakland… an open sewer pipe.