State lead bullet ban proposed

June 24, 2013

bulletsA state Senate panel will consider a proposal today to completely ban the use of lead ammunition in California.

If the measure by Assemblyman Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) makes it into law, all lead would be banned in bullets, shell shot and other ammunition in all parts of the state.

Presently, non lead ammunition must be used in specific areas for taking big game or coyotes in deer hunting areas in the California condor range.

According to documents presented by the Southern California lawmaker, lead poisoning “has been shown to be a leading cause of mortality in condors, as condors are scavengers and feed primarily on dead carrion – a source of ingested lead. Condors and other wildlife – including avian predators and scavengers such as bald eagles, golden eagles, turkey vultures, red-tailed hawks and ravens, remained threatened by environmental lead. Numerous upland game bird species, including mourning doves, ring-necked pheasants and wild turkeys, are also threatened.”

Opposition to the bill is organized by the California Rifle and Pistol Association, officials of which said in response to the bill’s presentation that the lead ban “has failed to decrease” condor deaths by lead poisoning.

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The extremist environmental groups in the United States are demanding a ban on hunting with lead ammunition and they continue to justify their demand by claiming that scavenging animals, such as the California condor, ingest and are poisoned by pieces of metallic lead bullets present in gut piles of harvested game left in the field by hunters. But there are serious scientific questions about the validity of their claims to justify a lead ban. What these groups are not revealing is that there are other sources of lead in the environment. To learn all the facts in the lead ammunition debate, visit