Paso Robles alligator causes stir in Antelope Valley

June 10, 2013

PasoGatorA “Zoo to You” alligator and resident of Paso Robles opportunely defecated in its cage last week on a ride home from an Antelope Valley elementary school. [LA Times]

On June 4, Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies held a photo-op with an alligator after a sequence of events that occurred when the gator “soiled its cage,” officials said.

The alligator, which is part of a Paso Robles based mobile zoo program for youth, defecated in its cage in Lancaster on the drive back from Quartz Hill Elementary School.

The driver of the alligator’s van stopped near a Lancaster intersection for a cleanup, and two women stepped out, one holding the gator.

Someone nearby then called the Sheriff’s Department.

“The caller feared the female was about to abandon the beast in the desert,” the Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

But, the women packed the reptile back into the van and drove away. The caller then followed the van until deputies stopped the vehicle several miles away.

After speaking with the women, the deputies had their photo taken with the gator and said, “See you later, alligator.”

The women also confessed to having a kangaroo inside the van.