San Luis Obispo County supervisor selling his home

June 3, 2013

gibson houseDistrict 2 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson has listed his Cayucos ranch for sale.

The rural Cottontail Creek Road property comes with a three bedroom, three-bathroom main house on 170 acres for an asking price of $2,595,000.

The listing culminates a turbulent seven-month period for the supervisor, currently in his second term of office. Last November, Gibson announced he had been engaged in a long-term affair with his administrative assistant Cherie Aispuro.

In January, Gibson’s wife, San Luis Obispo doctor Grace Crittenden, filed for divorce after more than 33 years of marriage.

Voters in District 2 were recently contacted for a phone survey, attempting to measure the impact of these developments on Gibson’s chances for reelection in 2014.

Gibson has said that he is currently living with his parents in Cambria. State law requires county supervisors to live in the district they serve.


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Gibson’s hypocrisy is outstanding – give people a hard time for wanting the same as what he has.

His lust for power and control (and superiority complex and vindictiveness) is just as outstanding – make people who want the same for themselves pay through the nose to get it – what were the development fees/rate schedule at the time when Gibson’s property was improved? (what were the County’s salaries and retirement benefits obligations then? and now?) Who has voted to raise every fee since? What an evil, selfish thing to do …. make it harder for others to get the same enjoyment from what they own. Increase the cost of living for everyone ’cause hey, it’s no sweat of their backs – they can just raise their own salaries – how many people give themselves that luxury?

In response to Pelican1’s comment: “we should be focusing on holding him accountable until such time as he can be removed from office.”


What’s wrong with people in this county? Everybody sits around bitching about their so-called “representatives” as they REPEATEDLY screw them over and prove their selfishness and incompetence, and INCREASE THE COST OF LIVING FOR EVERYONE, yet no one wants to get off their a** and remove them from office once and for all! I just don’t get it.

The lame excuses are: “it’s hard” and “it costs money”.

Well, here’s a dose of reality: It’s “hard” to live a free and decent life if you put yourself under incompetent and self-serving idiots. Doing nothing isn’t going to improve the so-called “leadership” in this county. As to the cost – that depends on how many voters came out in the past (which may not be too many) and comes from district funds. I’m confident that the money SAVED by not having wasteful expenses, baloney fees and rates and their subsequent, continuous increases is the payback. (Not to mention the benefit of living in a society with RESPONSIBLE, ACCOUNTABLE, AND DECENT LEADERSHIP.) But do the disgruntled sheeple of SLO county get it? NO!! Apparently, they’re too “slow” (pun intended) in the brains department and would rather continue to suffer than get off their a***s and DEMAND/IMPROVE their local leadership.

All I know is ….. if you won’t control incompetence and corruption at the local level, it won’t be controlled in Sacramento or Washington, and this entire country is sliding downward steep and fast!!

and if you won’t step up now to protect your rights and decent living, be prepared to protect yourself literally ’cause from what I hear, civil war is coming to America. The People can stand only so much bull.