Third strike gives SLO man 30 to life for domestic violence

June 21, 2013

jailA San Luis Obispo man received a 30 years to life sentence Thursday for a domestic violence conviction. [Tribune]

In February, a jury found Robert Eugene Deutsch guilty of domestic violence for strangling his girlfriend. Due to having committed previous felonies, Deutsch qualified for an enhanced sentence under the three-strikes law, which requires a minimum prison term of 25-years-to life.

Deutsch, 37, allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend and bury her where no one would find her while strangling her in October 2012. He allegedly told her during the attack that he was going to kill her to “make going to prison for life worth it.”

Deutsch’s domestic violence conviction included enhancements of making criminal threats and dissuading a victim from reporting a crime.

Prior to committing domestic violence, Deutsch received three armed robbery convictions and one residential burglary conviction in San Luis Obispo County. He also received and eight-year prison term for burglary in New Jersey.

Last year, California voters approved a revision to the three strikes law that makes it only apply to felons who have committed “serious or violent” crimes.


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If he had 3 prior armed robbery convictions plus a burglary conviction all in SLO County, what was this guy doing out of prison in the first place???

Bout sizes it all up… What the hell was he doing out on the street?

WHERES BRONSON when you need him

OOORAH! Marine…Ssgt Rambunctious USMCret.

In jail for manslaughter.


If he will strangle his girlfriend…what will he do to someone else? Seems to me like the three strikes law is in working order…

Please, throw away the key.

Maybe he will be one of the 10,000 they are going to release on us soon.

Consider it a lifetime achievement award.

We do need to revisit prison costs. No reason our criminals should live like kings on taxpayer’s money.

I agree that prison costs need to be drastically reduced, but I don’t know what King’s castle you have visited to say that prisoners live like them on taxpayer money.

If you think fearing for your life every minute of your life is living like a king you need to try to get some help in the thinking area.

I am now enrolled in Lumosity. Join me?