Two Atascadero men arrested for armed robbery

June 21, 2013

rob suspectsAtascadero police arrested two men they say robbed a 7-Eleven in Atascadero Thursday morning at gunpoint.

Shortly before 3 a.m., the men entered the store at 8000 El Camino Real armed with a semi-automatic pistol and demanded cash from the register. After receiving an unreported amount of cash and cigarettes, the men fled.

A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff department and Atascadero police joint investigation led to the arrests of Timothy Crook, 18, and Jaleigh Patterson, 20.

Investigators discovered Crook, who they had determined was the primary suspect, on El Camino Real in Atascadero. He was in possession of a previously reported stolen handgun and other stolen property, police said.

After an interview, officers also arrested Jaleigh Patterson.

Officers booked the two men into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of robbery and criminal conspiracy with each man’s bail set at $60,000. Crook was also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.


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Kudos to Atascadero PD for collaring the perps. From the store videos, there wasn’t much to go on and this demonstrates that the local knowledge of the officers, about who the local shitbirds are, is invaluable.

It will be very interesting to see if this career criminal will actually be charged with the ‘felon in possession’ charge ( and the 5 year mandatory sentence that goes with it. ) Many time the ‘felon in possession’ charge is plea bargained away so the state doesn’t have to house this career criminal for those extra 5 years. It seems to me that those are the kind of people that should have an extra 5 year sentence.

Yup, he’s off to a great start. I suppose we’ll be supporting this waste of oxygen for the next fifty or so years or until he gets killed.

Does anyone ever notice that Paso and Atascadero people are always complaining about the criminal element from Mexico, it’s the white people committing most of heinous crimes?

correction: should be a “while” after the comma.

Do you have any actual stats to back up your claim? Or is this just another way to attack people you perceive to be racists?



Sorry people but I have to bring it up…”Crook was also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.” Gun control isn’t going to stop these people from getting guns.

Also, what a couple of D bags.

Don’t be sorry. Your point is right on. New laws just make these control nuts feel good, while doing nothing but hurt honest people.

Really it’s a new law?

The pro gun nuts are helping to cause more gun control, it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

Self inflicted fear bouncing around the echo chamber.

So you want felons to be allowed to have guns, thats the worst idea I have heard all day.

Sorry, yes quite. This is not calguns

No, you have it all wrong. I don’t want law abiding honest people turned into felons because of knee jerk laws.

No I don’t have it wrong, “law abiding honest people” are not the problem.

That is like saying remove the speed limits (that make people criminals) to protect the “law abiding honest felon people”.

Stop and actually think.

The criminal is already a felon. That precludes him from legally owning a firearm YET it sure didn’t stop him from using one while committing this crime. Understand?

Stop insulting people, I think plenty.

Just because this felon did not heed the law does not mean the extra felony does not cause other criminals to use fingers instead of a gun.

Your talking points are way overused, calguns is that way >>>>

Well,……………….how did he come to own the gun??????????????????

If he got it from a loophole not requiring background checks at gun shows for instance (or from someone who got it that way),………………..then the gun control nuts are correct!

I saw a survey recently that said our gun-related deaths per 100,000 (10.2) is Forty times the United Kingdom’s rate (.25).

Please stop and read the article and gather the facts before spewing off. That would make you appear more intelligent. “He was in possession of a previously reported stolen handgun and other stolen property, police said.”

English people never break the law. They are very bright and can talk their way out of getting tickets. I have witnessed this happening over the years.

The citizens feel safe in England because they know the Queen will protect them. They don’t require guns or anything else used for weapons of mass destruction.

God Bless

Quit tryng to insult kettle. We are a friendly bunch. At least most of us are polite and civil to each other. Only one of us falls a little short in that catagory. Judgemental, argumentative, narrow minded, and with a huge false ego. We can add you to the list and make you think you are a felon.

God Bless

Check out the upcoming “gun show” at Steynberg this July 5, under auspices of

Local artists will be displaying their posters concerning the guns and violence issue.

Eighteen and 20 years old….bad start for their lives. Their bad choice will affect their lives forever.

Eponymous Crook gettin’ a head start on his three strikes.

Congrats to the police on the fast action.

This part kills me. Crook at 18 is already a prior felen. At a time of year when most 18 year olds are graduating High School, this dipshit is already working on going for his Masters Degree in our penal institution. Your parents must be proud.

Yeah, but at least he’s livin’ up to the family name. ;)

Perfect timing 5