Woman carjacked and raped in Paso Robles

June 25, 2013
Edson Tapia

Edson Tapia

Paso Robles police arrested a man who allegedly carjacked a woman and raped her at gun point on Sunday.

At about 8:30 p.m., two men accosted the woman at a gas station on Niblick Road in Paso Robles. The men then coerced the woman to drive them to San Ardo.

After they arrived in San Ardo, one of the men left the vehicle while the other raped the woman at gun point.

The victim was able to escape from the vehicle and the man fled in her car.

On Monday, police arrested Edson Tapia, 21, of San Ardo and booked him into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of kidnapping, auto theft, and carjacking. His bail has been set at $100,000.

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BAIL ONLY AT $100,000?!?! I know DUI offenders that get more than that! He RAPED someone Monterey – very sad!

Paso Robles, I suppose set the bail amount.

In either case this is gross.

Kidnapping, carjacking, rape… how does this clown even qualify for bail? Granted I’m sure he doesn’t have $100.000 to bail himself out but it’s possible a family member could post a 10% bail bond.

Either they left it off, or something is wrong… “rape” was not one of the things listed in the story: “charges of kidnapping, auto theft, and carjacking.”

But yeah, this might be 10x worse than disgraced detective Cory Pierce and his paltry 10K bail.

This is very sad – his bail should be 10x as much – at LEAST!

This kid needs to join the military and get a life.

I guess he can’t even do that now. . .

Starting to get it?

Yeah, but he can vote.

Hey people….don’t be too hard on the guy. He just needs a second, or third, or fourth chance to get his life in order. Could be he missed out on the free lunch program at school when he was younger.

No, no, no! HE had nothing to do with this. This is all OUR FAULT! Society is to blame, we should give up more rights and more power to the government to ensure that this behavior continues to diminish; as it has over the past 100 years we’ve been giving away rights and power. Oh, and kick the Churches and any type of non-government-mandated morality to the curb, just for good measure.

What a POS , he has not run into the right MAN yet give him my #, Ill take care of his troubles

Paso Robles has become the north county equivalent of Santa Maria. Done Deal. The city council of Atascadero has help up paso as an example of what they want to be. Hope they get some wisdom before it’s too late.

Your kind of thinking always makes me laugh. First off the guys where from San Ardo.

Second they could just have easily drove to Atascadero. If you think that living there vs Paso makes you safer and that criminals don’t drive, then sweet dreams.

Another gangster/Dream Act candidate. See his own video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9YBOjINyls

His own “L” sign he makes is the fitting for himself.

Nice find.

Definitely not an American Idol candidate: http://youtu.be/vMlQocv0nKA

Sure he wasnt thinking his Youtube vids would be seen by the public while he was committing his crimes. Scum of the earth!! This jerk so can NOT sing a note worth posting!