Capitol lobbyists are big spenders

July 19, 2013

lobbyistIf you have ever wondered how much money is spent annually by capitol lobbyists to influence politicians and help write a constant flow of proposed legislation, this new database will provide some answers. (Sacramento Bee)

The newspaper reports that $564 million was spent on lobbying California lawmakers during the 2011-2012 legislative session, an increase of 5 per cent over the previous year.

Biggest spender was a major representative of the oil industry, spreading out nearly $10 million in legislative largesse during the 12-month period through the Western States Petroleum Association.

Also playing big in the influence department were the California Teachers Association ($8.39 million) and the California State Council of Service Employees (($8.67 million).

The California Chamber of Commerce kicked in $6.65 million for their lobbying program. Chevron Corp. spent $5.66 million.

Here a link to the complete database.


I know!, Let’s only elect people who won’t be tempted by the millions of dollars thrown at them, wait, oh yeah, never mind.

Mr. Holly

I guess anyone can be bought if the price is right. Ane we the people just let it keep happening.


It was a bit refreshing to see that more than half (~60%) of lobbying funds were NOT from the public sector. The 40% that was, is a bit troubling, but ideally one would hope to see a lot more private money flowing to the officials than public money.


Just the fact that the database has a main search field of “Government” for people who lobby government should say enough.


ever think that lawmakers propose a new law that will hurt the industry that has the lobby money?


Spent WISELY that 8.39 million from the California Teachers Association could have been used for bonuses for specific teachers that are deserving, or purchasing most of those small supplies teachers are always complaining that they have to spend money out of their own pocket for, building 2 or 3 new schools, and so on and so forth. Then instead of lobbying they could take a grass roots/community based approach to lobby the voters in their communities on a voluntary basis to support the legislation and representatives they like. Wisdom is not exactly something we are excelling at in this country, though.

Randy Sheila

The biggest spender was ??? A (single) major representative of the oil industry!


Yes, but they are spending their profits, not their members’ dues.


The petro people were outspent by the govt employees union.

This according to the link provided in the article.


Who was the lobbyist that Katcho went with to Cuba? O I forgot, Katcho paid his own way. Will that show up as a business expense on his tax return? Highly doubt it.