CAPSLO clients afflicted with staph infections

July 23, 2013
A CAPSLO client's MRSA-infected bed bug bite

A CAPSLO client’s MRSA-infected bed bug bite


The Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo ignored a bed bug infestation at the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter for at least three weeks, while numerous people accessing homeless services were bitten by the staph promoting insects.

CAPSLO officials repeatedly claimed they did not learn of the bed bug problem until July 8 and that the insects did not pose significant health risks. However, in June, CAPSLO homeless services staff quarantined a man who contracted MRSA, a severe staphylococcus infection, from bed bug bites inside the shelter.

Since then, bed bugs have bitten at least 15 more CAPSLO clients, spread to the Prado Day Center and caused another homeless man to contract MRSA.

In mid-June, bed bugs bit Joe Olinde, an Army veteran and longtime San Luis Obispo resident staying in the shelter at the time. The bites covered his arms and became infected.

On June 20, Olinde saw a doctor at Community Health Centers who told him he had contracted MRSA from the bites.

Joe Olinde

Joe Olinde

MRSA is a strain of the staphylococcus bacterium that is resistant to many forms of antibiotics. It creates difficult to treat staph infections, more commonly occurring in people who have opened wounds or weakened immune systems.

After his doctor appointment, Olinde returned to the shelter and told a CAPSLO staffer and a volunteer that he had infected bed bug bites. Olinde said he also told Prado Day Center Manager Shawn Ison, who in turn sent him back to the doctor to determine whether or not CAPSLO should quarantine him.

When Olinde returned with a doctor note saying he should not come in contact with other people, Ison arranged to have Olinde quarantined in a San Luis Obispo motel, Olinde said.

Olinde stayed in a room booked by CAPSLO for three nights in late June. He then returned to the shelter for one night and again was bitten, this time on his shoulder blade. Olinde also suffered a couple of bites on his right leg.

Following Olinde’s bed bug bout, the critters continued to bite clients at the Maxine Lewis Shelter. Just prior to the closing of the shelter on July 8, one man suffered bites on his stomach and received treatment for scabies.

Some of Joe Olinde's bites

Some of Joe Olinde’s bites

After CAPSLO closed the shelter, Homeless Services Director Dee Torres told the San Luis Obispo Tribune that her staff first discovered the bed bugs on July 8, the day the shelter closed. Torres did not respond when later asked by CalCoastNews both in person and by email when CAPSLO first learned of the bed bug problem.

During the closure, CAPSLO did not use the standard protocol of extreme heat treatment to exterminate the bed bugs. Homeless services staff also transported the shelter bedding to the Prado Day Center and washed in it the washing machine.

Most clients typically spending the night at the shelter slept at the day center during the closure.

Since the bedding arrived, bed bugs have bitten several clients at the day center. One woman who only uses CAPSLO’s daytime services suffered bites all over her neck, arms and legs from the bugs at the day center. She currently cannot visit her kids because she risks infecting them.

Bed bug bites from the Prado Day Center

Bed bug bites from the Prado Day Center

Sources estimate that since the outbreak at the shelter, bed bugs have bitten between 15 and 50 homeless individuals in San Luis Obipso.

Several of the homeless initially confused their bed bug bites with mosquito bites. The bites can cause severe itchiness. However, when scratched, they often infect and balloon, creating red abscesses, which are collections of pus. The bed bug bites also leave scars, which currently cover the arms and legs of several CAPSLO clients.

Some shelter and day center clients, though, fear telling CAPSLO staff that they have bites because they are concerned staff may revoke the services of people who speak up about the bed bugs.

Clients also fear bringing the problem to the media. After CalCoastNews reported last month that shelter manager Della Wagner denied Jeff Stone, a homeless man, entrance to the shelter because he brought a service dog, Torres accused Stone of lying and threatened to cut off his services. Torres, too, harassed former CAPSLO client Cliff Anderson after CalCoastNews reported that another nonprofit, Family Ties, had kept more of Anderson’s money than legally allowed, Anderson said.

Jeff Stone and dog Boomer

Jeff Stone and dog Boomer

Other homeless clients have said they do not approach CAPSLO staff to inform them about their bed bug bites because some staff members do not care about their complaints.

On the evening of July 12, CAPSLO reopened the Maxine Lewis Shelter. That night, a few clients complained that the shelter still had bed bugs. One staff member responded that she did not care and instructed those complaining to go to sleep, shelter sources said.

Over that night, bed bugs bit Stone all over his right arm and on his stomach.

Still, CAPSLO kept the shelter open the following night. On July 13, several clients again found bugs in their beds. One client even delivered a bag full of bed bugs to a staff member.

Late that evening, CAPSLO responded to the bed bug problem by kicking 10 clients out of the shelter shortly before 9 p.m. Some of those told to leave were already in bed. None of the clients booted received substitute shelter or transportation.

Stone, one of the 10 booted from the shelter on the night of July 13, slept on a hill.

One of Jeff Stone's bites

One of Jeff Stone’s bites

Over the following week, Stone’s bites became infected and ballooned. He checked himself into the emergency room on July 19, where a doctor drained and tested his abscesses. Like Olinde, Stone contracted MRSA from the bites.

Stone continues to have pain in his arm, and the MRSA has caused his elbow to swell. The San Luis Obispo native is currently without shelter because he has completed his initial 30 days and has chosen not to participate in case management.

Once clients have spent 30 day in the Maxine Lewis Shelter, CAPSLO requires them to turn over 50 to 70 percent of their income to CAPSLO or Family Ties to guarantee a bed.

Though Stone spent fewer than 30 days in the Maxine Lewis Shelter, CAPSLO counted his nights spent at Prado against his initial 30 days.

One of Jeff Stone's infected bites being drained

One of Jeff Stone’s infected bites being drained

Olinde, who has found temporary housing, continues to use the bed bug-infested Prado Day Center for daytime services. The bed bugs have now moved into Olinde’s temporary home, which, too, requires fumigation.

On July 14, CAPSLO again closed the shelter, this time tenting it for fumigation. The shelter may reopen again as soon as Wednesday.

Sources say CAPSLO staff has already discussed plans to fumigate the day center.


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I find it troubling to hear you tell people to “shut down” and threaten others by saying ” I am a very happy person in a very good situation right now. I am just laying the groundwork that if anyone dares make that go away, well, unsaid things are best left that way.” What the hell!!!! You are, in my opinion, projecting the image that most see the homeless as; out of control,mentally ill, drunken or drug induced crazies that will threaten you if they don’t get their way. Accept it or not what you say and do, what I say and do and what other houseless people say and do reflect on all of us in our situation. I’m as frustrated as you about this whole situation but we need to approach this in an informed manner and to educate rather than to entice fear and/or anger. A little well placed humerus sarcasm never hurts, a joke or two lightens the mood. But threats?! Well, they only harm a whole segment of us that don’t deserve it while keeping you right in the place some would want you; beyond help or understanding.

Keep it light, Brother! Tell people your story, tell them what you want to accomplish and how you plan on getting there and always keep in mind that others are judged by what you say and do, like it or not.

Jeff Stone

Keep it light ? Yes, I shouldn’t even be here. I was more than a little incensed by this story. I should have taken the high road and NEVER said a word, actually, because it’s just powering the machine I wish never started.

I don’t really care to tell my story here Jeff, but, I will just go away. Ignorance is bliss. No jokes this time, just the sound of silent feet stepping away.

Here’s someones chance to combat houselessness in SLO….

Disabled and Houseless!

I am a 57 year old man that is disabled and currently houseless. I am looking to rent a room long term in a pet friendly home (I have a service dog, Boomer, one of the best Labs’ you’ll ever meet). I can afford up to $475.00 a month and that would have to include utilities. Any deposits would have to be worked out over the next few months as my income does not allow for a lump sum deposit. I am quiet, respectful, clean, honest, do not smoke or have any substance abuse issues. I have a reference that will attest to the last 7 years of my rent paying promptness (rent will have to be paid on the 3rd of every month as it is when I am paid). Please, if you have something that you think would work for both of us call me at 805-627-2396. I will be ready to move in this Friday, the 1st of August. Thanks.

Jeff Stone

That’s a copy of the ad I just placed on Craig’s List. Please feel free if you have something or know of something. Hey, even you TruthFairy! Lets see you help rid the streets of SLO of the homeless scourge by helping house one. Whata Ya Say! It’ll be fun and very civic minded.

Jason, thank you for your input.

The staff seem to treat you well. However, it sounds that you may be unaware of what has transpired since January.

I invite you to read this following article. It may be of concern to you:

This article is the first of a dozen or two regarding CAPSLO’s disregard for and continued manipulation of the homeless.

Family Ties is now under investigation by the U.S. Federal Government, thanks to the concerted efforts of Cal Coast News. Since CAPSLO runs Family Ties, hopefully they will be further investigated and their $60 Million reign will topple.

Amazingly, NOT ONE representative of CAPSLO has come forth to explain anything! Go figure, Jason.

CCN is a Godsend in my opinion. It represents the first sounding board that SLO’s homeless have ever had. And, thanks to the Dave Congleton show on KVEC AM 920, individuals can voice their frustrations so the public can hear their outcries.

It’s just unbelievable how far things have come without the public’s awareness. The Tribune and New Times consistently fail to print complaints submitted by the homeless.

In my investigations alone, I have met at least one homeless couple who have lost their child to Child Protective Services while visiting the Prado Day Center, which is supposed to act as a safe shelter. I hear there are others.

The institution-like management at CAPSLO’s Prado and Maxine facilities are utterly demeaning, and it all comes down to Dee Torres’ inability to manage humanely and effectively.

If you have been staying at the Maxine for over 30 days, I suspect you are on Case Management, receiving SSI, and giving $600 a month or so to the Family Ties program.

If so, you are faithfully expecting them to help you find housing and then receive all of your money back, or at least honestly managed for you on your behalf.

I wish you luck in that!

freshair, since I had forgotten to uncheck the box that emails me when someone comments I will take the time to respond. I was at the shelter then. From December 11, to late Feb, 12. I know Cliff well. I know the whole situation, and that article is just unreadable. It’s like a schizophrenic telling you 3 stories all at the same time. Most of what you read here is really distorted. All I can tell you is that my experience has not been what all these others are telling you, and that there are more like me than like those you are reading about.

Also you are assuming things that are not true. I am not on SSI, and therefore not giving 600 a month to case management, or anyone. I am setting aside part of my general assistance, and only have to show proof of that to my case manager. Also, there have been times when I needed access to that money and I can tell you every time that it didn’t affect my status.\ by using it.

CCN is obviously feeding off the disgruntled and angry people who’s experiences at Maxine Lewis or Prado have been less then agreeable for the most part because of themselves. No, I am not saying that Maxine and Prado make you fart sunshine and rainbows either, I believe both locations could use some changes and upgrades, but, as someone who has seen the homeless situation throughout the west coast, this program here in San Luis Obispo is probably the one working the hardest and doing the most to change peoples lives for the better.

I bid you all adieu then, unless of course you do all get your wishes and shut down the shelter. Then of course I am sure we will meet again, probably late at night, so that you can make me that mac and cheese.

Peace out people. Get off the computer and go smell the flowers or something,


I just wish the head of homeless services for CAPSLO, Dee Torres, would quit lying. You cannot trust a word that comes out of her mouth.

Are you implying that Jason is Dee?

This will be my last response, only because jrtstone’s commentary was clear headed and not inflammatory. I really do wish the person who printed out this article and shoved it in my face saying “Read this! Read this!” had never done so. I wouldn’t be here writing this comment, I would be working on my novel. After this I go back to ignoring anything related to CCN.

Regarding my statements about Joe, that was pretty much sarcasm on my part towards the reporting of CCN, but also because people are making my home a reality show. I did not sign up for that. So if Joe comes up I will apologize to him in that I used the “facts” the way I did. It really was factual.

Regarding the bed bugs, I can only report what I saw for myself. I do clearly remember bug paranoia, and in that I say this. I was a meal for mosquitoes, spiders, and beetles.Of the maybe 100 bites I received at the shelter, NONE were from bedbugs. However even if they had been, I was very hygienic. I would wash my arms with soap up to the elbow, and then wipe them off with alcohol wipes multiple times a day. I would clean my fingernails as well. If anyone SHOULD have gotten MRSA or scabies, I would clearly be the prime candidate but I did not have a single bite get infected.

Regarding Dee Torres I can only speculate the following because honestly I am exhausted from my peers talking about this. I believe that Dee, Della, Shawn, and whoever else was involved tried the spraying first as a quick fix. Extreme heat would have destroyed the buildings, and it is widely known that a well tented fumigation is the best approach. The idea was to buy some time until the already schedule tenting for termites, so they had someone come in and spray on a wing and prayer. It didn’t work, so they moved up the tenting, which as of last night, appears to have worked. I got a mosquito bite outside on the deck by the creek, unless OH MY GOD BED BUGS HAVE WINGS AND CAN FLY!

If you don’t like my humor stop reading.

Regarding our last stay at the shelter before the tenting and fumigation, I will say this. I did my best to tell everyone to just kill the bugs and be quiet about it. I did not want to go back to Prado. In fact I put a sign on my bunk that said “I don’t care, don’t tell me.” I was so over the bugs and the people running to staff like a new contestant on “Name THIS BUG!, basically the equivalent of a person typing FIRST! as the first to comment on an article or video. That is why after you were in bed you were made to leave. Of course no one wants to get bit by bedbugs, but still, at either location, I have yet to be bitten by one. I realize you had to leave because a section of the dorms were shut off, and that you think they should have let you sleep out on the porch, or maybe some army cots, but that’s not safe. I have been there at night outside when a random person tries to walk directly into the shelter at 3 or 4 am, wanting to take a shower or get some coffee. There is no way to fence off that area, and staff would be unable to supervise that for your safety. I am writing this at Prado and did not check with any staff about what I just wrote, it’s merely speculation after a year here I am pretty sure that is why you had to leave.

Regarding whether we have met jrstone, once at the bridge waiting to walk into the shelter after the first Prado stay. I told you how all the hyperbole and “I’m entitled”, “Staff yelled at me”, “People are mean”, “I want my mommy” was getting to me, and that I wish more people would just be thankful for a meal and a bed.

Regarding my home. Yes, I do want it to be pest free, however when I was the only one getting bit in the week or two before Joe came, no, I mean bedbugs were first discovered, I just did what I could for myself hygienically. My home is by a creek. I have enough outdoors experience to know that type of location will have mosquitoes, spiders, etc. I didn’t complain to staff, although I was about to move to the family dorm, farther away from the creek.

Regarding apathetic or rude staff I can honestly say in my one year here that has never happened. Nor have i ever seen actually yelling. I have heard raised voices to wake people up to get up, and I have heard staff use loud voices to get our attention. I also know one staff member might come off as abrasive, and their demeanor isn’t the best, but if you stop and get past that, they are actually very nice and have on more than one occasion helped me out when I truly needed it.

That is all I have to say. There isn’t a single thing I can say to stop the ranting about Dee and Adam, or how CAPSLO sucks, or whatever. Seriously I am over it. I am back in my bunk and now will go chager my batterey on my laptop so I can take it somewhere to write.

Please continue all of your regularly scheduled blah blah blahs now.


Hmm… TruthFairy sounds almost like some of the CAPSLO staff that I’ve overheard talking about the same “convenience factor”, almost verbatim! It makes you wonder who is hiding behind their anonymity to smear someone who has been injured because of others negligence and apathy.

First off, the pest problem at the Prado Day Center has not been addressed, at least it wasn’t up till the time I was told to leave day before yesterday (approximately 10:30am just after this story broke), so your comment “THERE ARE NO MORE BEDBUGS at the shelter or Prado. Both have been effectively dealt with, quickly and efficiently”. was wrong at the time of your posting. This little fact should make all wonder just exactly who you are and what your real agenda is.

Hey! I have a solution though! Come down to the shelter this evening, 7/25/2013, and check-in for services (meal and bed) and spend 30 days there just to make sure the pest problem has been resolved. I’ll come down and make sure you get into the right line. I’ll introduce you to a couple of people who I’ve befriended during my stay there to make sure you don’t get too scared and that you don’t confuse the issue by notifying staff or volunteers as to why you’re there. It’ll be fun! Just like a camp out! Contact me at and let me know, okay?! If you can’t read it in this little blurb, that’s a put-up or shut-up challenge.

The facts:

1) It appears that Dee Torres lied publicly on more than one occasion about the time frame of discovery.

2) Dee Torres decided on a course of action that she knew full well would not work. I am one of a few people that advised staff that the only proven ways of ridding a habitat such as the shelter of bed bugs was either by extreme heat or cold. How would I know? By asking the right people and doing some basic research.

3) Staff was aware the evening of Friday the 12th of July, 2013 that the bed bug problem had not been resolved. The staff member was told they, the bed bugs, were still there and was shown a few of them just caught. Her reply, which I overheard, was something along the lines of “I don’t care! I can’t do anything about it! You can either go to bed here or out there” while she pointed towards the front door.

4) On the evening of Saturday the 13th of July, 2013 more bed bugs were found and presented to the same staff member as the night before. This time she called her supervisor and asked what to do. She was instructed to close down the area of the shelter where the bed bugs were found and tell those that had received beds in the lottery and those closest to their 30 day limit to leave to make room for those displaced. It was sometime between 8:30pm and 9:00pm that a staff member came to me and told me I had to leave. I was in bed, in my PJ’s, my dog was on his pallet next to my bed sound asleep. As I was packing up I went to the office to make a suggestion, I had to wait while another staff member was yelling about how “…they should just leave! What do they expect from us?! Just get out! God!” I instead went to a volunteer to make my suggestion of allowing those of us who were told to leave to sleep on the back porch area, she listened and told me that she would not make the suggestion because in her words “…it would just be a waste of time.” I learned the following day that a bed remained uninhabited that night, as I was #10 to be asked to leave that should have been Boomer and my place to sleep.

5) The linens at the shelter were bagged up, along with the bed bugs they contained, and dropped off at the Prado Day Center. These plastic bags were haphazardly tied and then thrown outside on the ground around the back door of the laundry room and left there for days. Two or three clients worked very hard trying to get that laundry done without knowing that what they were doing was useless. They used two household type washers and dryers without the benefit of a hot water heater that could handle that amount of laundry while providing hot water at the right temp’ to be effective. (I saw one hot water heater being replaced one day during this).

Those are the facts TruthFairy.

To jasonmori:

We have probably met but I cannot place you. I want to say that I respect what you are doing for yourself and appreciate your opinion as it comes from an inside view rather than from some armchair quarterback that’s never played this game. The rumor of the shelter closing started with a staff member trying to scare those of us that have talked with the press and to inflame the rest of the you to further isolate those of us who have cooperated. I have already been yelled at on more than one occasion by other people staying at the shelter about how I’m threatening everyone’s bed. The first one who yelled at me is the same gentlemen who presented the live bed bugs to staff on Saturday the 13th of July, 2013.

Let me make this clear: I am not the problem! The problem starts and ends with CAPSLO, period! Their ineptness and apathy is to blame for anything that happens in connection to this incident and throwing me out there, or blaming Joe Olinde in any way, is only smoke that obscures their absolute responsibility in this matter.

You are absolutely right jasonmori, the shelter is your home, a home you share with many others that see it as their home as well. I have a few questions of you: don’t you want your home to be free from pests? Don’t you want your home to be one that is as clean as possible? Don’t you want to know that when you go to sleep at night you will not wake the next morning in worse shape then when you fell asleep? If it was a home you paid rent for, or owned, wouldn’t theses things be a forgone conclusion without reservation?

,Let me make this clear jasonmori; there are many of the staff of the shelter, and at Prado, that actually care about what they do and try and make a difference in our lives in the short amount of time that we interact with them. But, and this is a big but, there are a few that have no business being in this business! They are, in my opinion, control freaks that take their needs out on us. Suggestions fall of deaf ears, concerns are dismissed without consideration and questioning these staff members about anything can get you kicked out. One client actually told me that she has no say so, no opinion and no room to question staff because she is homeless. She accepted that, and, she thought we all should accept it! Really? I witnessed another client who was ganged up on by three staff members and called a liar, time and time again, even after providing rock solid proof of her claims. When I spoke up and said something in her defense I was told to “…shut up” or I could lose my privileges at Prado.

I respect the rules in place at the shelter and Prado, I may not agree with all of them but I do respect and follow them. Two of them are problematic in my opinion and probably would not fly in any other environment (well maybe in concentration or re-education camps):

Rule #2 states: Clients are to follow all staff/volunteer instructions. If staff/volunteer asks a client to do something or stop doing something, clients must comply.

Rule #6 states: Any disruptive behavior or creating a negative environment is unacceptable. Clients must utilize the Conflict Resolution Form/Process to discuss concerns or complaints in our environment. Continuing negative conversations will not be allowed.

Both are far too ambiguous and wide open for abuse and should be revised.

Let me say this to all of you: I don’t consider myself homeless. I believe the term to be offensive and used by some to cause fear and loathing while it always keeps those of us in this situation unheard and never, ever, taken seriously. I am currently “houseless” as my home is the United States of America and more pointedly San Luis Obispo, CA I am a member of this community and not some “transient bum” that some of you have referred to me as. I left my house in Arizona and came home to the Central Coast where I was born in 1956. I am houseless right now due to events that I was not in control of nor had any choice in. I was a working class citizen in this country, I paid my fair share of taxes, I donated to charitable organizations and volunteered my time and energies to more than one of them, both in my personal and professional life. I paid into this system, both for myself and for those who can’t, and now I am taking a return on that investment. I do not drink, use drugs or smoke. I do have a habit; good coffee. If I could find a way to plug in my Cuisinart Grind & Brew I’d be one happy “camper”!

One more thing; get over yourselves! None of you are any better then me or those of us that are in this situation, you are not! We all have our issues in life, some can cope with them and some cannot, but it doesn’t make any of us less human than the other…. NONE OF US!

Take care.

Jeff Stone

Your comment, “someone who has been injured because of others negligence and apathy” is so appropriate of your mindset. Yes, he bedbugs are and were at the time of my last post, deadbugs. A little black dog told me so. Looks like your second attempt at being the victim has failed. No money for the dog, none for the bites. What’s next Mr. Victim? You know the sad part of being a victim? Your life will never change. You will always submit to the control of others.

Sorry I can’t take to time to comment on your mini-dissertation, but I will say this in regards to one of your comments, “makes you wonder who is hiding behind their anonymity” Isn’t that the name of the game at ccn, the forum. If you don’t like it, here, let me quote you some of your words, “If you can’t read it in this little blurb, that’s a put-up or shut-up challenge”.

So, the TruthFairy comes back from Never Never Land…

Submitting to the control of others? Don’t we all do that day-bye-day? Do you pay rent? A house mortgage? Credit card and/or car payment? Do you have kids? If you have any of those things tell me about your “control”.

Of course you don’t have time to respond. Other then to taking a verbal jab at my dog and calling me names your time is probably far to valuable. But, that’s the type of control you wish to have over me; keeping me down by assassinating my character and poking fun at my dog. The pack of coyotes that raised you did a good job….

Anonymity, in my opinion, is a game for the weak back individuals that don’t have the nerve to stand in front of those they wish to call names or have so something to hide. My young son calls them “keyboard commandos”, I’ll stick with the more common word “cowards”.

We’ve all been victims one-time-or-another in our lives, it’s what we take away from the situation that defines if we continue in that mode or not. I choose not to be a victim of the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter anymore, now I camp out. I have taken my MRSA out into the community. I clean my wounds ever day in public restrooms, I sit at public benches, and I rub elbows with as many as I can during my day. Whoops! Sounds like the community would be considered the victim here, TruthFairy. That’s the drawback of your type of reasoning; it always takes those that are the most vulnerable, those that are the most at risk, and multiplies their problems by blaming them for their “victiminess” while the perpetrators are not held accountable and things don’t change. I’ve learned some valuable lessons from these two incidents, one of which is that those that you should be able to trust when you are most vulnerable are also the ones who can do you the most harm. The one that bothers me the most though is the one I’ve learned about my home; while we have surely grown in the 17 years I was away we sure haven’t matured at all, taking some big step backwards in fact. I’m here to tell you that I am going to do what I can to change some of that. “Damn it, Jane! Pack up the kids! A Homeless man thinks he has a voice! Not in our town!”

No money? Really? What, are you an attorney now? Oh well….

Take Care

Jeff Stone

PS…. I’m always available for face-to-face talk. You’ll find me at the Prado Day Center every morning between the hours of 8:30am and 9:30am, my shower time. I’m the one with the “little black dog.”

TruthFairy = Shawn Ison

Jr, I think you’ll find Truthfairy to be none other than Shawn Ison, manager of the Prado facility and Dee Torres’ spokesperson, who puts spin on every issue in order to confuse every fact and frustrate everyone in order to keep every issue in a stalemate.

They, CAPSLO, very obviously cannot handle the homeless issues before them. They just want people to sign up every morning and night so they can qualify for more money. Every attempt made by previous Prado personnel to actually help others led to them being let go.

Nobody needs to shut down Prado or the Maxine. Someone else just needs to run them. And, the People’s Kitchen lunch program should relocate in order to stop enabling CAPSLO’s ability to monopolize the homeless.

Have you ALL missed the this. THERE ARE NO MORE BEDBUGS at the shelter or Prado. Both have been effectively dealt with, quickly and efficiently. CAPSLO took measures to make sure, and when they announce their prevention methods, I am sure ccn will be the first to contest.

My point, no bugs, no story. CASE CLOSED. Looks like CAPSLO dealt with the dreaded bugs effectively.

* This has been a paid political announcement.

TruthFairy=Shawn Ison, this may or not be true, but it’s obvious whomever Truth Fairy is , has a connection and insider knowledge of the shelter and Prado. Regardless of what is written, I find it appalling that an attack would be made on anyone receiving services!! If you have a connection to either program, as a staff or volunteer, keep it professional or leave! State your case but leave the attacks out! You will never achieve respect using these low life tactics! Shame on you! Whether or not what’s written is true, let the reader draw their own conclusions! We are all adults capable of knowing there are two sides to every story. Honestly, Truth Fairy, your hostility makes me really wonder what the heck is happening and how are people being treated?!?!?!!

Did you read what I wrote? I said there are 2 sides to every story, let the reader decide. I don’t use my real name, not because I work for Cal Coast, it’s because I work for a large non profit in a capacity other than Homeless Services. I am bothered by what is written because some of the people I help are also people who get services from Maxine Lewis and Prado. I hear stories, I could post a lot more than I do. Why are you so angry? If you are treated well and are happy then that’s great! Unfortunately not everyone can say they are lucky enough to share your experiences! I read and post on these articles like many others do because I have concerns! I don’t take everything written as being gospel. I read the articles and form my own opinions, right or wrong, they are mine. I own them and I take full responsibility for what I do with them!