CAPSLO clients afflicted with staph infections

July 23, 2013
A CAPSLO client's MRSA-infected bed bug bite

A CAPSLO client’s MRSA-infected bed bug bite


The Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo ignored a bed bug infestation at the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter for at least three weeks, while numerous people accessing homeless services were bitten by the staph promoting insects.

CAPSLO officials repeatedly claimed they did not learn of the bed bug problem until July 8 and that the insects did not pose significant health risks. However, in June, CAPSLO homeless services staff quarantined a man who contracted MRSA, a severe staphylococcus infection, from bed bug bites inside the shelter.

Since then, bed bugs have bitten at least 15 more CAPSLO clients, spread to the Prado Day Center and caused another homeless man to contract MRSA.

In mid-June, bed bugs bit Joe Olinde, an Army veteran and longtime San Luis Obispo resident staying in the shelter at the time. The bites covered his arms and became infected.

On June 20, Olinde saw a doctor at Community Health Centers who told him he had contracted MRSA from the bites.

Joe Olinde

Joe Olinde

MRSA is a strain of the staphylococcus bacterium that is resistant to many forms of antibiotics. It creates difficult to treat staph infections, more commonly occurring in people who have opened wounds or weakened immune systems.

After his doctor appointment, Olinde returned to the shelter and told a CAPSLO staffer and a volunteer that he had infected bed bug bites. Olinde said he also told Prado Day Center Manager Shawn Ison, who in turn sent him back to the doctor to determine whether or not CAPSLO should quarantine him.

When Olinde returned with a doctor note saying he should not come in contact with other people, Ison arranged to have Olinde quarantined in a San Luis Obispo motel, Olinde said.

Olinde stayed in a room booked by CAPSLO for three nights in late June. He then returned to the shelter for one night and again was bitten, this time on his shoulder blade. Olinde also suffered a couple of bites on his right leg.

Following Olinde’s bed bug bout, the critters continued to bite clients at the Maxine Lewis Shelter. Just prior to the closing of the shelter on July 8, one man suffered bites on his stomach and received treatment for scabies.

Some of Joe Olinde's bites

Some of Joe Olinde’s bites

After CAPSLO closed the shelter, Homeless Services Director Dee Torres told the San Luis Obispo Tribune that her staff first discovered the bed bugs on July 8, the day the shelter closed. Torres did not respond when later asked by CalCoastNews both in person and by email when CAPSLO first learned of the bed bug problem.

During the closure, CAPSLO did not use the standard protocol of extreme heat treatment to exterminate the bed bugs. Homeless services staff also transported the shelter bedding to the Prado Day Center and washed in it the washing machine.

Most clients typically spending the night at the shelter slept at the day center during the closure.

Since the bedding arrived, bed bugs have bitten several clients at the day center. One woman who only uses CAPSLO’s daytime services suffered bites all over her neck, arms and legs from the bugs at the day center. She currently cannot visit her kids because she risks infecting them.

Bed bug bites from the Prado Day Center

Bed bug bites from the Prado Day Center

Sources estimate that since the outbreak at the shelter, bed bugs have bitten between 15 and 50 homeless individuals in San Luis Obipso.

Several of the homeless initially confused their bed bug bites with mosquito bites. The bites can cause severe itchiness. However, when scratched, they often infect and balloon, creating red abscesses, which are collections of pus. The bed bug bites also leave scars, which currently cover the arms and legs of several CAPSLO clients.

Some shelter and day center clients, though, fear telling CAPSLO staff that they have bites because they are concerned staff may revoke the services of people who speak up about the bed bugs.

Clients also fear bringing the problem to the media. After CalCoastNews reported last month that shelter manager Della Wagner denied Jeff Stone, a homeless man, entrance to the shelter because he brought a service dog, Torres accused Stone of lying and threatened to cut off his services. Torres, too, harassed former CAPSLO client Cliff Anderson after CalCoastNews reported that another nonprofit, Family Ties, had kept more of Anderson’s money than legally allowed, Anderson said.

Jeff Stone and dog Boomer

Jeff Stone and dog Boomer

Other homeless clients have said they do not approach CAPSLO staff to inform them about their bed bug bites because some staff members do not care about their complaints.

On the evening of July 12, CAPSLO reopened the Maxine Lewis Shelter. That night, a few clients complained that the shelter still had bed bugs. One staff member responded that she did not care and instructed those complaining to go to sleep, shelter sources said.

Over that night, bed bugs bit Stone all over his right arm and on his stomach.

Still, CAPSLO kept the shelter open the following night. On July 13, several clients again found bugs in their beds. One client even delivered a bag full of bed bugs to a staff member.

Late that evening, CAPSLO responded to the bed bug problem by kicking 10 clients out of the shelter shortly before 9 p.m. Some of those told to leave were already in bed. None of the clients booted received substitute shelter or transportation.

Stone, one of the 10 booted from the shelter on the night of July 13, slept on a hill.

One of Jeff Stone's bites

One of Jeff Stone’s bites

Over the following week, Stone’s bites became infected and ballooned. He checked himself into the emergency room on July 19, where a doctor drained and tested his abscesses. Like Olinde, Stone contracted MRSA from the bites.

Stone continues to have pain in his arm, and the MRSA has caused his elbow to swell. The San Luis Obispo native is currently without shelter because he has completed his initial 30 days and has chosen not to participate in case management.

Once clients have spent 30 day in the Maxine Lewis Shelter, CAPSLO requires them to turn over 50 to 70 percent of their income to CAPSLO or Family Ties to guarantee a bed.

Though Stone spent fewer than 30 days in the Maxine Lewis Shelter, CAPSLO counted his nights spent at Prado against his initial 30 days.

One of Jeff Stone's infected bites being drained

One of Jeff Stone’s infected bites being drained

Olinde, who has found temporary housing, continues to use the bed bug-infested Prado Day Center for daytime services. The bed bugs have now moved into Olinde’s temporary home, which, too, requires fumigation.

On July 14, CAPSLO again closed the shelter, this time tenting it for fumigation. The shelter may reopen again as soon as Wednesday.

Sources say CAPSLO staff has already discussed plans to fumigate the day center.



This story begins with a tenuous conclusion…the neglect of the bed bug problem by CAPSLO, who the journalist claims “ignored” the problem for a long time. I find it hard to read this as “news” as opposed to yet another attack on CAPSLO. The same is true for most of the comments that follow the story.

However, I would like to see a complete Action Plan developed by CAPSLO, including eradication of the bug infestation, PLUS a follow up plan to keep bugs out of the shelter. However, that will require some rules and procedures for the homeless clientele, which I am sure they won’t like or follow. Such as showering every day, cleaning their clothes, leaving bedrolls outside, etc. If they are willing to do those things, then maybe this problem could be solved.


While I continue to be critical of CCN reporting from time to time, there is enough in this article to conclude that Homeless Services was aware of a possible infestation for at least 3 weeks, in a timeline established by a visit to a CHC MD and noted to Prado manager Ison. There is much hearsay in the reporting, but these two cited examples appear solid. The rest is history, as they say, bites and all.

As is plain, Homeless Services did not have a valid plan for dealing with a potential infestation, because they took the exact wrong actions, resulting in a spread of the infestation to Prado and a continuation of the problem @ Maxine Lewis. This is not the first time this has happened @ the shelter, so prudence would dictate a workable and sound plan. But to put much effort into a palliative “Action Plan” is like closing the barn door at this point.

What Homeless Services needs is competent and responsive management, starting at the top.


Something doesn’t smell right. Who is to say that the bugs came from the shelter and not the ones complaining the loudest, Seems a little covenant that the man complaining about not being allowed in the shelter with his dog is now the very same one who is now complaining he got bugs at the shelter. HUUMMM???


What doesn’t “smell right” is why wasn’t the problem addressed when the bugs were first reported? a few years ago I know a client who caught scabies from Maxine shelter. He told and was kicked out to the street, they did NOT close the shelter or tell the other clients at that time. CAPSLO has a history of ignoring problems until they are so big they have NO choice but to react. So TRUTH fairy, why not be honest and face the TRUTH?


What would you have them do, invite him in? What about the other 100 plus children, elderly and disabled, who use the shelter each night. The shelter is not a hospital. If your sick, see a doctor.

MLMS did something about it, they protected the rest of the clients.

And again, they did something about the Bed Bugs. They got rid of the bed bugs and kept the majority of the clients off the streets. GOOD JOB.

BTW, if you think the other clients would not have noticed his scabies, and told the staff, you are naïve. The other clients don’t want to be subjected scabies. In fact they probably told the staff, first.


Invite him in??? NO! of course not! Like I said, he caught them AT the shelter in the first place, so others there must have been infected. What I was surprised about was why did they NOT close the shelter to eradicate at that time? IT was hushed up. So how many others caught scabies at that time? The first reaction should be taken at the first sign. That was my point!


How is it “convenient”?


Does anyone know know we can petition the Grand Jury to look into this issue? What are the proper (legal) channels one has to take to get this done? Please advise.


Sad part about the Grand Jury is the only power they have is to compel a response. They have no power to compel a remedy. The response can be 99% doublespeak BS.

Possibly the most effective product of the Grand Jury is the series of reports they issue after their investigations. Effective, if people actually read the reports, make some noise and pressure their leaders.

Mr. Holly

The Grand Jury in this county has no criminal authority. We need to change the local system so that criminal cases can be brought before a Grand Jury.

Russ J

The creek never looked so good. Do these people ever read the paper? Every news organization in the country has done a story on these nasty little creatures and how the only method of extermination is heat (or DDT if you’re from Venezuela). Idiots!


Ah yes, the creek, where alcohol and drugs are unregulated as is the trash and human feces. Quit whining, get your treatment through 100% taxpayer funded health coverage (existing Bush-care waste and fraud via “free” emergency rooms, not Obama-care) and participate in some sort of program through which you might gain some self-respect and be less of a burden to society, It’s not society’s fault, it’s yours.


This story is really amazing…bed bugs in a homeless shelter. Who would have thought that possible? lol I pulled up to a very fancy and extremely expensive hotel in Los Angeles to find all of their mattresses in the parking lot. You guessed it…bed bugs. I decided to go across the street and stay.

Mr. Holly

This is what happens when you have bed bugs running the show. Torres and Hill.


So mature, Mr. Holly.

Reality Check

Continued outrageous mismanagement and flagrant disregard for the well being of the homeless!


This is the type of consequences to be expected from when the head of an area’s homeless services (in this case, Dee Torres for CAPSLO) is incompetent in her position.

Lord knows, it was bad enough when Torres failed to have proactive plans to deal with possible problems, such as infestations with critters, and when she failed to “quarantine” those who had been exposed to CAPSLO’s bedbugs.

Torres actually went on to make the problem worse, and ended up creating a new (although related) outbreak–MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bedbug skin lesions.

Torres did not elect to use the recommended type of treatment to deal with all stages of bedbugs (raising the temperature to greater than 122 degreesF). The method used at CAPSLO included pesticide, and it was ineffective in killing all the bedbugs.

So now we are looking at remaining bedbugs who are resistant to the pesticide used, and some of these survivor bedbugs will produce resistant offspring. This will increase the breeding numbers of bedbugs which are resistant to that pesticide.

This whole situation was a disaster-in-the-makings from the start because Torres apparently had no contingency planning for an infestation of bedbugs in CAPSLO’s facilities. Then, pressed with an “emergency” bedbug infestation, for which an effective plan had not been developed, Torres chose an ineffective method of treatment, which left resistant strains of breeding bedbugs. These bedbugs’ bites have produced an outbreak of MRSA.

THIS type of scenario–where drugs or pesticides are inappropriately used, resulting in limited numbers of the target infestation being killed, leaving survivor critters that are resistant to available ways to eradicate them– is exactly the scenario that produces methicillin-resistant organisms in the first place.

But, wait! Torres’ catastrophic handling of a public epidemic gets worse.

Finally, as if to emphasize the incompetence of the leadership of CAPSLO’s homeless services, they actually transferred contaminated bed-clothing and other materials to the day facility (likely by CAPSLO transportation), where they ensured that a fresh outbreak of bedbugs would occur, both in the day facility and in the transportation vehicles.

Meanwhile, as the rest of us are going about our daily rituals, stopping at coffee houses and other public places where bedbugs can hide, we are faced with the uncomfortable possibility of having to deal with the sloppy leavings of Torres’ bedbug debacle.


Just a quick note, because I did ask one pest control company about it, and they said there was no way they could use the heat because of the age and type of the shelters buildings, that it would cause irreparable damage.

See: Alternatives to Bed Bug Fumigation


Damn, room service late again!


Talk about free services, paid hotel and doctor at the er, then transportation and etc free services, all the cost to the taxpayer. I don’t have a problem on a local resident homeless that needs to get on their feet again but the out of towners coming here for free services and complaining when all these services are free, they complain; when they are already getting free food, free bus services, free health care, dental, free fast food restaurant vouchers but yet they complain about bed bugs when many homeless come into town not local and brings them in, that’s a continued problem. That’s how bed bugs travel and they choose this lifestyle to be homeless (not all of them but most of them choose this lifestyle). Don’t get me wrong but really, there many people who have stayed at the Maxine Lewis homeless shelter more than 30 days, there’s people there that have been there for over a year and still staying there, I would like to see if these people are paying with part of them income or not(?). If you drive by in front of Staples at 6:30am daily, you will see the same people night after night, same crowd of people all staying over 30 days. All they do is travel to Mitchell Park or walk downtown somewhere or go to the SLO library (where they sleep on the chairs over there or even in Barnes & Noble) or take the county bus anywhere in the county but must be back by 4:30 to get your bed for the night or sleep under a bridge and bring more bedbugs to tomorrow and the following day.

Why isn’t the Maxine Lewis homeless shelter giving them their 30 day notice, time to go and get a job or pay for the services? Is that because the Maxine Lewis homeless shelter gets its funding because they to have a certain number of people staying to get their funding, I bet it is. If the homeless population is shrinking (doesn’t look like it), they need to stick to the 30 day policy and off they go or the homeless have to turn over 50 to 70 percent of their income to CAPSLO; I just bet they are not doing that.

Personally they should shut that place down, the place is extremely unhealthy un-sanitized condition at this Maxine Lewis homeless shelter and about one person dies over there every month; every sad also. I understand the need to help but this is not the place for safe heaven but feeding the problem more and more on this people where bedbugs are a small part of it. When they are together like that, they share information what to get for free and what places to panhandle too and etc and some may say where they’re hiring for work vice versa too. I wish the long timers living there will come to reality and realize there is good jobs out there that have health insurance benefits but when I see the people staying there and hanging out under a tree all day or hanging out in front of Staples front lawn on someone’s private property daily and they are doing the same routine every day, they are really wasting the Maxine Homeless shelter to no progress.

They should get a private detective and pretend to be homeless and go in there and play homeless to see what they find besides bedbugs.


Blaming the victims for the inept leadership of CAPSLO’s homeless services, Dee Torres. Nice.

I agree, however, that a detective should be hired….however, the detective should target Dee Torres and Adam Hill, and investigate the ins and outs of how Torres EVER became the head of anything, but especially the head of homeless services.


I think we all know how she became the head of homeless. She did not even complete Cal Poly. She is incompetent and should be fired for the cost this mess is costing CAPSLO. Maybe Adam and Marx can find some extra money laying away, government always finds a little extra here or there like the Sheriff Dept just did with their new dispatch system. They just had a few bucks laying around and are now the first dispatch center in the nation for this type of dispatch used by military.


Victim? Who is the victim? The only victim I see here is the victim of your rants, Dee Torres.


Dee Torres a Victim?? That is laughable!


What a mess! Does anyone expect anything different from CAPSLO. Come folks, if it is not government funds being directly deposited into the bank account to pay the bills and staff, the management at CAPSLO doesn’t have a clue how to deal with this. What do we expect, you have Biz Steinberg never taking responsibility as CEO for this branch of the organization (when was the last time she said anything regarding the operation of Maxine Lewis or Prado Day Care Center), she only continues to support Dee Torres regardless of her inept ability to run these two centers, steals gift cards, treats homeless with indifference and provides a hostile environment for both workers and clients. I hope CAPSLO is sued by all these clients, lets open this cesspool and get this all out in the open once and for all.

Just think what a problem with would be if there was a 200 bed center, Rv’s, cars, trucks, and a day care center under one roof. A lesson to be learned here, all under one roof is not the best way to go. Let each community take care of there own on smaller scales.


Good lord. Normally I would just ignore your very circumstantial at best and often incorrect and slighted

towards absurd amounts of negativity towards CAPSLO. This time I cannot. Did Joe explain to you that

he returned to the shelter after the apartment he moved into was infested with bed bugs ? Did you uncover in your “investigation” that before Joe returned there had NEVER been an incident with bed bugs? Did you forget to google that bed bugs do not carry staph ? HUMANS carry staph. We are the health risk,

not the bed bugs.I was there when shelter staff recovered an actual real bed bug as evidence. That was on July 8th. Before that we had not found any. The night previous, yes, several people had beenn bitten, but the only “evidence” before that was Joe complaining about the bed bugs AND STAPH that he brought to the shelter. The lesson here is that the CAPSLO staff should conduct more rigorous inspections of people returning or arriving at the shelter for the first time, including any personal


By the way I have as much proof of Joe bringing in the bugs as your usual investigations, so zip it. If

you can’t take it don’t dish it. Clean up your act CCN. I will go back to ignoring you. For now.

The past


QUOTING JASONMORI: “Did you forget to google that bed bugs do not carry staph?

You are behind the times.

MRSA can be passed to humans by bedbugs if the bedbugs have MRSA pathogens on the outside of their bodies and their bodies come in contact with even a very small open wound on the human…such as scratching from bedbug bites.

In addition, a recent research study indicates that bedbugs DO carry methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

As they say in research, “You are more likely to find something if you are looking for it.”

Researchers were concerned about what appeared to be a correlating sudden increase in bedbug infestations and MRSA. This was in a “downtrodden neighborhood” in Vancouver, Canada. So the researchers decided to take a look.

It was a small study, but the findings were consistent with bedbugs carrying MRSA. In addition, they were also carrying another antibiotic-resistant pathogen: vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium (VRE). Vancomycin is the “strongest” antibiotic we have now, so resistance to it is a calamity waiting to descend.

Quoting the article:

Further studies are needed to characterize the association between S. aureus and bedbugs. Bed bug carriage of MRSA, and the portal of entry provided through feeding, suggests a plausible potential mechanism for passive transmission of bacteria during a blood meal. Because of the insect’s ability to compromise the skin integrity of its host, and the propensity for S. aureus to invade damaged skin, bed bugs may serve to amplify MRSA infections in impoverished urban communities.


Thought Bedbugs Were Bad? Try Bedbugs With MRSA” (Time article, peer-reviewed paper, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Emerging Diseases Journal,


so like any other transport system, bedbugs can pick up MRSA from a humans open wound and physically carry it to another human, just as one person with MRSA can leave behind the disease on bedding sleeping bags or pillows for another human to come into contact with. The article itself says if you go looking for something you will find it. Bedbugs in MRSA cintaminated areas can pick it up and.move it. OK. Thats fair.


No, I did not post “…if you go looking for something you will find it.”

What I posted was this: ““You are more likely to find something if you are looking for it.”

In research, this is a kind of warning regarding limiting your research because, if you do, you limit the integrity of the outcome of your research. In other words, just because the urban legend says bedbugs don’t carry MRSA, when you see a huge uptick in the number of MRSA and bedbugs in the same patient population over the same period of time, and you discard the possibility of bedbugs carrying MRSA, you’ve automatically ruled out the answer that has a high probability.

In addition, if you read the article, you can see that they have not ruled out bedbugs carrying MRSA inside their bodies, which would make it a direct injection when feeding on humans. Indeed, the researchers took five bedbugs and ground them up (individually), and in the ground-up bedbugs, three were positive for MRSA.

This is a public-health mess, and it has been made worse by the “leadership” of the head of homeless services AND the fools who continue to support her pathetic excuse for “leadership.”


Semantics are not worth discussion here., and this “public-health mess” will pass, and a week from now you’ll all STILL be asking for the head of the head of CAPSLO, maybe for not allowing someone with outside bedding because they are allergic to cotton and wool and can only sleep on their immaculate

Arabian silk, into the shelter for the night. I read a lot of outrage here directed at “The Head of CAPSLO”, asking for grand jury investigations, or just shutting down Maxine Lewis. Well, I have been at Maxine Lewis a year. I am on case management, and am awaiting a judge advocate hearing for my disability.

During this time, I have a general assistance allowance from Social Services for 132.00. This is not nearly enough to survive on “out in the real world”. Without Maxine Lewis, and the Prado Day center, and case management working with me to get assistance with physicians, mental health, and housing, do you know where where I would be ? I know it wouldn’t be safe for someone with a history of schizophrenia. I might end up at your door asking if you’ll

make me macaroni and cheese at 2 in the morning because your front lawn looks like the one from my childhood home. I want to make this very clear:



I know it’s not perfect. It’s pretty dilapidated and should be replaced.


Do you understand that ? Until I am awarded my SSDI or am able to be

moved to housing available through TMHA, Maxine Lewis is where I sleep,

eat dinner, think about my future, pray, and late at night out on the deck do

some of my best writing on my novel while raccoon and possums forage in

the creek below. It’s really serene and surreal and I have come to be very

thankful for a bed and a meal every night. If you take that away will you be

there to let me in ? Thought so.

I’m sure the comment section participant trolls will make me regret all of this.


PLEASE DISREGARD the THUMBS Down. I was reading Mary Malones obsessive ramblings and I scrolled up too far. You, I give a high five and multiple THUMBS UP! Ironically, people like Mary do have an agenda, but it certainly is not to help the homeless. She wants to bring down Adam Hill and Dee Torres at ANY COST, including closing the shelter. Fortunately, her facts, via ccn, are so distorted that those in power have very little respect for this blog and basically ignore it. They know all the facts are constantly left out. HUD just came, did an audit on CAPSLO’s Homeless Services this month, and passed them 100%. In fact, it was announced at the HSOC, but where was ccn, the ones who shout the loudest for audits to ‘catch’ CAPSLO? They talk about ‘Federal Investigations, …i.e. Family Ties. The only investigation into Family Ties was a complaint by ccn and Stew Jenkins. Again, they keep saying, “FAMILY TIES a local non-profit under investigation by the federal government….” ccn fails to mention that Family Ties was CLEARED and that their complaint was unfounded. All they have to do is ask Stew the results of his complaint. They probably have but the answer isn’t consistent with their stories

One more thing. The bedbugs are a null issue. The dogs came out to the shelter and to Prado. The bugs are gone, dead, a NON ISSUE. Looks like Dee Torres’ contingency plan worked. Too bad ccn, too bad Mary. Keep trying, maybe the next drunk who throws his “*uckit bucket” full of a mixture of feces and urine, into the yards of the neighbors of PDC, and is suspended for said behavior, will give you your next ridiculous story line.


You are wrong about Mary….have you met her?. I have met Mary Malone in person and on many occasions and she has a heart of gold and is in no way harboring any “personal agenda”…unless you consider the homeless being treated decently, fairly, and with compassion to be a “personal agenda.



No I have not met Mary but I have read her constant criticisms of CAPSLO, Adam Hill and Dee Torres. Here is my thoughts on Mary. 1. Mary in not a person. 2. Mary is CCN’s tool to stimulate the conversation on this site. 3. Regardless who she is, with her misinformation, she is scarring some of the people who need to be at CAPSLO the most. 4. Her comments to one of the homeless people, Jasonmori, above, doesn’t sound like the agenda of someone who cares. danika, if you don’t know what is going on here, than I can’t enlighten you, but there is an agenda, and it is to take down Adam, get rid of Dee Torres and then go after the grant money that goes to CAPSLO. Most of their information comes from Staff who were fired, or pretty close to being fired, clients who chose not to conform to shelter or Prado rules, and people like Mary, with an agenda. Heart of gold, more like lead. Sinking CAPSLO is her agenda.


Another example of “blaming the messenger.”

My opinions are about the corruption and negligent management of CAPSLO’s homeless services.

It is a fact that Dee Torres is head of homeless services.

It is apparently true that Dee Torres, as head of homeless services, failed to have in place contingency plans for events like infestation of bedbugs.

There are many other unfortunate facts about Torres, but they are not relevant to this discussion.

Moral of the story: If you don’t want to read discussions about Dee Torres and her failed leadership (including failure to have plans and policies in place for events such as infestations of bedbugs) of CAPSLO’s homeless services, then GO TALK TO TORRES, the board of directors, and the county supervisors who continue to so lavishly fund Adam Hill’s girlfriends little feifdom.

In addition, I make it a point to try to NOT look at the posting name before I read the post. Just a habit I developed after years of being a moderator for the ACLU message boards when they were on AOL. Not knowing the author of the post helps screen out one form of potential prejudice against the message of the post.

So I had to take another look to see who jasonmori is.

In case you haven’t guessed it so far, my mother did not raise any doormats. Jasonmori is no wimp when it comes to stating his opinions. Neither am I. So you will have to look for another ad hominem attack.


Pig farms that use antibiotics are associated with mrsa in a big way.


Why would anyone put a thumbs down? Here is a person living at the shelter, seeing what happened, step by step, and setting things straight. Looks like ‘TRUTH, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH’ or don’t want to.

Thank you Jasonmori for trying to set the record straight.


Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and that includes their opinion on others’ opinions.



Funny, that is not what you said moments ago when I stated my opinion.. Sheesh.


I posted my opinion of your reply.


MaryM, I didn’t know your agenda was to go after CAPSLO’s funding once you take down Hill & Torres! Please share your plans, maybe you can find some backers if your plans are solid and your vision proves to benefit the homeless and the community! I don’t know how I missed your motive because I read your postings and thought I had a real understanding of your frustrations! Maybe you can rehire all those employees who are said to also have their own agenda!


It’s time. It’s time to have the Grand Jury look into the allegations leveled against CAPSLO. Our homeless deserve better than this, as do we as taxpayers. CAPSLO is spiraling out of control, seemingly in the absence of any sort leadership…it’s time.


Really, the Grand Jury is toothless. It is great to have their documentation, but they have no means to enforce a recommendation.

Director: Jeff Hamm.

This is now a public health issue. Maybe the California SLO County Public Health Services should hear of our concerns? And don’t forget our county supervisors. They keep funding that mess at CAPSLO.

(The url for the article linking MRSA and bedbugs is: )

Jeff Hamm, Director

SLO County Health Agency Services

Penny Borenstein, M.D., M.P.H.

County Health Officer


“Toothless” or not,, this is a starting point. The grand Jury can perform both accusatory and investigatory functions. The investigatory functions of the grand jury include obtaining and reviewing documents and other evidence and hearing the sworn testimony of witnesses that appear before it. The grand jury’s accusatory function is to determine whether or not there is probable cause to believe that one or more persons committed a certain offense within the venue of the district court.

This process needs to be employed to determine the validity of the allegations, and to determine what if any, mitigation measures need to be employed.


Agreed it is a starting point. My apologies if it read that I meant otherwise.


The Grand Jury has looked into much less.