Domestic spying drying Obama support

July 23, 2013

obamaThe Obama administration’s penchant for massive spying operations aimed at American citizens has cost him dearly in California support, a recent Field Poll shows. (San Jose Mercury News)

Obama dropped 10 percent in favorability — from 62 percent to 52 percent — over the past five weeks, an unprecedented dive in numbers among contemporary presidents, according to the statewide opinion poll.

Recent news that Obama’s government is shadowing Americans’ phone and Internet activity has disturbed many Americans.

Women in this state have found the government’s surveillance program most odious, with Obama losing 15 percent of his support from them. Registered Democrats’ enthusiasm trailed off by 14 percent during the same brief period.

Poll director Mark DiCamillo said he thinks the decline in Obama’s popularity can be traced to the acceleration of government spying on ordinary citizens.

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Gee its taken this long for people to figure out the guy is no good, too bad its too late, they might as well all go to D.C. and stand as his cheering section, we’re stuck with this non citizen till the end of his term and we most likely will end up with another misguided puppet the next election,by then the dems will have managed to give everything away to the illegals,the welfare crowd and the unions gathering votes to keep themselves in position while we the taxpayer continue to fund this crap.

What we need is for the people to elect a libertarian for once and cut the crap out of big government and corporate sponsored elections. These two,parties have really show what they are made of which is excrement.

How about we stop electing brands/names/parties and actually start looking at the person?

Wow! Two of the most powerful, self-serving groups in the country, the media and Conservatives, pounding on him relentlessly the last few weeks and he only loses a couple points in popularity. This reminds me of the hundreds of millions of dollars the Conservatives spent during the 2012 election and still couldn’t get Mitt in or retake the Senate. Wasted money.

The media din is especially disheartening as they continue to focus on one fake scandal after another. Conservatives and political partisans will always do what that they do. That’s a given. It’s the media putting their selfish agenda ahead of the public good that keep the wheels of inaction turning in American life. We desperately need to get past all the distractions to concentrate on the issues that are important to Americans: Economic growth, job creation, infrastructure repair, crime, and global security. Stay focused.

All the President’s fault…all his idea ?Come on..Still one of the greatest Presidents ever!….Despite GOP BS.

I agree that the GOP has thrown a lot of BS his way. They try to paint his as some sort of flaming socialist/communist when he is so much like them that he stinks for that reason. Just another corporate socialist tool. What they should be blaming him for is the same things for which they should be blamed starting with “too big to fail” through unwinnable wars to valuation of the illusion of security over individual privacy and rights.

Dude, That’s smart growth. Your overseers do not want you to drive all the way across town for an eight ball.

Dang. I missed. I was replying to Citizen’s post at 10:29 on 7/23/2013